Sunday, March 9, 2008

Dan & Emma's night out.


Looks like AOHELL is at it again. I tried posting these pics separately and it wouldn't let me edit them, grrrrrrr. Anyways, last night Dan and Emma attended a Union Ball. They got all dressed up, and looked fabulous. Dan was worried he wouldn't be able to hide the turtle shell brace he has to wear for his back and ribs, but Emma worked her magic and Dan looked great. He had to take his crutches with him, because he can't stand more then a couple minutes at a time without them. They were able to dance to 2 very slow songs, which was so nice. Dan was able to see his co-workers and thank them for all that they have been doing for him.

I gave Emma my camera to take so she could get pics of the food. She only got 3 pics, but wow. One is of the fruit table. All fruits were handcut and carved, it looks beautiful. Another pic is of King Crab legs and a big kettle of melted butter. The last food picture is a beautiful ice sculpture of a ship sitting in the middle of a huge pile of steamed shrimp. Oh my I could stand in that spot near those shrimp all night, lol.

Then there's a pic of my granddaughter Adrianna who woke up just in time to greet mommy and daddy when they walked in the door. Emma and Dan had a nice evening out, which is something they haven't had in such a long time. Dan was tired when they got home, and his back was hurting. Emma helped him take off his suit and put on his pajamas and slippers. Then she gave him his pain medication. Rebecca went with me over to Emma's so I could babysit the kids. She spent the night over there, but I came home. I was not about to sleep on Emma's couch if I didn't have too, lol. I got home at 1:30, took a sleeping pill and crashed for 9 hours. Jim is out working on someone's computer. He'll pick up Rebecca on the way home. I am going to jump in the shower, get dressed and put away the clothes Jim washed and dryed this morning.

THINK SPRING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. they both look GREAT...i know its been an unbelievably hard road for both and how awesome that they got to go out and enjoy each other and a couple dances too. I LOVED the pics.
    love you

  2. Dan and Emma look AWESOME!  They so deserved a night on the town.  And that FOOD????  OH MY GOD...forget the fruit, but the seafood???  OH MY GOD.......(lol)


  3. They both look great. That was nice for them to get a night out. Helen

  4. Cindy, glad Dan and Emma had a nice night out, They both deserve it, Love You Lisa XO

  5. Emma and Dan deserve to get out like this more than anybody I can think of right now.  You're so sweet to be there to babysit so that they can.  They looked great!  Emma looked radiant, and Dan looked very, very handsome. Please tell them both.

    Love to you all,


  6. Oh Cindy,  I am so so happy for you all. When I see Dan standing there and Emma as well both looking so happy, it just lifts my heart when you think of the last few weeks of worry we have all had  ...  Take care my love and have a good week ahead.  Much Love to you all Sybil xxx

  7. Love the graphic...yay for Dan!


  8. I'm so glad Emma and Dan got a night now.  Dan looks so, so good!

  9. I am so glad they were able to get out and have a good night. They look so happy and after all they have been through I am glad to see that.

  10. i am soooooo happy for them...GOD BLESS YOU BOTH...Adrianna is a doll

  11. love those pics! so glad they had a good time!
    i know those nights are rare.
    food looks great
    dan looks nice and emma looks great as her outfit!
    glad you got some sleep too :)
    im thinking spring but its not here. lol

  12. love the pictures. Happy they were able to get out and have a good time. They needed that.

  13. I am glad for Dan and Emma... that is awesome...

    be well,

  14. So glad that Emma and Dan got the chance to get out!  I'm sure it did them both good!  Emma is such a good girl.. a devoted and loving wife..   I hope Dan continues to heal, both inside and out.

    Those crab legs looked so gooood!!!


  15. What a great night out ! I know they BOTH needed it.

  16. I am so pleased that Dan and Emma had a good time!  Linda

  17. It was so great to see these beautiful photos of Emma and Dan on their night out.  I just think they are evidence of a real miracle.  I do hope that Dan will be able to be patient with however long his recovery time needs to be.  He is pioneering when it comes to this kind of injury.  He is probably one of a kind!  Gerry

  18. loveley pics...
    glad they had a night out

  19. They both looked wonderful! Emma looks absolutely beautiful! WOW you wouldn't know she just had a baby....sheesh! Dan looks so handsome and well. Good for him. I know it was hard for him to get out but I bet it did a world of good.
    Love to you all..
    Pam xoxox

  20. AOL has been giving everyone problems. Emma and Dan look awesome and I'm glad they had a great time out. The food looks yummy. I probably could have eaten all that shrimp.
    Take care, Chrissie

  21. I had the same problem today...AOL just keeps us on our toes for sure.  I loved all the photos...Emma and Dan look great.  Emma is so her outfit.  Dan looks so fit now...and healthy.  So happy for the both of them for their evening out...hugs and love,

  22. Oh it is so nice that they had an evening out and a chance to relax after so much has gone on.  Continued good thoughts and prayers their way.