Thursday, December 21, 2006

Trying to regain my sanity, lol

Yes, you read the title right. LOL I guess I should explain right? It started out on tuesday morning. Mom, will you watch Daniel so I can take some things to new place? Sure no problem, I say. I love spending time with my grandson. 4:30 pm comes, phone rings. Mom, Dan went to go get a U-Haul truck, we want to move completely into new place tonight. Can you keep Daniel a few more hours? It won't take us long we got plenty of help. Ok sure, but remember I go to bed around midnight. Ok, I'll be there before then to pick Daniel up. Ok see you then.  10:30pm, phone rings, Mom we're having a problem. Oh whats wrong? First truck broke down, had to get another one. Ok so what is problem? Truck is all loaded and it won't start, battery died, do you have jumping cables? Ummm, no not anymore, remember I loaned them to you a while back and they were never returned, cause you left them in a car you sold. Oh shit, that's right, sorry Mom. It's ok honey, so now what? Can you not call emergency service number on rental contract? I don't know. Well call anyways, and call me back. Ok, Mom. Meantime Daniel is asleep on couch, wakes up every 20 minutes whining for DaDa, his daddy. I change diapers, make bottles, pat him on back, saying shhhhhhhhhhhh go night night honey, mommom is here. Midnight comes, no call no Emma, 1am comes still no call or Emma, 2am comes no call, no Emma and Daniel wakes up screaming, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Nothing worked, diaper changed, warm bottle milk, patting on back, nothing. 3am Daniel still whining off and on in between cat naps, me trying to pick eyelids up off floor, while patting baby on back, drinking my diet pepsi for the caffeine to keep me awake. 4am, Jim comes in livingroom and says, you still up? I look at him and growl, he runs for safety of bedroom, doesn't come back in livingroom until 6am when he gets up for work. Daniel wide awake, cranky, whining, hand him cellphone, yeaaaaaaa he is quiet. Change his diaper, make bottle, he is finally content. Jim brings huge mug strong black coffee to me, thank you Jim. Eyelids still on floor, rolling them up and keeping up with giant toothpicks, lol. 8am, mommy I'm hungry, ok in kitchen now, no sleep, eyes rolled up like a weiner wrap appetizer, ok so they aren't rolled up but it felt like it, lol. Cereal yes? Nope, I want bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs, toast, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. No sleep cooking at stove like my kitchen is a restaurant. Maybe I'll eat too, energy right? Make enough for all 3 of us. 9;30am, ut oh out of milk, ok apple juice for kids, more mugs of strong black coffee for me. 11:30am in door walks Emma. Glad to see you remembered I have your son. Sorry Mom, waited for emergency service truck for 3 hours, we got done moving at 4:30 this morning, I didn't think you were still up. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR, girl I ain't even been to bed yet, this child of yours had me up all night!!!!!! Awwwww, Mom sorry, well get dressed, you can come to my new place and check it out and help me unpack. Ok, got dressed, becca dressed, went to Emma's. Sat on couch with large bottle of real pepsi sugar caffeine and all, drank whole bottle myself. Sugar rush, thank god, I got energy, but told no one, made like I was exhausted. Sat and watched Emma and brother in law work with unpacking and carrying. Came home, cleaned my kitchen, made dinner, gave Rebecca a bath, got her into bed. Took hot shower, felt great, made cup of hot chocolate, drank it all, read a few journal alerts, chatted with Nancy. Woke up with hubby saying honey go to bed, can't play on computer if your sleeping. Got into bed, asleep before I layed down and covered up, woke up 5:45am freezing, hubby had all the covers. Got up to pee, hubby grabs arm, make the coffee ok honey. Go in to pee, make coffee, say to hell with it and stay up. Now, today I have a ton of housework to do, make more cookies for christmas, go shopping for Joes christmas eve party, I am making the food but he gave me the money to shop for it, then saturday morning do my christmas shopping, sunday make joes food for party, start my food for christmas day, eat dinner watch football game, clean up mess, put rebecca to bed, and admit myself into nut house. Hope you all have a very merry christmas.


Love you all,



  1. Poor Cindy!! OMG how did you survive?? Can I come to the nut house with ya??  

  2. duhhhhhhhhhhhhhh am I still around i think so ....let's pinch myself to see < PINCH> OUCH....okay that hurts so i'm still here.....such is what you should've done after going through all of that my sissy. But i'm glad you're still afound....I was right when I said you're one strong lady.Hmmmmmm? ya think!

  3. It gets better! {{{{ }}}}
    Merry Christmas to you to my friend!

  4. try and get some rest:)


  5. Oh no!  What a night.  Hope you can take a nap today.

  6. omg it has just got to get better ~ Ally

  7. I am EXHAUSTED just reading all of that!!!!!!

    Get some rest!


  8. You poor thing, and that poor baby trying to sleep on the couch.  I  hope you get some well deserved rest !

  9. wow Im giong to sleep now. You have been busy girl. So sorry you had to stay up all night. I hope you get into bed early and just sleep. Sleep sleep. LOL. Hugs to you and have a great one.

  10. A little busy...are you Cindy??? lol
    Geesh, you make me tired.
    I ahve bills to make out and need to write out cards, tonight, if not they will never get there.
    Laughed at the part about Jim going back to the bedroom for saftey.

  11. Wow.. I was going to get in the shower now, but heck I'm exhausted just reading what happened. Glad they're in the new place now. At least you know that's over with.
    Take care, Chrissie

  12. you really need to do just kidding!  wow what a night/day I hope you get some rest soon! xoxBarbara

  13. OKay! lol  Save me a bed in the nut house. lol  Merry Christmas Cindy.  Hugs and GBU, Shelly