Saturday, April 29, 2006

My Lil Man Daniel/Circus

Daniel is doing much better, finally. He has been able to eat oatmeal today twice and keep it down. I am so happy he can do that. He won't drink the pedialyte but he is drinking water and a little deluted milk. He's smiling some again and that makes me very happy. His little smile is precious, he loves showing his teeth when he does so.

Had an awesome time at the circus. The looks on Rebecca and Marissa's faces were the best. Their little eyes lit up, and they were cheering and clapping, shouting yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, woooooooooohoooooooooooooooooooo. We got their pictures taken sitting on a giant black fake Gorilla. I'm gonna have to get it scanned by someone so I can post it. Good thing I brought my credit card, cause between the snacks, drinks and pictures, I put 70.00 on that card, shhhhh don't tell hubby, lol. I would love to go again. We had the best time. It felt good to laugh for a change and spend time with 3 of my favorite girls,(my daughter's Emma, Rebecca, and granddaughter Marissa. I get to spend some time with my little sister Susan this coming weekend. Her daughter S is having a birthday party. I can't wait to see them all. We don't get together very often, but when we do I love the time with them. And I will get to meet her cousin Donna/LadyCapricorn finally. Thank you everyone for praying for my lil man, it really meant alot to me. Your the best!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great evening!!!!!!!!!


  1. so glad daniel is better and you all had a great time:)


  2. Just a note for you to tell your daughter.. since the baby doesn't like the Pedialyte stuff (it is very nasty) try using the Gerber LiquidLytes Instant Mix the Fruit Punch flavored one if you can find it. It comes in a powder mix kinda like KoolAid and the babies love it. It's to prevent dehydriation too and where it's a powder mix you can buy it ahead of time and have it whenever you need it. I think we had to find that particular one at the grocery store. Walmart only had like an apple flavor and for some reason my grandson didn't like it. I had to pay a little more for the Fruit Punch one just because it came from the grocery, but it was sure worth it as long as he drank it. IDC. Glad he's getting better now.
    I loved the circus. I use to take my kids when they were little. I can't wait til my grandson is old enough to go.
    Take Care, Chrissie

  3. Glad to hear that Daniel is feeling better sis, and I can't wait to see you this weekend too! :-)

  4. So glad the baby is feeling much better!  My son didn't like the Pedialyte stuff either when he was little.  Finally, they came out with an orange flavored one that he liked.  That was a long time ago....not sure if it's still available.
    Keep us posted .....Pamela