Friday, April 28, 2006

No Word Yet

The natural thing about being a woman is the ability to build a foundation and be the pillar of a family.

Grace Kelly

No word on my grandson yet. I really hate the waiting thing, when it comes to matters like this. But either he's ok and they are home and it was too late to call me, or their still at the hospital. I'm hoping and praying it's that their home and my lil man is ok. Lil man is what I call my grandson Daniel. One day I will have a picture to add to this journal. But right now I'm still trying to figure out the little things of building a journal. But I'll learn, it may take me a while though. It's only 7:30am, too early for me to call my daughter, just in case their home sleeping. I would'nt want to wake Daniel. I will just have to sit here and wait until she calls me. Lord give me the strength to do so!!!! I will go now, and as soon as I know anything I will post here in my journal. Thank you everyone for your prayers, it really means alot.





  1. Hope he's ok sis..I've never been a good one for waiting patiently when I'm worried, either.

  2. Can't wait to see your lil man's picture someday! I'm sure he's a cutie pie. I'm like you I'm new to this J stuff and am trying to figure out how to add stuff. I would love to show off the little love of my life. Hope no word is good word. I'm sure your daughter and the baby are both exhausted. I hope they are just getting much needed rest. Will check back later to make sure everything is okay. Take care, Chrissie

  3. I am hoping all is well with your little man too...keep us updated!!!