Monday, January 5, 2009

Pics and Thank you's

Let me start by telling you about the pictures. The first one is my daughter Emma, who fell asleep at the kitchen table and used potholders on the wall as a pillow, lol. She would kill me if she knew I posted it, but hey she knows her momma and I do it anyways, lol. Next is my hubby holding Adrianna. He is the only one who can hold her cradled like that without her squirming to sit up. Next pic, there's Adrianna letting it be known she wants her bottle and a nap. lol The next 6 are of christmas morning. Happy children they were for sure. Adrianna again, playing shy. She see's me coming with the camera and right away closes her eyes, lil stinker. The last pic was sent to my cellphone tonight. This pic I will hold dear to my heart. Some of you may remember me writing about my 18yr old niece Sandy, who died just 12 days after giving birth to her son Christopher. Well, that precious lil boy is him. He is 5yrs old now and so handsome. He looks just like his mommy. My niece Sharon was at grocery store and seen him there with his paternal grandparents and she took a pic with her cellphone and sent it to mine. I saw his precious face and right away knew who it was and I cried. I just wanna hold him and give him lots of hugs and kisses. He holds a special place in my heart. I am hoping to go to virginia this spring and visit with him and maybe take him out to lunch. Or to the toy store, lol. I know his mommy is looking down at him all the time and smiling at her precious baby boy.

Now I know there is more, but I can't find them, but here is some of the thank you's I wanna shout out to you all for the wonderful christmas cards we received from you.

Kath and Idris, Nelishia,Dirk and Katie, Lisa (seraphoflove9001) Sharon (coastal comfort) Jeannette and Mike, LisaJo, Jeanie and Bryan, Sybil, Nancy, Missie, Chrissie, Lyn, Lisa, and to everyone who sent ecards.
Last night I thought I lost this entry when I hit the mouse and it had moved, but I found it tonight, thank goodness. My doctor called me this morning with results of my bloodwork from yesterday. My sugar is again high, 140 he says, next time I get bloodwork done if sugar is still high we will discuss medication for it. My bad cholesterol has gone down some which is great, only thing is so has my good cholesterol, it's 32 and it should be 50 or more. So he put me on something called Niasapan. It's suppose to raise the good cholesterol level, and help avoid heart disease. With my heart not beating right, he isn't taking any chances. So today I made a decision. I am going to get my health back and diet and excercise. I started a diet today and I am going to stick to it. The doctor said I can help in avoiding diabetes by losing weight, so diet it is for me. Wish me luck, I will need it for sure. Well, I guess I will go now before I lose this entry again. I was so mad last night when I thought I lost it. Take care all and have a wonderful week.
LOVE TO ALL................CINDY


  1. Cindy, loved the pictures, doc told me my cholesterol was high again too, sigh....., Love Ya Lisa XO

  2. I loved seeing the pics of the little ones!

    I'm joining in with the weight loss too! It's time, no more putting it off.

    Have a good week.

  3. Great pictures! When I first saw Emma I thought I bet she doesn't know this in one line. LOL. I would do the same thing to my daughter. It is what Mom's are for right? Good luck on your diet, I know you can do it.
    Was glad to see all those happy kids on Christmas morning.

  4. Thanks as always for sharing your life with us all.
    I am sure you will be able to make a change in your lifestyle so that you can take weight off. It would help you so much I know...but don't bother calling it a diet...that won't work for long make it a while life change my dear friend,

    Love Sybil xxx

  5. Great pictures once again Cindy.LOL at your Daughter he-he so funny.beautiful children and what a sad story I read about the little noys Mom.He is a picture bless him.Thankyou for sharing I hope your diet goes well.Just eat smaller portions I am sure you will find it easier than cutting things out.It does work but is slower.I hope all goes well with the new medication.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

  6. I know that just melted your heart to see that child after your neice passed away. I hope he is in a happy home. Loved the pictures and the one of Emma, HA serves her right for using the potholder. She must have been exhausted though. It was funny and I would have definitely posted it too. Thanks for sharing their Christmas morning too. That was awesome. I believe you'll do what you have to do to avoid diabetes. I am going to have to do the exact same thing and learn to cook differently if I want to succeed. I'm listening for the feedback for you for the lump in your breast. What did they say about that?


  7. Looks like a great christmas! :)

    There are a lot of us out here "dieting" - it's a great support! :) I have a diet journal it's Come on over :) We Can Do It! :)


  8. walking is # 1 in losing weight IF you can get out and do it. Small baby day at a time...i am proud that you are trying to take control...LOVE the pics....your grandbabies are GORGEOUS! XOXOOOX