Wednesday, September 16, 2009

RIP Patrick

8/18/52 - 9/14/09
It is with great sadness I make this entry about a wonderful actor, who has lost is 20 month battle with advanced pancreatic cancer. Diagnosed in January 2008, Patrick lost his battle, and passed away peacefully at his California home with his family by his side. My prayers go out to his wife Lisa and his family. I have been a fan of Patrick Swayze for many year's. I would never pass up an oppertunity to watch a movie with Patrick in it. A few of my favorites are ROAD HOUSE, DIRTY DANCING and GHOST. Patrick was not only an awesome actor, but he could dance also. He put his heart and soul into his career and family life. He will not only be missed by his family, friends, but he will also be missed by thousands of fans and by myself.
Patrick as you depart this earth and enter the gates of heaven, please know that those left behind here on earth will hold you in our thoughts and hearts forever. Rest in Peace Patrick.


  1. At least he's no longer suffering!

  2. CINDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I havent heard from you in months, I was wondering if you were ok, so are you still in PA or did you make the move to New Jersey or are you in the same little apartment you were in before you left, I thought you were moving somewhere out of that apartment I cant remember anwyays... Did yall make up with JOE wow so many questions to ask!!!

    Hope to hear from you glad your blog finally lit up in my google reader!

    I hope you are doing good!

    -- Christopher

  3. what a lovely tribute to Patrick. So many hearts broke a little or even a lot last week when he lost his fight for life.

    i miss you too and think of you every day. I hope all is well with you, Jim and the grandbabies. XOXO


  4. Lovely tribute. My absolute favorite? Ghost with the lovely Demi Moore.

    Patrick, we miss you. You are gone too soon.

    Cindy, your life seems to be very interesting, judging from your profile. I'm signing up to follow you, and your life. Congrats on reaching 65!!

    Pop over and visit my blog when you have a moment! Hope to see you there soon!

    Have a great day!