Monday, December 18, 2006

A Beautiful Day

                     It was such a beautiful day today. Rebecca and I ventured out on a walk. We walked for about an hour. Good thing I remembered my cane. Cause by the time we got home, that cane was holding me up, lol. To Rebecca it was a nature walk. Before we left the house, she drew a list of things we had to find while out walking, lol yep she did that. On the list we had to find, a red flower, a white rock, a blue mailbox, an orange leaf, yellow grass, and a happy smiling human, lol. My kid is strange, lol. We found it all, and the happy smiling human was my mail lady, cause when she seen us walking she smiled and said hello Rebecca. My child says to her Hi mail lady are you happy? Mail lady says yes I am, so Rebecca tells her, your the happy smiling human on my nature walk list, lol. I explained briefly to her what my child had done and why we were walking, she laughed and told Rebecca good job. She asks Rebecca how she knew where to find everything on her list, oh boy guess what my kid said? She looks up at mail lady with a serious face and says, Didn't you know? I know everything!!  We both cracked up laughing at her comment. My kid is just too much.


We had to find a blue mailbox, cause I had so much mail to get out it wouldn't fit in my mailbox. I want to thank Amanda for sending me the site on where to mail christmas cards to our soldiers who are fighting in this war. I had 5 cards left so I picked 5 people and sent them a card, wishing them a merry christmas and thanking them for their love and dedication for our country. I just wanted to let them know I cared. I also got more cards from jland today. They were from Chrissie and Michelle. Thank you ladies very much. I also got a card from my brother Paul. In it he thanked me for making his christmas happy and for always being there for him. I swear he knows just how to melt my heart. I hold a special place in my heart for him, cause I raised him after our mother died when he was just a little baby. He called me Mommy until he was 7 years old.


I had to tell my daughter a lie today. And I don't like lieing to her, because I am teaching her that lieing is bad. But she is only 5 years old and I thought the truth would frighten her. While on our walk today, 2 blocks from my house there is an outline on the sidewalk done in chalk of a person. There was also torn Police Line yellow tap hanging off a railing. A small spot was on sidewalk, I knew it was blood dried and turned brown. My daughter asked me what the outline was cause she said it looked like a human being. And as she said this she held my hand tight. I couldn't in no way tell her that is what it was, so I said it looks like some kids were drawing them selves on the sidewalks with chalk, maybe they were playing cowboys and indians or cops and robbers like boys play. She says, yep that's what them boys were doing. Whew, I got out of that one. But it made me mad. Why do they leave things like that on a sidewalk where kids walk to get to the school up the street from me in plain view so these little kids can see this? It is awful, they can't brush it off or something and remove that police line tape. Jeez, these are little kids ages 5 to 8 going to that school. I was so mad I called the 15th precinct and I complained about it. I had to lie to my child because of their stupidity or laziness in cleaning up their mess.


I also got a letter from an old friend of mine today. Her name is Karen. I was so glad to hear from her. She is moving to Philadelphia next month and wants to come visit. She said all she thinks about his my homemade meatballs and sauce. That girl loved them, I made them all the time when she wouldvisit me when I lived in virginia. She has 3 grown children, all in college. Her oldest son Amin was recently shot twice here in Philadelphia, but he lived, thank goodness. He has had 2 surgeries already and may need a third if things don't go well soon. I have added him in my prayers. I can't wait to see Karen again, it's been too long since our last visit.

Well, I guess that is about it for now. I hope your all having a wonderful evening and get a good night's sleep. Only 7 days left until christmas, wow.



  1. it's totally rediculous why people do the stupid things that they do...I hope that you got some answersto your questionssissy

  2. what a great save:) i agree the police could clean it up so no one can see the aftermath:) have a good week


  3. Hi Cindy,
    Your daughter is so smart, sharp.  Good thinking on the chalk outline, good for you in calling the police.  What B.S.  I would say that was a "white lie" a lie that needed to be told.
    Nice that you took care of your brother.  Tough on you.  I am sorry that you lost your mother so young that is tragic.  You are a great Mother the things you do and write about.
    Nice about your friend.
    When I moved back to MI after living in TN.  I moved about a half hour away from my old neighborhood, because the homes had gone up where I had lived and this is where I could afford.  The half hour drive does make a difference in regard to seeing my friends, everyone is so busy that we don't see each other as much as if we lived closer, it really sucks.
    Okay Cindy, now you have a van and you took off on an hour walk, you are really something!
    I am going to start doing cards tonight and think I may have misplaced your addy, can you resend it to me??  Sorry.
    Wishing you a good night.

  4. You did the right thing calling the should have all been cleaned up.
    You daughter is adorable finding all those items on you walk! A smiling human is soooo cute!

  5. She sure is a smart girl, huh!!? Wow. I think your adventure sounds fun other than the crime scene you walked by.
    LOVE, lisa

  6. My jland god daughter is so full of life, I just love that! What a great idea and so optomistic. I want to see and hug her so badly.  I am appalled that they would leave that chalk outline, but sadly you were right to lie, she is to young, to precious to show and explain the harsh realities of that side of life. You were also right to call.
    I love ya

  7. Can you forward me the site address for sending soliders cards?  I would love to do that.  Hopefully they would get them in time.  Glad you had a good walk.  I would love to go for a good long walk again.  

  8. Cindy I loved Rebecca's list of things to find on your walk especially the Smiling Human glad she found everything on her list ~ you did the right thing telling Rebecca a lie ~ that chalk marking should have been removed glad you phoned complaining about it ~ Hope your friends son Amin will be OK ~ Ally

  9. Rebecca's list of things to find is so cute! I bet you two had fun, even if you did have to rely on your cane to hold you up by the end.
    What's the website where you can mail Christmas cards to soldiers? One of my good friends is in the army, so I have a special place in my heart for all those fighting.
    And I agree, they should really get rid of the chalk-outlines and such. My guess is that since it's such an "everyday occurrence" in Philadelphia that they think nothing of it, and assume that the kids will know about it since they live there and it won't affect them. Needless to say they're wrong, but hey, what do I know? lol
    Only 6 days left til Christmas as I'm writing this comment...


  10. Wha a great way to spend quality time with your daughter!  I know those long walks can be hard on you Cindy, but I admire you for going on them anyway! :)  

    I thinkyou were right to not tell Rebecca the truth about that chalk drawing.  That's just too much information for her to wrap her head around.  It would have upset her had you told her the truth.  The police should have gotten rid of that, but they just don't think.  They have grown callous to that kind of thing, so don't think that it bothers anyone else.
    You did right to complain... not that it will do any good.. but, one can wish, can't one?


  11. Kids how cute what Rebecca said. Sounded like a fun thing to do. I would have lied to my kids too about the sidewalk and blood. Kids don't need to hear that stuff when they are so young. I'll be keeping your friend karen's son in my prayers.

  12. I got a kick out of your story about Rebecca.  She's so cute.  You did the right thing to avoid the truth about the sidewalk.  She doesn't need to know anything about that.
    Shameful of the police for leaving it there. I hope they came and cleaned it up.
    Give her a kiss for me.

  13. I'm so gla that Rebecca doesn't know everything at 5 and still has to ask certain questions.  You did the right thing Cindy.  Protecting your daughter's innocence.  She doesn't need to know.  I know you are going to have such a good time with your friend.  Her imagination for the nature walk is amazing.  I think she's above average intelligence.  She is a super kid that's for sure.
    Oh yeah, I almost forgot the caroling through J-Land thing.   I like the new song by The Isaacs called Messiah Lullaby.

  14. You've been tagged for a game, girlfriend.  Go read my journal...ok?