Sunday, April 13, 2008

My Dream or was it?

I wasn't going to write about this, but it's really bothering me, and I cannot stop thinking about it. Dreams usually don't bother me, unless I dream someone dies or is hurt. Like when my niece was about ready to have her first child. I had a dream she died on the delivery table. She didn't, but 12 days after giving birth to her son, she died. I had a dream my Dad was shot and killed, a week later he was found floating in the creek face down in the water. They said it was accidental. I DO NOT BELIEVE IT. My father was scared of water. He didn't even get into a bathtub or shower. He stood at kitchen sink with a pan of hot soapy water and a washcloth and that's how he washed himself. But this dream I had earlier this week has really thrown me for a loop. I have so many questions running through my head, that I can't think straight.I think it has been the cause of my not being able to sleep the past few nights. I am not going to use their names. Only first name initial. It is how I will show my respect to my sister. Yes, my sister. This dream is about my baby sister who went to heaven last year. She had her journal here called Strawberry Shortcake, but left jland. God I miss her so much.

The dreams starts out where I am awakened by the scent of strawberries. When I opened my eyes I was at Susie's MIL's house. There were adults walking around, little children playing and laughing. I did not see my niece's S or E, or my BIL M. Adults would walk by me not even noticing I was there. Some I met when we went to my niece S birthday party there, some I never met before. All of a sudden a little a little boy came up to me and said hey I know you, then he ran off. There was something about that little boy that was very familiar. It was like I knew him, but I didn't know him. A minute or so later he returned holding hands with my nieces S and E. They looked up at me and said, Mommy? And gave me the biggest hug, said they loved me and missed me and where have I been. They said Mommy your beautiful, your so skinney, and how come your shining like a light. I looked around and next to me was a mirror hanging on the wall. I looked into the mirror and it was not me that I saw. It was my sister Susie. I had become her. I was her, at least in the dream? Those beautiful little girls, so happy to see their mommy asking so many questions. Slowly a strange feeling came over me, and a second later I was standingwatching my beautiful sister hug and kiss her girls, telling them she was ok. She was happy and she loved them, and to be good for daddy. Be good girls in school and study hard. And one day when it was time they would see her again and always be together. She told them to go play and have lots of fun. And everytime they smelled a strawberry it was mommy blowing them kisses. As she was saying this I felt a hand touch mine. It was the little boy again. He put his hand into mine and held it tight. He said don't worry, she's ok she's happy up there, I'm happy up there. I was so confused, I asked what do you mean your happy up there? He says, Don't worry, I'm happy, everyone there is happy. Then he said I have to go now, he's calling us back. I yelled Wait, who are you? And his last words were, I love you Mommom. I knew then who it was. Why he was so familiar to me. He was my first grandchild, my first grandson. And his name was Michael Joseph. He was familiar because he looked just like his mommy, my daughter Emma. In a flash he was gone. I looked around the room and so was Susie gone. Two people I loved dearly came to visit me that night and in a flash were gone. I sat up quickly in bed, looking around to see where I was and I was in my own bedroom. Jim asleep by my side and Rebecca sleeping so peacefully in her bed. I got up, poured myself a glass of pepsi. I was shaking. Was that a dream? Because it sure didn't feel like it. It felt like I was actually there. I could smell all the scents of food cooking, people's perfume, and I could smell the scent of strawberries very strongly. What was this dream about? Why dream it now. Why come to me in my sleep? So many questions I have. Or am I just to the point where I am losing my mind or having a nervous breakdown? Why did it seem so real?

A question keeps going through my mind. Should I write my BIL and tell him about this dream? A part of me wants too, but yet another part says don't do it. I don't know what to do or think about this. Got any suggestions or advice? I'd appreciate some.

Love to all.................


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  1. first off, i totally believe you must be feeling many things by having this dream but your sister and your grandson came back to you. They felt a need to let you know they ARE safe and not in pain. If you are close to your BIL, tell him. If not and you think he will not understand then maybe just keep it to yourself and be comforted by this dream. I have had this happen to me twice as an adult with a beloved member of my family and answers were given for things i needed to know to let go of things. No one will ever make me believe any different. I think you were given a gift when you dreamt this.

