Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Another Day.......

Another day of cleaning. My kitchen floor needed it badly. Word of advice, never have white tile on kitchen floor, lol. I also managed to bake a loaf of bread today. It is much better then store bought, well that's my opinion anyways. Got an oven stuffer chicken in oven, and yes it's stuffed with a homemade dressing. Hubby's nose will be a sniffing when he comes in door tonight home from work, lol. Made an appointment to the dentist today. All that chemo last year has totally ruined the teeth in my mouth. So, I've decided to have them all extracted and get dentures. Yeah, no more toothaches for me afterwards. Well, My sister has one of these journals, and it looks like she has alot of fun with it, so I'm trying my luck at it. It'll keep me off the online games at times, lol. Anyways, to any and all who read this, Have a great day!!!


  1. Heyy sis! Congrats on starting your first journal!!! If you need help or have questions about anything, don't hesitate to ask! Love you! :-)

  2. Welcome to J-land!

  3. Hello, Susan told us about your journal.  My daughter is also Rebecca and she has two little boys of her own now.  Welcome to J-Land. I hope you have lots of fun and enjoying being part of this great community.

  4. Welcome to J-Land. I think you will enjoy it. I started mine in Nov. 2005. Dinner sounds wonderful. Have a great Wednesday evening.

  5. ah daily life is what your write about and I ll be 44 in may and I stay at home I have a 25 and 18 year old daughters. My mom had breast cancer twice. I got my dnetures when I was 42 and aim so glad no more dentist visits. well worth it

  6. Hi Cinday..

    Welcome to J land. I am new at this too. My hubby is in remission from Non-hodgkins Lymphoma and has been for 10 Years.

    You are doing fine...and I hear you on the white tile..I  have white ceramic in my kitchen, dining room and hallway.. ;-(

    Keep up the good work..


  7. Nice journal:) i have added you to my alerts so i will be back:)


  8. WELCOME to J-Land. Lots of nice people here! A couple loonies every now & then but you can always block those! LOL ;0) Your sister asked me to drop by.
    Sorry to hear of your Uncles passing, praying for the family.
    Hope you'll come visit me at all my journals, always leave a comment when you visit people, so they'll know to come back visit you along.
    Have a great day!

  9. Welcome to J-land!!  I just started my journal last week! So I'm a newbie, too!  I made my journal private but if you want to visit just let me know and I can add you to my list.
    Take care, and I'll be back.

  10. I dont have white tiles but I do have laminate in my kitchen thats gets a nice trail of black fluff from my partners socks stuck in the gaps!!Good luck with your Journal.Beckie.

  11. Welcome to our little j-land...where you will meet and chat with some wonderful people...coming back to visit you soon....I added you to my alerts.
    Hugs and love,

  12. Oooh, what online games?  I'm a former online game addict, not enought time to play anymore!