Saturday, December 9, 2006

Me time?


First let me say thank you to Sugar for this lovely ornament she sent to me. I just love it. I think I am getting some me time right now. Jim and Rebecca and our daughter Emma are downstairs helping Uncle Joe decorate for Christmas.  Rebecca has been waiting for tonight for almost a week now. Uncle Joe promised she could help decorate his christmas tree. He didn't have many decorations to put out, so my Emma went home and got some of her's. That girl could open up a store with all hers, so she got some to put out in Joe's place to make it look very cheery for when his Mom and his grandson come to visit.

When their all finished decorating, I'll have dinner waiting for them. I got a big pot of sauce cooking, full of peppers and onions and sweet italian sausage, and a big salad. I am starving too. I worked up an appetite cleaning my house today. Mainly the bedroom. The girls trashed it yesterday playing. They took all my clothes out of my dresser and played dress up, lol. I had to fold them all and put them back. I changed the linens on Rebecca's bed and my bed, polished the furniture and went through Rebecca's toys again, where I found crackers, cookies, dirty socks, lol. She said Mr. Nobody makes that mess in her toy box, lol.

Well, I got another christmas card today. This one is from Gretchen. Thank you so much, it is so pretty. Yesterday I got a card from my Sis in law to be Nancy. Thanks sis!!! Nancy has a journal here also, but she spends entirely too much time in pogo land and needs to make an entry real soon, or I'm telling her momma. lol Check her out sometime. She writes about her family and the love of her life, my little brother Paul. Who I might add I played cupid and fixed them up. Her journal is called

  • desires
  • I also got a card from my very dear friend Carol. Carol and I have known each other and been friends for like 39 years now. Carol lives in Florida and raises birds, like ducks, chickens, pheasants. She sells fresh eggs too. She is a true animal lover. She see's one in need of some TLC and she is right there for it.

    JLand sure is looking beautiful with all the christmas decorations in everyones journals. They really show the christmas spirit. All the love you show for your family and friends is just so heart warming. Now all we need is some christmas music, hmmmm where is our lovely Morgan and her keyboard? LOL

    Well, I guess that is about it for now, but I probably will be back later. I got a couple more recipes for pecans I want to post. So, hope your all enjoy your weekend and keeping warm.


    Thank you Roxy for this cute name tag.


    1. Sounds like a wonderful evening at your house.  I bet Rebecca is having a blast decorating.  Mr Nobody?? LOL that cracked me up!!  Too funny!  I wanna use that...."Uh Yah..Mr Nobody forgot to clean my house...Mr Nobody forgot to pay that bill." Think I can get away with it?? LOL.  She's a kick!!
      Give her a hug for me.

    2. Such fun at your house! Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Hugs, Sugar

    3. I am one of those Bah Humbug peeps running around here.  You won't see very many Christmas Graphics on my journal.  I am enjoying how much most everyone else is having fun with the graphics, and talking about Christmas and the holiday spirit.  I am happy for everyone else.  
      What you cooked for dinner tonite, sounds yummo.. as Racheal Ray would say! :)


    4. Aww...that was sweet of Emma to give him some of her decorations.  We all need some Christmas cheer.  I hope you are having a great weekend!  Hugs and GBU, Shelly

    5. Mr Nobody must have left and came visited you, or do we just share joint custody of him????/ HA HA HA HA

    6. i have a card for you but no money right'll make it there by 12/25. I bet Rebecca had a fine time decorating that tree, good for her! Your dinner sounds delicious.
      Love,lisa jo

    7. you have a Mr Nobody at your house, we used to have Mr I Didnt do it,and Mr I dont know Live at our house, hmmm I wonder if they are related in some way, LOL
      thankyou for your Christmas card, yours is on its way to you,
      take care Lynne xx

    8. Wasn't that sweet of Emma to give Uncle Joe some of her decorations ~ LOL at Mr. Nobody we have all had him visit us at one time or another ~ Hope you are having a good weekend ~ Ally

    9. Yes, J-land is filled with the spirit for sure !
      Enjoy  your Sunday

    10. So happy to see the holiday spirit...lives at your house...
      Dinner sounded so, where is my plate??  LOL  Hugs and lots of love,

    11. i love your ornament!  very pretty.

    12. Your not allowed to have "me" time!  LOL.  Only joking!  I sure hope you were able to enjoy some time for yourself.  You deserve it!

    13. Hi Cindy,
      Enjoy your me's rare!


    15. Enjoy your "me" moms don't get that too often!
      Your dinner sounds wonderful :)
      I'm glad you got your card :)