Friday, December 8, 2006

Ho Ho Ho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Good Morning to all. Or should I say Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Morning, lol. Man it is cold outside. I woke up this morning, checked temperature outside and it said 23 degree's. I want summer backkkkkkkkkkkkk, and yes I am whining, lol. I am not a winter person. I hate winter. The best winter I ever had was when we lived in California and woke up christmas morning and it was 85 degree's outside. We were living in the Mojave Dessert then because Jim was stationed at an Army base there.

Well, I posted 3 new recipes in my recipe journal this morning. Go there and check them out. You might find something you like.

  • OutOfMyKitchen

    Well, this weekend I am going shopping for all the ingredients to bake my christmas cookies and to make my homemade donuts. When I bake christmas cookies, I mostly bake them as gifts. Cookies make great gifts. Well, at least I think they do, because when I give them out I know they'll be eatten and not thrown in a drawer and never worn, and dropped and shattered in a million pieces. Plus, they are made with love for people you love and care about. I put them in cookie tins and wrapped them with a ribbon and a bow and a little name tag too.

    Well, my grand daughter Marissa is here to spend the day with me and play with Rebecca. The girls are in the bedroom playing and giggling right now. My daughter Emma is downstairs at Uncle Joe's cleaning his house. She is his house cleaner, lol. She comes over every month and spends the whole day cleaning and I mean a thorough cleaning of the house. Joe's Mom who we all call Mommom I, is coming over soon to spend a week with Joe for the holidays. If his house needs cleaning his Mom will do it and Joe doesn't like that. He wants his Mom to be able to relax and enjoy her visit. Plus, Joe will be getting to see his only grand child a boy named Wesley during the holidays. Wesley will be meeting his Poppop Joe and his Great grandmother mommom I for the first time. I will be there with my camera, so I can take pictures andshare them with you all. And you know of course I'll be holding that baby boy. That is going to be a very special occassion for sure.  Joe is so happy about the upcoming visit. He is such a loving and caring person when it comes to children. He spoils my Rebecca and my 2 grandkids all the time. Joe told me last night that on sunday he and I are going to Sear's so I can help him shop for Marissa and Rebecca. He's buying Rebecca a new coat for christmas, something she definately needs. This child has gone through another growing spurt. So she is outgrowing her coats and clothes. I know she has grown a few inches taller. Last year at this time she was 39 inches tall. Jim measured her the other night and she measured 43 1/2 inches. So my baby is growing.

    Well, I got some good news. Finally things are getting a whole lot better. Jim checked the website and unemployment has released his money. The checks were issued on the 6th, so he should get them today or tomorrow. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa, I can get that mini van. I am so happy. We have been without a vehicle now for month's. I can pay Joe off, buy the mini van, get it legal, pay off Jim's on line loan and have some left to give to Emma and Dan to help with their moving expenses.

    Well, I had better go now. I am still in my pajamma's, lol. So, I need to get dressed and get working on cleaning my house. I hope everyone has a wonderful day, and if your on the east coast, bundle up when you go outside, cause it is cold out there. Take care.


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    1. Sounds like things are just peachy over your way! (except the cleaning house part, of course)    Tis the season!!!


    2. Sounds like things are going well for you now Cindy.  Enjoy the girls today.  There's nothing better than the sound of children laughing in a home.  
      Brrrrrr...that's COLD there!!  WOW!!  And I complain about it being in the 40's at night.  HA!  I'm a wimp!  Our days are about high 70's now.  Perfect.  But, it makes it tough to get into the Xmas spirit.
      Thanks for the Christmas card!!!  It came yesterday!!  I was so excited to get it!  You're a sweetie.
      Have a good day.

    3. yummmmmmmmmmm cookies my favorite( hint hint talk to santa for me ) pleeeeeease????i'm glad mommom is coming for a visit maybe joe will clean the place some so she won't be tempted to do it herself....( you think???) take it easy and do not overdo it...I love you sissy & i'm serious about youtalking to santa....yeah really!

    4. It was cold here this morning also. 16 degrees. Glad thing are looking up for you and your family and I hope you all have a great Chistmas. Helen

    5. I also give my baking away as gifts to people I visit during the's a wonderful gift to give b/c everyone loves to receive home made baked goods...


    6. Sounds like things are looking up! WOO HOO!
      Visiting your recipe journal, be sure & visit mine & sign my guest book while you're there.
      Hugs, Sugar

    7. I'm so glad the check was finally realeased.  It's about time something good happens your way.

    8. So happy things are going house...that's my middle name today...have a great weekend...hugs and love,

    9. glad things are better and the check is coming:) enjoy your weekend :) and thanks for the recipes


    10. Glad things are better. I love your recipes, everything looks great ! Cant wait to try some

    11. Lets move to FLorida, I hate winter to, just sucks being cold :(
      Love you

    12. Thanks for the Christmas card!! Your is on it's way..glad things are looking up for you guys...

    13. It's brrrr cold here too, down to 20 last night!
      I'm glad things are starting to look up for you all :)
      I make cookies and fudge during this time of year too and give it away. They do make great gifts :)


    14. cookies, Yum. Sounds wonderful. I agree people love getting them. They know they are made with love. I'm happy that Jim is getting the check. You can help out with Emma and Dan. That's wonderful and a van for you. Even though I haven't made anything yet from your cooking journal. I love looking at it and I know I will make something soon. You have a lot of good recipes. Thanks for sharing. Hugs and love to you.

    15. Hi Cindy,
      The cookies sound great.
      I am so glad that you and Jim are having some good luck!