Friday, April 28, 2006

Update on Daniel

I walked to the store this morning and on my way back my daughter called. They spent the whole night at the hospital. He was diagnosed with a gastro intestinal virus. My daughter Emma and her fiance Dan were told to keep giving the baby pedialyte and tylenol. There was really nothing much more that could be done. So 6:am this morning they came home. Daniel slept for 4 hours, and woke up looking better. I went over to Emma and Dans and stayed until 2:30 this afternoon. Around 12:30 Daniel did'nt look good at all. He was crying, cheeks got red as apples and he had diareha again, like water. He's not peeing alot, and he's throwing up again. I think we can look forward to another trip to the ER later today. He has'nt got a fever, even though his cheeks are red. I just called my daughter and she says Daniel fell asleep. When he wakes she'll give him some more pedialyte, if he can keep it down and wets his diaper that will be a good sign. Please continue to pray for my lil man.

On another note my Lane Bryant order came today. I am so happy it arrived. I had ordered a blouse and nightgown for myself, and also ordered a blouse and nightgown for Dan's mom whom my 4yr old and my grandchildren call Grandma. I am called Mommom. Dan's mom Liz is 75 yrs old and the mother of 10 children (all boys), yes you read it right, she has 10 son's. She married an italian man, lol. Dan is the youngest. Got the pictures back today of the 3 little one's (rebecca, marissa, and daniel dressed up in their easter clothes. What sweethearts they are, oops did i say that, yikes, lol. I call the two 4yr olds hurricane rebecca and typhoon marissa. Those 2 girls can walk into an empty room, and i mean empty room nothing in it at all and make a huge mess, lol. Then tell you they did'nt do it, Mr. Nobody did it!!!!!! It'll be nice when Mr. Nobody gets a couple years older and can clean up their own mess, lol. I'll keep you posted on Daniel.

Have a nice day all!!!!!!!!!!


  1. 10 Sons? Wow, what a patient woman! I can barely raise one son!!
    I hope Daniel feels better today. I will keep him in my thoughts. Hugs,lisa

  2. Cindy,
    Hope your grandson continues to get better. I hate when little ones are sick especially when they can't tell you whats wrong. Make sure they watch the liquid intake and what comes out. Babies dehydriate so fast it's crazy. Thats cute I'm called MyMomMom by my grandson or NayNay. He calls his aunt AuMomma and his real mom Momma. Yikes, 10 sons will all I can say is she is the queen at her house for sure.
    Take care and hope all goes well, Chrissie

  3. Glad they found out what was wrong with Daniel...
    Wow...10 boys...that is one awesome woman!
    Hugs...hope your Sunday is a good one and week ahead.