Monday, September 14, 2009

Rebecca and ponies

These pictures are from the trip Rebecca and I took to Virginia. We had an awesome time. We stayed 9 days and I wish we could of stayed longer. I enjoyed spending time with my sister Lucy and seeing all her kids and grandkids. I have pictures of her grandkids to show you, but I have to download them. I'll be making quite a few entries with pictures. I am so behind in postings and visiting your journals, please forgive me. Anyways can you tell how much Rebecca loves ponies? These ponies are ones from the Chincoteaque pony run they do every year. The ponies are put up for auction. The ones left are put here for display, and some are taken back across the bay to await next years pony run and auction. Years ago when I lived in virginia I went to a pony run with my sister Lucy. It was awesome. We got there at 4am, sat in the lawn chairs we brought with us and were right up in front. It was a beautiful sight to see the pony running towards us and cowboys on horses guiding the ponies into the corrals. But there was a downside to being up close. It was the smell, lol. The ponies were covered in mud and bay water and oh my did they stink. But I enjoyed the experience of seeing it all. I would love to take Rebecca one day. I think she would love it. Well thats enough for this entry. I'm gonna go fix some lunch, then download all the pictures I have on my camera, and make another entry or two.
LOVE YA..................................CINDY


  1. Cindy I love the pictures ~ nice to catch up with you again ~ Ally x

  2. Little girl and ponies go perfectly together! LOL

  3. What little girl doesn't love ponies? Great photos. You can see that Rebecca is really enjoying herself. Thsnks for sharing.
    Barb *queenb

  4. Lovely pictures and interesting about the ponies.