Sunday, March 30, 2008

Well, this is my 3rd attempt to make this entry, and if it doesn't work, then I'm giving up, lol. Our Easter was nice. Exhausting but nice. Kids had an egg hunt with plastic eggs full of jellybeans, and 2 eggs had money in them. My grandson Daniel found the egg with a 5.00 bill in it and my niece Kaylei found the egg with a 1.00 bill in it. I filled 48 eggs for them to find.

I guess the food was good, cause they ate it all, lol. I can't believe I cooked such a big meal as sick as I was. Well, yea maybe I can believe it, cause I've done it many a times. But hey as long as they enjoyed it, that's all that matters.

Would you believe I am alone right now. Yep, Jim and Joe and Rebecca went up to the mountains to check on the cabin. They'll be gone at least 5 to 7 hours, yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, lol.

I am going to go up to the store, pick up bread and some milk, then come home and get to reading some of your journals. I have almost 400 of them. That's alot of reading.

I'm really glad Jim and Rebecca are gone for a few hours. I swear they were both getting on my last nerve this morning. I wanted to clobber both of them. I swear if they didn't go out for the day, I was.

Yesterday we picked up Marissa and Daniel and took them with us to the Castle Park. These kids love going there. It was Daniel's first time there so he was fasinated. They played for 3 1/2 hours, then they were getting tired, so we took them home. We'll take them back again in a couple weeks when it's warmer. It was windy yesterday which made it feel chilly.

Well, I guess I'd better get to the store and start my day or they'll be home again before I know it. Thanks for being so patient with me in getting to your journals. I have missed you all not hearing about you lately.

Love you all................................CINDY


  1. oh yeah i live for those days once a week or so when they leave me alone :)  My favorite from now on ( since I started this new job) will be on Fridays because I am off....the kids are in school till 4....and wayne works days not nights :) so he is gone from like 7 - 5....WHOLE HOUSE ALL TO MYSELF! :)


  2. Cindy, loved the pictures, glad you and your family had a good Easter, Love and Hugs Lisa

  3. I am glad your family had a good Easter.
    I can relate to needing some alone time, It doesn't happen very often, but I treasure it when it does. I hope you are able to catch up,relax, and a great day.

  4. Enjoy your day off... LOL!!!!  Glad you had a good Easter!!!


  5. Your pictures were great. Having time alone once in a while is nice. Enjoy your time. Helen

  6. Lovely photo's Cindy,  I am hoping that you have had a lovely quiet day. Just what the Dr. ordered !!  Love Sybil xx

  7. Hey there gal, glad to hear your on the mend though.
    Always love to hear and see what you'll be cooking up
    for the doings. :)
    Ha ha, love that family, but it sure is nice to get them
    out of the house, n have some peace n quiet time
    for yourself isn't it.
    Enjoy your day.

  8. Cindy so pleased you had a good Easter the Children look like they had fun with all those eggs ~ and the Play park looked great with all those things to play on ~ How lovely to get some time to yourself enjoy the peace and quiet ~ Ally x

  9. I saw the pictures and I adored them all.  It looked like a great day!  I didn't know Dan could play the piano or is that Jim?  Either way, I didn't know.  AOL is acting up again, huh?

    Hugs to you all,


  10. I sure enjoyed your pictures Cindy! I always enjoy any pics that you post of your family. Rebecca is looking more like Emma as she grows up. Well...they are sisters after all. That adorable baby looked so cute in her princess jewelry! She's just a dolly! All the kids are dollbabies! I miss having small kids around me. I used to have my son and ALL his cousins around all the time. I really miss that. So enjoy these years of egg hunts, and magic.
    Love ya MUCH,
    Pam xoxox

  11. I hope you're enjoying your time alone!

  12. Miss you too..what is up with AoHell?

  13. Glad you are well!

    be well,

  14. Your Easter sounded nice, Loved the pictures. I wish you hadn't been feeling so misrable on the holiday though ;( Glad you have some peace for a bit. My day is the shits with the kids and bad attitudes :(


  15. Glad you had a nice Easter!  Linda

  16. Girl enjoy your peace and quiet... I'm really starting to miss mean. I know I need another night out AWAY from my kids. I love them, but sometimes you just need a break.
    Take care, Chrissie

  17. Great pics...was it cold there that day? No pics of my pretty Cindy though!!
    I know you always make all holidays so special for your loved ones. They are so lucky to have a caring mom/grandma/wife like you!
    LOVE, lisa

  18. I hope that you are feeling better!
    Sounds like a fun time :)


  19. have a good week:)


  20. Hi Cindy I do hope you will start getting better you do so much for oter people all the time.  The picture were lovely of the family please take care Kathie.

  21. 400 journals?? I can't believe your fortitude.  I am such a big book lover I have to leave room in my life for them, but I try to get around to everyone of the journals I like periodically.  My heart was rendered by the terrible accident that befell your son in law Dan.  Then you start getting attatched to the rest of the family, and I can't believe you cooked that giant meal while still recovering from pnumonia. Do be careful.  Gerry  

  22. I got to look at your photos down on Doc's commputer.  I can't get them on mine in AOL photos.  I love looking at photos and that has always been so frustrating! So glad Dan was able to take care of the kids okay.  It iis understandable if he still has some aches and pains.  Gerry