Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Good evening everyone. Just thought I'd share a few pics of my baby girl with you all. The first two, yep she's on the computer. She can spend hours at a time on it, leaving me to go through withdrawl symptoms cause I'm not able to be on it when she is, lol. The next ones are from music class today. Sorry they are so dark, but the lighting in the auditorium is awful and even with the flash from my camera they still come up dark. We were told today that their first concert is in 5 weeks. They will be playing with the 1, 2, 3 graders. I don't know the title of the music they'll be playing. Rebecca's class will be playing the e and a (beginning the song). It will go like this:

a a a a    e e e e    a a a a    e e e e   a a    e e     e e    a a

e e e e    a a a a    e e e e    a a a a    e e   a a      a a    e e.

It sounds really good when their playing it. I am going to make a video of them playing it the day of the concert. I will post it for you all to see.

This child has surprised me. I did not think she would want to stick with it, but she actually likes it. At the end of the school year we must return the violin because we are just renting it, so I am going to have to buy her a violin of her own soon. I want her to continue playing it. And I'll need to find someone to continue to teach her. So my search begins for a violin.

Tomorrow I am taking the day off from school. My baby granddaughter is going to that mean old doctor's and getting needles. I will sit at Emma's and babysit Marissa and Daniel, while Dan and Emma take the baby to her doctor. I have to remember to print out some coloring pages for Daniel, so when I am homeschooling Marissa in the morning, he'll have something to do so he's not bored. This is so cute, I have to share it with you. This morning I am schooling Marissa and he hears me say, now 1 + 1 = 2. Well, a couple minutes later he comes up to me and says, Mommom 1 + 1 = 2, I'm smart now so I can go to preschool tomorrow. He was serious about it too. I laughed because he's just so darn cute when he's serious. And when I was leaving today, he hugged me and said Mommom don't go, I'll never see you again. I hugged him and told him mommom would be back tomorrow and I'll bring him a surprise, which is the coloring pages and some homemade chocolate chip cookies.

Well, I guess that's about it for tonight. I will get a longer entry in soon. I've just been tired and very busy. Hope all is well with everyone, and your week so far has been a great one.

Love to all..........................CINDY


  1. Cindy, have fun babysitting your grandkids tommorow, Love Ya Lisa XO

  2. She looks so cute with the violin! I'm glad she enjoys it. Try a pawn shop. The pawn shop here always has lots of musical instruments for good prices.
    Cute story about Daniel. He's a dolly! I hope the baby does ok with her vaccinations. My son used to get fussy when he had his shots. Poor babies.
    Have a good night sleep and write when you can. Miss you.
    Love ya,
    Pam xoxox

  3. Love the Photo's Cindy,  Rebecca looks so serious when she is playing the violin  she is so cute. Every time I see her I can't help thinking what a tall girl she is she looks so much older than her real age.  I do hope if you move and get a better school they have a good music class and that she can continue with the violin.  Love  Sybil xx

  4. Rebecca does look all seriuos playing that violin. I agree with Pam, check out the pawn shops for one. Have a nice day today with Marrisa and Daniel. I hope those shots don't the baby fussy. Helen

  5. I love the way she is sitting on that chair ,,,,,, lol   DIANE

  6. I rented a violin for Meg for yrs...man, it cost an arm and a leg. Do you have Freecycle? Try to request a used one on Craigslist of Freecycle and then it may cost about $60 to get it cleaned and tuned up. Thank you so much for the pics!

  7. ally123130585918April 9, 2008 at 5:33 AM

    Love all those pictures ~ especially the ones playing the violin ~ glad she is enjoying it and hope you can get her one for herself ~ Ally x

  8. I think that is AWESOME about the violen! I have always wanted to play one.
    Hope the dr.s office goes okay :) I sure don't miss that stuff
    Love ya

  9. I love seeing her and she's doing so well.  When Katie gets older, we're going to get her a teacher so she can play either the violin or piano.  Dirk's inherited a violin from his Grandmother.  I hope she likes it and wants to play.  My next to youngest daughter, Jessie, played in school until she hurt her hand and then went to a Cello.   I hope you find one affordable for her and a teacher who is reasonably priced.  

    Kisses for the baby tomorrow for the shots.  That's always very hard to watch.


  10. She looks so cute playing that violin.  Now that we all have our own computers it like we hardly ever go on them and before we would fight to get time on there.
    Have a good day with your grand kids

  11. Sissy...Becca looks real cute with the violin...she looks even more at home with the computer lol....tell dan/emma i'm gonna be doing some crying along with adrieanna...needles aint kool THEY HURT:'(...hug and kiss the kids for me

  12. Hi there!
    Just dropping by with a friendly hi to see how you are doing... Looks as if you got the music in you! LOL...

    Win =.)

  13. She looks so serious while playing. That's great. I hope she sticks with it!
    We all fight over the computer and we have 2 ~ still fight.
    Hope the baby feels ok, poor thing, big bad doctors with those needles !!
    big hugs,

  14. rebecca looks so grownup playing her violin. :)
    so glad she is enjoying it
    loved the pics

  15. She is soooo darn cute with that violin. I'm so happy she likes it. Yes you need to let her continue music is a wonderful thing for children to have in their lives.
    Daniel reminds me of Kyan. Kyan wakes up crying in the night where's my NayNay and crying I miss her. He tells me that all the time I missed you NayNay, but I forget that I tell him that too. I always tell him Hello My Darling I missed you where you been at? LOL.
    Take care, Chrissie