Saturday, March 15, 2008

Past couple days

Good Morning everyone. It's been a while since I made a real entry, so I thought I'd better make one. I hope everyone has been doing well. I also hope all of you who got all that nasty snow and ice are getting better weather now. I will be so happy when spring arrives. I'm totally over this winter weather.

Well, yesterday ended with the kids going on Spring Break for the next 9 days. WOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! I need a break, I am exhausted. We sent the kids home with a quart size bag full of candy (sugar) so they have lots of energy over the weekend for their parents, heehee. Hey, it's our way of paying them back when they send their kid out the door with a big donut and a bottle of Mountain Dew. Then they get in the class and have cereal full of sugar for breakfast. Talk about some hyper kids, whew. As I was leaving the class at the end of the day, Phylis (the teacher) handed me an envelope and said have a fun restful break and gave me a hug. I put the envelope in my purse and actually forgot about it for a bit. I took Marissa to school with Rebecca and I yesterday. She had so much fun, and did an awesome job with her school work. Marissa also had a bag of candy to take home, and I made one up for my lil Daniel also, heehee. I kept Marissa aka Typhoon Marissa overnight, so I was sure she would be ready in the morning to go. Well these 2 girls were so active. They literally trashed my livingroom and bedroom. I had them clean it up, but they didn't do it to my liking, so this weekend will be spent cleaning. I put the girls to bed at 8:30pm, well almost 11:pm and they are still awake. Arguing over cover's stuffed animals. Jim was getting so mad he was ready to take Marissa home. So I got off computer and let him get on it, I got Marissa and put her on couch with pillow and her blanket and stuffed animal and I sat on other end of couch. Well within 2 minutes they were both sound asleep. Finally some peace and quiet.

I bought Rebecca a cute white shirt with navy blue around the collar to wear with navy blue pants to school. I told her no hand painting for her while in that shirt. What did she do, hand painted. The shirt was bleached 3 times, and I even clorox gel penned it, and still the paint won't come out. So there was 8.99 spent for nothing. I was so mad.

Those blueberry pancake puffs are fabulous. Rebecca loved them. Jim said to save his, he's out replacing the brakes, bearings and drums on the front of our van. He said there'stoo much play in the tires, and it's better to take care of it now rather then later when it get's worse. It's nice being married to my own personal auto mechanic, saves me lots of money on labor, lol.

Pancake Puff       Here's the site for the pancake puff.
Now as for what was in that envelope I put in my pocketbook? Well, there was a card that said:
Dear Cindy,
  I can't begin to express how grateful I am for your help. I don't want to even imagine not having you there. So stay in good health as we need you to take care of us. Have a great spring break and Happy Easter!
And inside the card was a $100.00 bill. She did not have to do that. I wasn't expecting it. But I am happy that she thinks so highly of me and needs me in the classroom. Phylis and I have become very good friends. We have even made a promise to keep in touch after school lets out in June. We are planning on moving back to New Jersey, Delran/Riverside area, which is good because Phylis lives in Riverside and we can visit.
Now what am I going to do with the $100.00? I went on line earlier searching for a specific item and I found it. A Steamcleaner so I can do my own carpets for 99.00 at Walmart. Guess where I'm going when Jim's done working on the van? lol.
Well, Dan goes to see his back surgeon next friday. He will find out then if he can take that turtle shell off from around him. He is doing so well. He is even walking a little around the house with just a cane. I'm so proud of him.
Well, enjoy your weekend, and be safe.
Love to you all................................CINDY


  1. Thats awesome about the $100.00 !!!!  have fun at my fav place to shop!!! lol

    kids are long will it be until we hear ...."mom I'm bored!"


  2. Cindy,I loved the pictures, that was sure nice of that teacher , glad Dan is doing better, Love You Lisa XO

  3. Your pictures were priceless ,the girls had fun though ,in a hundred years it wont matter lol ,How lovely of the teacher ,shows how she values you Jan xx

  4. What a wonderful thing for that teacher to do Cindy. Just what you deserved. what agreat idea to buy the steam cleaner...good on you.  Now I am away fro a week from tomorrow so won't be around next week  Till then look after each other and have a very Blessed Easter. We have so much to be thankful for when we think how bad things have been especially for Dan and Emma  God Bless you all  Love Sybil xx

  5. pics are priceless / i'm jealous because i want one of those pancake puff pans

  6. That was a wonderful thing for that teacher to do and I am so glad she did.  You work so hard for her and you certainly deserve it and I am glad she appreciates all of the things you do!!

    Nine days, huh?  Sure you don't want to something fun and relaxing and quiet with that $100?  I think you might need it!! (lol)


  7. WOW that was so nice of that teacher to do that! What a nice way to show that you are really appreciated. We all need to be shown that from time to time, don't we?
    The kids look so cute! You are right...they are both HUGE STORMS that came thru your house!! LOL! I'm sure they had fun, though. That's what matters.
    Enjoyed the pics...the pancakes looked YUMMY!
    Love ya girlfriend,
    Pam xoxox

  8. have a good break from school
    how nice that card was from phylis
    enjoy the new steam cleaner. those are so nice to have your own of...i borrow my moms a lot!
    enjoy the weekend
    LOVED the pictures!

  9. that was nice of phylis.  I have a steam cleaner and love it, you can just whip it out when a spill happens and its gone.  Have a great spring break

  10. That's great Cindy and so nice of the teacher to feel you need to get paid something. I'm sure she wishes they had you on the payroll. Wow you guys are already on spring break ours is the end of March beginning of April. We're over the snow I THINK and now we're down to rain. I'm ready for some sunshine too. Glad you got someone to take care of that mechanic stuff it's expensive. Just thought I would check in. I need to do an entry myself. I've spent my free timing doing graphics and finally got my PSP journal open. Today is my day off for the weekend whoo hoo and I'm still in my pjs. It's one of THOSE days. Glad Dan is doing so much better. So when do you get to move? I'm happy for you because I know it's not safe where you are at now.
    Take care, Chrissie

  11. that was nice of Phylis. Have a good break from school!


  12. What a sweet thing for her to do!  You are going to move?  I was hoping you all would come south where it isn't so cold, namely GA so I could spend time with you too.  Good luck with Spring Break.  I hope you all find something fun to do.  Marissa sounds like a handful.  Maybe she's acting out so much after all that's gone on with her Daddy.  
    It is great to have your own mechanic right there at home.  Thank you Jim!
    We'll have to try those pancake puffs over here.  Sounds yummy.
    Congratulations to Dan for doing so well.  That is no small thing he's recovering from.


  13. HOLY COW SIS, you talk about good KARMA! That is awesome and wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I will go check out them pancake puffs right away!

  14. The pics are adorable, the pancake puffs look delicious, and really deserve that gift from Phylis!!!   Enjoy!!!


  15. Well Cin, you are pure GOLD and totally deserved that $100. How wonderful!!!!! I am so glad she did that and i want to see a pic of the nice shiny new cleaner when you get it, lol. Funny how something like that will excit us old women huh? Loved the pics.
    love you

  16. Working with all those kids, you deserve more than $100.  It was so nice the teacher thought of you like that. Enjoy that steam cleaner!

  17. There is only one person who deserved that $100...and that was you!!!  I loved all the photos...they are all sooooooooooo cute.  Hugs and love,

  18. What a wonderful gift!  Glad things are well!!!

    be well,