Saturday, May 17, 2008

Here I am

Grab a drink, cup of coffee or tea and a snack and sit down a while because I have alot to tell. The past week or so has taken it's toll on me. Yes, I know quite a few of you told me I was gonna make myself sick if I didn't slow down. Well, guess what? You were right. With all I was doing for everyone and not getting but maybe 2 to 3 hours of sleep a night for over a week, it caused me to crash. I was snapping out at people, not wanting no one to make noise or even move around. I was falling asleep at the drop of a dime sitting at table or computer chair only finding myself falling to the floor. Jim was yelling at me every time I closed my eyes. I had to keep the radio on in the van on full volume just to make sure I didn't fall asleep. Since the weather has gotten warmer, it seems like the kids are getting worse with their behavior. We have 2 kindergarteners who like using the "F" word. One of them called the teacher an F'n B--ch last week. The other one bit me and the teacher and kicked her numerous times while we were removing him from the classroom. He was suspended 2 days, came back and hit a girl in the class right in the face giving her a bloody nose, suspended he was again for 2 days. Another boy was suspended for 3 days cause he and 3 other boys beat a girl up and put a plastic bag over her face trying to smother her. Now let me remind you these are all kindergarten kids. My guess is by the time their 13 they'll be dead or in prison for murder. Sad isn't it? OK, so dealing with them, really stressed me out. Then Mommom I goes to Pittsburgh to visit her son Michael out on the horse ranch. She ended up being admitted into the hospital. Her blood sugar was over 400, along with very high blood pressure. She stayed in the hospital 4 days out of her 7 day visit. Joe picked her up on monday night from airport. She looked horrible. So pale and thin. She hardly ate anything, or drank anything. I was staying with her until Joe came home from work. Thursday morning I awoke at 4am, after getting 7 hours of sleep to find flashing lights outside. Joe had to call ambulance. Her blood sugar was 55 and she was just about comatose. They gave her a shot of sugar, waited a bit and she was fine. At 1pm friday afternoon after I had picked Rebecca up from school, I went back in Joes house with Mommom I while he ran a couple errands. Mommom didn't seem right so I checked her vitals. BP was 94/52, pulse 40 and sugar count was 262. She was shaking, twitching, moving slowly and could not stand alone without help. I called Joe, asked him what I should do he says call 911. The ambulance got here in 5 minutes, Joe was here in 4. They checked her vitals, brought in the stretcher and off to the hospital she went. Joe went with her. Joe said her sugar was up another 10 points when they got to hospital. They took blood, did ultra sound of her heart and kidneys and liver. Blood work showed her potassium level was through the roof. Liver was fine, but she only has 65% of one of her kidneys that is functioning. The other is gone, no functioning at all. She was told over a month ago she needs dialysis for her kidney and she has refused it. Well, this doctor yesterday told her blankly, get it or you die within days or weeks. She agreed to start dialysis. I just hope and pray it isn't too late.

Next on my agenda was my baby grand daughter Adrianna. Emma called me and said she had a high fever of 101, and her lips looked swollen, white and cracked so bad they were bleeding. We assumed it was from sucking on her pacifier so long. So it was taken away. Later that night Emma calls me again. Adrianna's fever is higher and she is having problems swollowing. They got Dan's brother Walt over there and took Adrianna to the hospital here in Philly called CHOPS. The best hospital for kids. Adrianna was diagnosed with a viral infection on her lips, thrush in her mouth and they also found out she has acid reflux that caused her throat to bleed some. They gave Emma enough medicines to get her through the night and prescriptions to get filled in the morning. It's been 3 days now and the baby is doing so much better. She's eatting and drinking her bottles. I got thrush and acid reflux while on chemo and radiation so I know how painful it was for me. But to imagine a little baby having it too, OUCHY!!!!!!!!!!

