Sunday, May 18, 2008

I knew I forgot something

Thank you SSK for the tag above.

Thanks to Rebecca's teacher Ms. FitzPatrick Rebecca will not be officially attending the school she is in now. The school has a need for 2 extra 1st grade classrooms, so they rent 2 rooms from the church down the street. The teacher put Rebecca on the list to attend the church school for 1st grade. I am so happy about this. She will be safe and I won't have to worry about intruders, lockdowns, riots. This is a good thing to do until we get our house in a better town.

Well, it is after 2pm, I'm still in my pajamas. Marissa is watching cartoons and Rebecca and her Dad are out on their Father/Daughter day which they do every sunday. It's to the pet store to visit all the animals then to Burger King for lunch, lol.

I think I am going to go and jump in the shower, get dressed and start my day. Or just forget the housework and come back to computer, lol.

I want to say congratulations to my very dear friend Nancy Bradbury. She became an aunt again the other day to a beautiful baby boy. Congrats go out to his parents also. Give him lots of kisses for me sissy, ok?

It's raining, breezy and the air coming in the windows feels so good. Hmm am thinking maybe grab my pillow and lay on couch and watch The Water Horse with Marissa.

Hope your all having a good day.


LOVE YA..............................

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  1. Cindy, that is great news about Rebecca, pretty tag Sugar made you, Love You Lisa XO

  2. Pretty tag Sugar made for you. That is the greatest news that Rebecca will not have to go to that school. Enjoy your afternoon whatever you decide to do. Helen

  3. Cindy this is my second comment..first one disapeared into thin air LOL   I am so so pleased that you have got a new school arranged for Rebecca...It is so so sad that the childern in the present school are so bad. It is not the schools fault nor the children for that matter. It is the parents...they don't seem to care what their children are doing so long as they don't have to put up with them,  I wonder what the answer is...  More good parents like you....Much Love  Sybil xx

  4. I had the same problem as Sybil!  I left you a HUGE comment on your LAST entry and I hit save and was gone.  I wish I could remember what the heck it said, but I know I said I was sorry I couldn't meet you at the Berlin Auction yesterday.  We were in the midst of "Prom Madness!"

    I am sorry you have all of this chaos going on and I really think you need some hardcore rest today!  Take advantage of the time that Jim has Rebecca and REST!!!

    I am so glad the teacher is taking care of Rebecca.  Are you still looking to move?  Maybe you and Emma could get a mother/daughter somewhere?

    It is POURING here right now....ABSOLUTELY POURING!!


  5. I'm so glad about Rebecca going to school at the church!! SO MUCH SAFER! That's wonderful news!
    I vote for forgetting housework, and watching a movie with Marissa. Yep...that's what I'd do!
    Enjoy your rain! It's like the desert here! HOT and DRY!
    Love ya, Pam

  6. Great news about Rebecca, congratulations to the baby boy, hope you'll be able to move sooner rather than later.  I'm with you regarding the housework but my daughter doesn't agree, she's a slave driver.
    Stay safe and enjoy the rest of your evening.


  7. Forget about the housework.  You take care of you.  Take it easy for awhile.  THis is just a Godsend to have Rebecca in a safer environment.  I'd never heard of a school being that violent that even in kindergarten you were in lock downs.  It's a horrible situation.  She should have been able to get through this year without fear.  Have fun with Marissa. Write soon please.  I just know something's wrong and am worried.



  8. i hope you rest and enjoy a down day. Congrats on Rebecca going to the church school!

  9. Such good news about Rebecca and YES grab that pillow and relax with your granddaughter.
    Take care, Chrissie

  10. That is great news about Rebecca! I know that will bring your stress level down.

  11. you bet i will sissy

  12. I am so happy about the news about Rebecca.  I would give anything to stay in my PJ's until 2 happy you can do it...and I will someday.  I hope.  We were due to get rain...nothing they said it would.   I hope you both enjoyed Water Horse...and will enjoy your Monday...hugs and love,

  13. thats great news for Rebecca......

  14. ally123130585918May 19, 2008 at 4:07 AM

    Cindy that is really good News "Rebecca's" New school ~ I know how much you worried about the one she goes to now ~ congratulations to your Friend on becoming an aunt again and to the parents of the new arrival ~ Ally x

  15. Now, THAT is good news.


  16. Cindy???? are you ok???? have not heard or "seen" you today

    hoping all is good with you