Monday, March 3, 2008

Sunday & Monday

Well, yesterday I said I was going to clean my kitchen and I did. It took me 3.5 hours. There was so much to wash and put away, and mop and scrub. By the time I was done I was exhausted.

And here's my rooster's my friend Rick gave me. I love them.

  I love this pair. It's so tacky that it's cute, lol. After all that cleaning, I was not about to cook and dirty my clean kitchen,lol. So we ordered out.

 Man that sucker was good, lol.

 There's my baby girl having a snack and showing you all her kindergarten picture. I love that smile. Right now their both sleeping. Rebecca is curled up in her blankets sound asleep and Jim is on the couch snoring like a giant grizzly bear.

 See these? They are single serving cereal bowls the kindergarten students get for breakfast. Most of the kids don't want to eat. So each friday after school I clean out the refrigerator and bring these home. Most weeks there's about 50 or 60 of them, plus lots of cartons of milk and juices. Since I don't get a salary working there, the teacher gives me all the cereals, milk and juices. I have not bought cereal in month's. I split them with Emma. They are perfect portions sizes for the kids. Right now I have about 175 of these in my cabinet. Emma has alot also. Oh plus theirs at least 50 packs of graham crackers every week also. Each packet has 2 crackers in it. I'm thinking if I get overwhelmed in cereals and graham crackers maybe I could donate them to a food pantry or something. Do you think they'd take them?

Well, earlier tonight Jim had to go downstairs to Joe's and get my heating pad. My legs hurt so bad I could barely walk. Itfelt as though they were being beaten with a sledge hammer. So I crawled into my bed, put the heating pad on high, layed them over my legs, covered up and layed there about 30 minutes. They felt so much better afterwards. I think I over did it with the scrubbing I did yesterday in my kitchen.

I am exhausted right now. I think I will go get my nightgown on, and then go to bed. Big day tomorrow. Rebecca has her first violin lesson tomorrow in school and I have to be there. And yes, I am taking my camera for sure.

Good night everyone.

Love you all..........................Cindy


  1. great entry sis......the roosters are gorgeous

  2. Cindy, I love Rebecca's picture !!!!!! wow you got alot done today, hope you feel better tommorow, Love You Lisa XO

  3. I love her smile too.  What a treasure!  You certainly did over do it on the kitchen but what great results!  And I love those chickens too.  I'm starting a small collection over here for my own kitchen which isn't very big so I have to be careful not to get too carried away as I have so little room for anything.  I think as long as those packages aren't opened a food pantry will take them.  I'm looking forward to seeing her with the violin.  Such a sweet child.  Say hi to Emma and Dan for me too.  I hope and pray he is better.
    I'm still struggling with this flu.


  4. she's adorable!!!   Yes, so long as they are sealed and not expired they will take them.  
    PS kitchen looks awesome!  and I would not have cooked either  LOL

  5. Wow you did alot of work, you kitchen looks great. Love the roosters.
    Rebecca's picture turned out really good.
    I am sure they will take the cereal and crackers.

  6. I think a food pantry would be very happy to get all those extras!!!  Nice of you to think of that.... I sure hope you are feeling better very soon.


  7. Thanks Cindy for latest update. Your kitchen looks really smart...good on you...I am away to Scotland in about an hour..will be back Sunday. Take care till then  Love Sybil xx

  8. That's nice that they give you that extra food to help you out...since you are helping them out! Any extra just take to the food pantry. They'll be thrilled to receive it I'm sure.
    Rebecca looks adorable in her picture. Ahem...her Auntie Pam over here in Calif would love to have a little one sent...just a thought LOL!
    Love you all. Rest up today girl since you worked so hard yesterday.
    Love ya,
    Pam xoxox

  9. the kitchen looks great love the roosters your friend gave you
    and how great you get to bring those home from the school those are great for kids!
    hope that your kitchen is able to stay clean (yeah i know how that one goes, lol right?)
    take care

  10. You are in pain but you must be so proud of yourself all that hard work in your kitchen ,you made me laugh saying you got a take out rather than messing up the kitchen again Jan xx

  11. ally123130585918March 4, 2008 at 2:49 AM

    Cindy you have been busy ~ you put me to shame ~ and I love your Roosters ~ I would not want to have cooked with that nice clean kitchen well done you getting a take~away ~ Love your baby girls picture :o) ~ Ally x

  12. very spick and span..wanna come do mine...LOL
    cute roosters..i like them too!
    as always rebecca is a cutie pootootie...

  13. your kitchen looks great, love the roosters. How nice that you can have the cereal and a few other things. I'm sure that comes in handy. Perfect size for the kids. I hope you got a chance to rest up and  your legs don't hurt anymore. Good luck with Rebecca's first violin lesson.

  14. My aunt collects Roosters!  I used to collect cow things for my kitchen.

  15. That kitchen looks AWESOME!!!n (and that pizza?

    Rebecca's picture is adorable and I think it's GREAT that her teacher gives you the cereal and snacks and milk.  If you have too much, I am SURE the local food pantry would take it, as long as it is wrapped.

    Let us know how the violin lesson goes!!


  16. i hope the violin lesson was fun! Your home looks great....hope you are feeling better by now.

  17. Rebeccas picture is lovely, she is so cute.  Can't wait to see the pics of her at the violin lesson.  I cleaned my kitchen on Sunday also it was a workout.  Have fun at the lesson.

  18. Your kitchen looks beautiful!  I also need to give mine a good scrubbing!  Between two kids, 3 cats and a dog its dirty all the time!  The cereal is a great idea.  Yes I believe a food pantry would love to have them!  Linda

  19. I love those roosters.  Your kitchen is so attractive with them to decorate it!  Gerry

  20. that is neat that you get that cereal and milk!!!!

    hey we have  the same stove! well I did have the same stove until my boys went through the oven door and broke it!

    I need to give my kitchen a good cleaning! I just did the dishes and picked up today!


  21. Well, I'm glad you get all that stuff since you don't get paid. Milk is outrageous here. Even better that you can share with Emma too. Everything helps and those single serve cereals are nice to pack up and take with you.
    Take care, Chrissie

  22. I can't believe you get all that cereal, just make sure it doesn't go past its sell by datre.
    Gaz x