Sunday, October 5, 2008

My Blogger

I want to thank those who let me know I had went to the wrong blog thingy. I went to the blogger one and I figured a couple things out so far. So here is my new blogger addy.

I hope it's the right one now, lol.


  1. Glad you made it over there! It is really, really easy and you'll end of loving all the options you get that AOL never even dreamed of offering!

  2. Oh CIndy, Thanks so much...I know hoe busy you stay and we are so grateful that you took time to get on this blogger thing with us...We may not comment all the time on every blog but I have always felt like we are all part of a big family and don't wat to lose anyone.

  3. My dearest Cindy  this is a very sad day for me as this will be the last time I will be leaving you a comment under AOL... I havn't yet fathomed out how to leave a comment on blogspot.  I think you have done great even getting time to set up a blogspot It seems to have been not to difficult so when I get back from South Africa I will have a go !!  In a few hours Mary and I will be on our way up to Heathrow for our flight to South Africa...home early morning 26th. three weeks time.  Till then my dear keep well and  thank you so very very much for keeping me going with tales of your wonderful family  Much Love  Sybil xx

  4. Glad that you joined us Cindy. I am heading over to get you in my favorites and get my alerts set up. Helen

  5. Cindy I am so glad you have gone over to Blogger ~ see you over there ~ Ally x