Then we have my Lil Man Daniel. Mommom's boy, who for a couple days was running a temperature. The yesterday morning he sstarted saying his ear hurt. I go over there last night and I look in his ear. Hmmmm, what on earth is in his ear? I tried to get it, Daniel kept moving. Inside ear is very red, told Emma get a sitter for the baby, I'll take Marissa with me and get Daniel to CHOPS. Daniel is a fighter, he wouldn't let the doctor no where near his ear. They had to strap him down, put in an IV and give him something to calm him down. He didn't move at all, and the doctor takes his tweezer thingy's and out he pulls a small rock. Yes, my grandson put a rock in his ear. But that's not all he found. He also pulls out play dough that hardened and had a wax build up around it, so it apparently has been in there a while. There's no infection, but he gave Emma a prescription for eardrops. When Daniel was awake enough they gave him some water and said if he can keep it down 30 minutes he can go home. He kept it down and home they came. Emma asked Daniel how come he put things in his ear. His answer, cause there's a hole. When asked if he is going to do it again, he said no mommy, it hurts. So maybe he'll remember this next time before he puts these things in his ears. Now are we done yet and can my nerves settle down or stress level go down? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My Emma calls me up. Mom I dropped a hot pot of water on my hip and took a big piece of skin off, what do I do? Clean gauze pads over wound and cold bottled water. Gotta cool down the area so it doesn't continue to cook. NO BUTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is a big NO NO. Hold ice pack over wet gauze also to cool it down. Afterwards take Neosporin cream, (not gel) and put large amount over burn. Cover with clean gauze. Change it every 4 to 6 hours. Tylenol for pain.

Now we gotta be done right? NOPE. She calls me an hour ago. Mom Dan's tongue is swollen and he keeps biting it. Yes, that happens with the medication he is on. Give him 4 teaspoons of Benadryl and a glass of ice and water. If no change in 1 hour call doctor. She hasn't called me yet, so I will assume he is ok, or should I? With my luck, yea right. I think I'll give it another hour, lol.

Trip to Berlin auction. Marissa and Rebecca fought and argue'd the whole way there, and complained the whole way home. They wanted ice cream cones, we got them. We also found Rebecca a new school bag because she totally trashed hers. Jim had the pepperoni bread. I had an ice cream with the girls because my throat was dry and sore with all the yelling I did at the girls, lol. 8pm came tonight, and these girls were in bed. I layed down on my bed, to make sure they went right to sleep, they did, but so did I. I woke up at 9:15, lol. Now kids are asleep, Jim is asleep and I am enjoying my alone time, with a cold glass of pepsi, fan blowing on me and one of my favorite shows on, HOUSE.  I started reading my alerts. I sure have missed alot of goings on with you all. Oh and before I forget. Pam, I was watching America's Funniest Video's last night. They showed Disney Land and the Dream rooms you went on tour through. I saw a beautiful blue sofa I love and a half poster thick bed with a copper color and maroon I think bedspread on it. Man, I'd love to sleep in that bed, lol. The decor was just magnificent. Walt Disney sure had an eye for beauty making that place up. Well, I guess that is about it. I probably forgot something to write about, but I think I pretty much covered it all. I am going to go read some more journals for a while, then go to bed. I hope your all having a great weekend, and I sure have missed you all.

Love ya.................................CINDY


  1. WOW you've been busy girlfriend!  I'm shocked about the kids treating their teachers like that! Suspended? Nope...they need to be EXPELLED! They need to GO so that the good kids can spend their time learning.  When I was in school they had a special school for kids that acted like that.  

    You've sure had a lot going on with your family healthwise. You sound like a nurse!! Good job! I know it's stressing you out, though. Better watch it or you will REALLY get sick like I did and you'll be down for the count.  Get your rest!

    Glad you enjoyed seeing the Dream Suite. It's just gorgeous in person. You guys should try to come out here sometime...we'll do a Disneyland trip and really show the kids some fun!
    I've missed hearing from you. I wish you'd post more often, but I understand why you can't right now.  Please take care of yourself. I worry about you.
    Love ya MUCH,
    Pam xoxox

  2. Awwwwwww Cindy, hugs to you hon, you have had so much on your plate lately, Hope you get some stress - free days soon, Love You Lisa XO

  3. You should look into some private schools as close to
    you as you can.
    They do have tuition assistance. My boys have only
    gone to Catholic private school, and do great, without
    all the drama.

