Saturday, December 30, 2006

It is going on 3:30 in the morning and I am awake. I woke up with my throat hurting and coughing like mad. Rebecca has given her Mommy her cold. She is doing a little better. We never took the kids to the park yesterday. It was a little too cold outside. Rebecca is getting better, but her appetite isn't that great yet. All she wants is iced water and crackers. Jim and I and Rebecca will be picking up Marissa and Daniel at 10am this morning. We are all going to Jim's grandmothers for the day. They all know we are coming, but they don't know we are bringing Marissa and Daniel. It is a surprise for them.

Christmas has come and gone. All the worrying I did and so much stressing seems like it never happened. My child had a fantastic christmas, because of her Jland godmother Angie. Ang, as soon as this child gets up in the morning, she is in front of the dollhouse, she loves it. I took a picture of it all set up with the furniture, as soon as I get Jim to load it into computer for me I will post it. When we visit Jims family today I will take lots of pictures. I am hoping both of Jims brothers Bruce and Walter are there so I can get a pic of the boys together. There will be 5 generations in that house today, and I want to get a pic of that also. Jim's Dad has peacocks running around in the yard, so I wanna try to get pics of them also, and of their pet parrot named Harry. He is so cool, his favorite foods are pizza and apples. He says quite a few words also, like hello, goodbye, cool, pizza, nite nite, and when he wants out of his cage he will call Jims dad by his nick name which is Bud. Harry is very old, but in great shape.

As for that ex husband of my daughters. She tried turning him in for his warrants, and was told unless he does something wrong they can't go get him, he'll have to be caught doing something first. Here in Philly they won't give her a restraining order unless he physically hurts someone. How screwed up is that? She has 2 little kids in that house and they won't give her an order of protection. I told her next time he shows up, call the police and say he has a gun, they'll be there real quick. He wears a long trench coat and has a sword inside it, so if he is searched they will find it. That jerk is trouble with a capital T. I never could stand him. What breaks my heart is my grand daughter. She knows who Jeff is to her and wants to know why he doesn't like her or care about her. All Emma has the heart to tell her is that he is sick and needs help, but her Daddy Dan loves her very much and she is daddy Dans lil girl. Marissa is fine with that, because Dan loves her very much and she knows it. To her Dan is Daddy, and to Dan, Marissa is daddys girl. He loves that child just as she was his own. Marissa wanted a real piano for christmas, even told santa she wanted a real one, guess what? She got a real piano with a bench and all. Dan's ex SIL gave it to him for Marissa. She was married to Dan's brother Michael. He has so many brother's. Dan's parents had 10 kids, all boys so it is hard keep up on who is who. One of Dan's brothers killed himself a few years back. He was found hanging in the shed outside. His name was Howard. Dan's other 8 brothers are Victor, Vincent, Bill, Walter, Michael, Donald, Fred, Tony. That's alot of boys, lol.

Well, I want to thank Donna/DCA721 for her lovely christmas card I received a few days ago. All total I got 41 cards from just my Jland friends, wow I was happy. Thank you sooooooooo much to everyone who sent me a card for christmas. Your all so wonderful and I feel so blessed to have you all in my life.

I had lots of food left over from christmas dinner. I gave Emma some to take home, and I also made up a big bag of things for Dans mom to take home. She was just so thrilled that I thought of her too. She had enough to last her a few days, lol. I am so glad the holidays are almost over. I think after new years I'm gonna find a cave and hibernate til spring, lol. And oh yea, NO, I am not cooking dinner on New Year's, no way, no how, momma is tired, lol. I am going to stay home and relax. Jim says if he lets me relax all day on sunday, he'll do the cooking, cleaning and watching Rebecca, then on monday it'll be his turn to relax and sleep in and I'll take care of chores and Rebecca. I think that's a good idea.

Well, it's 4:30am. I am debating on whether to go back to bed or not. I kind of like the quiet time right now. Maybe I should try to catch another couple hours sleep though, after all I will have 3 kids to deal with today, lol. I thik I will go make some coffee and write to my brother Paul for a while. He called me the other night, I was happy to hear from him. Well take care all and be careful if your out driving over the weekend. There will be alot of people celebrating the New Year and behind the wheel of their vehicles when they should'nt be.

Love you all,



  1. i know the feeling where sleeps concerned it was 4 am when i finally got to sleep then woke up at 7 and then 9 am - good luck getting some more sleep

    love stacey xxx

  2. feel better soon:) that is good you had left overs and you shared:) enjoy the weekend


  3. I got up early too today. I'm glad all went well with Christmas.
    Have a good time today. Cant wait for pictures.  

  4. Hope you feel better soon.  Hope you do not give that cold to Grandmother.  Glad you had a great Christmas.

  5. Cindy, i have been reading the letter you sent me....half way thru it. Every single time i go to read it, i have an emergency or someone is yelling. Sigh.
    I hate it that you have a sore throat and cough. I hope you feel better. I can not keep all your family members straight!! LOL    I hope you enjoy your day with more family.
    LOVE, lisa jo

  6. Hi Cindy, I hope you enjoy your day today.  Like you, I'm glad the holidays are almost over.  WHEW!  I hope you feel better soon.
    Love ya, Pam

  7. Cindy, I sure hope you get to feeling better.  If you are supposed to go visiting relatives today, it would be horrible if you spent it feeling lousy!  I pray you feel better.

    Happy New Year!!  Blessings to you and your family!


  8. here'shoping you all have a very nice visit with jimmy's family....I too have to sit down and write Paul also...kudos to Dan because he loves this little girl....there are not many guys in this world who will think of a child who is nit theirs biologically as theirs but thank god for guys like dan...he's an angel and he lives to make emms Rissa & lil man as happy as he can.....Daniel my handsomenephew in law ...keep up the good work....loveyou all nancy

  9. Hi Cindy,
    Sorry you are sick...
    Sounds like a nice day you have planned.
    Bringing the little ones will be a grea surprise.
    Feel better soon.
    Glad Rebecca had a great Christmas.
    Love you girleee,

  10. So sorry to hear you've caught Rebecca's cold. I hope you both feel better real soon.
    As for your daughter's ex-husband, I can't believe they won't give her a restraining order, or go after the warrants. That's very frightening to me that he wears the trenchcoat with the sword under it...

    Here's to wishing everything goes well for the start of 2007!

  11. I went through similar things with my daughter, Brandy's, ex-husband.  And I'm so sorry you're feeling so bad.  And that Rebecca has a wonderful dollhouse.  i would have loved that as a little girl.  You go to bed right now young lady and get hubby to bring you some chicken noodle soup.
    Hug you but don't want to get it. lol


  12. Boy! Cindy, that's alot of brothers! Sounds like alot of fun, if you could get them all together. Watching football together would be a good idea, and make a big simple pot of chili to feed them all. Ok, I make a mean pot of Texas chili , tell me the time and place, and I will be right over!!! LOL!! Have a great day. Get some rest.