Saturday, April 29, 2006

Circus Today!!!!!!!

Daniel is still not feeling well. He's keeping fluids in until he gets to crying, then he makes himself sick. Poor lil man, I sure do hope he feels better real soon. He won't eat anything except these puffed fruit things made by Gerber, but that's just a few pieces he'll eat of it. He wants milk but everytime he has some he throws it up. He's not liking the pedialyte. He'd rather have just water, which he also gets. He'll be home with Daddy today. My oldest daughter and I are taking Rebecca and Marissa to the circus today. They are so excited about it. Hope Daniel feels better tomorrow, cause he's having a birthday party. I made him an Elmo cake. He loves Elmo. I bought him an Elmo toy and 4 video's, 2 of Elmo, 1 of Barney and 1 of Teletubbies. They are his favorite shows. Guess ya know the theme of his party is also Elmo, lol.

My 4 year old Rebecca has politely fixed herself a snack of peanutbutter and ritz crackers. I swear she'd eat it right out of the jar with a spoon if I let her. She loves peanutbutter sandwiches too, no jelly though. She will not eat jelly. Well, that's about all there is to post. I'll let you know how Daniel is doing and how the circus was later today. Have a Blessed saturday everyone.


  1. have a good saturday:)


  2. Have a good day. Enjoy the circus!

  3. I just love the circus. We would go all the time. I haven't gone since my daughter was little. It is so hard to see the little ones sick. You feel so helpless. I hope he gets better soon. Have a great Saturday.

  4. I do hope Daniel feels better and maybe post some photos of the circus...hope everyone has a good time...hugs

  5. I'm glad everyone had a good time at the circus! There is one here in my city too, this weekend. i took my kids to one when they were little.
    HUGS, lisa