  4. Oh yeah n dang sorry to hear about all the stuff
    going around with the family, rest up gal. Delaine


  6. HONEY!!! I thought I had it rough right now. GEEZ could anything else happen. Hope things are getting better soon.
    Take care, Chrissie

  7. purplediplidocusMay 17, 2008 at 10:49 PM

    I really am thinking of you at the moment I love reading your journal over here in England  xxx tracy

  8. My dearest you cope with it all is just amazing....You are truly a wonderful Mum/Mommom/wife...PLEASE PLEASE take things a bit easier..I know that it is hard but really and truly if you don't Cindy you will regret it. If you are laid up the others will just have to get on without you...PLEASE...I hope that you  have a good nights sleep tonight with know interuptions.  Love  Sybil xxx

  9. Got my morning coffee and reading and am floored by all you have been through.  That is something about the kids in school.  It is getting so bad in the schools, I think it is everywhere.  Praying MomMom will be okay and it is not too late with her starting dyalysis.  Also praying little Adrianna will be okay too.  Wow, so much need to take a deep breath and relax...time out for you!!
    Many hugs and love,

  10. You need a vacation where there are no demands on you...i am sorry Mommom is ill and that the kids seem out of control at so much stress and stuff going on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you!

  11. My goodness but those kids are so bad, Cindy!  That alone would stress me out!  Putting a plastic bag over another child's head??  These kids must come from some very bad upbringing.  You learn what you see, ya know?

    You have definitely had your hands full, and it's not wonder you had a breakdown!  You can't do that to your body, Cindy.  You have to take care of yourself too!  I know what a giving and loving person you are, always worrying about everyone around you, but, please take care of YOU!

    I'm glad the baby is okay.  I remember Brian (my oldest) having thrush when he was a baby.  I had to put that purple stuff in his mouth.  Can't even remember what it's called now.

    Kids love to shove things up their nose and in their ears.  Especially their noses! lol  We have at LEAST one kid a night with a bead or something shoved up their nose.   Haven't had any ears yet.. lol  Hopefully, Daniel has learned his lesson!

    Take care of YOU, Cindy!  Always good to hear from you!

    Much love

  12. Oh.. PS..  Prayers going up for MomMom... bless her heart.  Kidney failure is no fun, and dialysis is good, but it takes it's toll on ones body.  

    Thinking good thoughts...


  13. First, keeping Mommom in my prayers!  I know how special she is to you.  Also, boy oh boy, you've had a lot going on.  Hope things settle down for you.

  14. Makes you wonder what those kids' home life must be like as they're just five years old and imitating what they see.  A bag over a girl's head.  Her parents should take her completely out of that school.  I'd be having a fit if it was one of my children that'd happened to.  LAWSUITS too.

    You all have gone through a whole lot this past year.  This past week had better be the period on the sentence though.  What a week!

    Keeping Mommom in prayers too.  But not forgetting you my friend.  I get like that too when I don't have enough sleep, like everything is too loud and too annoying.  I hope you get enough on a regular basis soon.

    I wonder how that sweet baby got the thrush.  I know how they get it when they'r first born but now?  Poor thing it's awfully painful. Her immune system had to be out of whack to get it I think but not sure.

    Love you and tell Emma I hope the pain goes away soon and she feels better.  Sounds so awful.  My daughter Jessie put stuff up her nose all the time.  Several trips to the Dr. for her.  Never ttheir ears though.  Because there was a hole.  What a boy!


  15. thegirlnexdoor77May 19, 2008 at 8:32 AM

    Wow...what a week for sure...tell ya what my daughter is just about done with kindergarten and if someone punched her, beat her up or put a bag over her face she would be homeschooled...what the heck is up with all these parents now days...where are they and who is raising these kids the t.v????  Wow!  hope everything turns out okay for Mommom!!  Will be keeping her in thoughts and prayers!  Hugs,TerryAnn

  16. Well, holy moly you have been busy and it's not been a good busy.

    Take care of you Cindy.  

  17. Wow. I seriously don't know how you do it all.
    God Bless you Cindy, really. Those kids at school, are out of control, are the parents notified and spoken to when they act like this ?? The other parents should really press charges for the hitting....maybe that would help straighten them out.
    Praying for Mommom, and the baby, poor thing.


  19. dear god cindy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    please please calm down and get your blood pressure down so you dont get into distress. wow... you have been having a rough couple of months since I have been gone.... I am so sorry I hope everything is getting better for you now !