  2. Why are you fretting... it was a beautiful dream (or reality).... I believe that your sister was using you to give a message to her family, while at the same time offering you comfort.  Be her vessel... tell her family about the dream, about the message.  I don't know where her husband is in his life now, but Susie's daughters would definitely love to hear that their mom is still thinking of them and watching over them.  I had dreams like that of my dad for about the first couple of years after he died, not so much anymore, I think it was his way of visiting me and comforting me.  Don't worry, it seems like it was a comforting dream, share it with her family.


  3. i sometimes have dreams like this as well. more so as a child right after my dad died.
    if you are close to your bil i would tell him. if not i wouldnt. and keep it to myself.
    its so strange how sometimes these dreams can make so much sense and at the same time not at all.
    hope you have a good day

  4. I think it was a visitation. They will visit through dreams. I would be happy about it. Don't worry about it. Just enjoy the message that you received. It's not every day that we recieve messages...and you had a good one!
    I've never had visitation dreams like that....but Joey has. They are very vivid, and clear. He had one from my Mom. It was very interesting.
    So don't worry. Enjoy it.
    Love ya, Pam xoxox

  5. I also think it was a visitation to let you know everything was ok. Go with your strongest feelings about where to let your BIL know or not, maybe ask God for the answer as to what to do. No you are not going crazy. I dream about those who have gone on before. Helen

  6. You are more in a OPEN state during dream cycle and many say this is where we are visited by those that have left this earth. I knew right away that the little boy was your grandson, and I think your blessed to have saw him. I hope you tell Emma, do you think she would be okay with hearing about this?? If your close to your BIL tell him, if not I would probably not, personally.
    After my 2nd cousin was murdered, he came to me about a year later, I saw a vision of him in the dark from the waistup. He told me.........""tell your dad , thanks for everything". And like that...he was gone.  My dad was there for him so many times and was his rock. I always knew it was him, nand not a dream. You feel that in your gut and in your soul.
    Embrace it :)
    Love you sis

  7. I do believe that people come back to see you escpecially if they feel your heart is heavy over their loss. They want to reassure you that they are happy and okay. I've had those dreams a couple of times and they do shake you everything feels sooo real. The only time everyone believed me was when I dreamt about my nephews birth. He was born in night and I got up called my sister and told her all the news, what he looked like, how much he weighted, what his name was gonna be and it wasn't the name they had picked out for the last five months. I asked her not to say anything, but when she went to the hospital just to look and see IF what I told her was correct. She walked in and told her daughter she new they changed the baby's name and his name was Jacob Matthew and my niece about fell out of the bed because she had told no one except the nurse. Then my sister spilled the beans about me. LOL.
    My mother came to my home after her death because both my daughters said they woke up at the same time because they felt someone touch them while they were sleeping.
    Kait was telling me that three people were in the room with some that was dying at the nursing home they were nonbelievers. While this person was taking their last breathe she said all of a sudden the others starting burning and couldn't explain it except that they believe the gates of Hell were opening for this person dying because as soon as the person died their burning stopped and they were fine. How crazy is that. I believe all of it.
    Take care, Chrissie

  8. I believe you are so gifted to be anywhere able to recieve this. Most people wouldn't even pay any attention.  I think you know you had a visit.  I believe you did.  And when the neices are ready, tell them about their mother.  If your BIL is not close to you or would not receive it, keep it to yourself, but I would definitely tell Emma you saw her precious baby boy and he was happy there.  

    You are and were truly blessed to receive this dream,


  9. What a blessed gift, to receive such a dream. Not everyone does. Be happy that it happened, pray about if you should tell your BIL, then do what you're led to do. :) I have visitation dreams once in awhile of my Son & my Mom.
    YW for the tag, but it lost it's animation? Check my side bar on my Tag Journal about how to save & post animations. {{}}
    Have a good week. :)


  11. OMG Cindy..they came to visit you in a dream, but why? Why now? Just to let you know they are happy?  I don't know. I understand that your upset by it. I would be too, since it seemed so real.  I wish I had some answers for you. But I don't think it's a bad thing at all.
    Big hugs,

  12. I do believe they came and vistited you.  I don't think you should tell your BIL, he may wonder why she hasn't come to visit him and feel hurt.

  13. I think this is a very beautiful dream and that you have been privileged to be taken for a visit by your own devotion to your sister to see what has happened to her. The touch with the strawberries makes it so real to me, too.  I recall being very affected by the death of James Dean who was my age, and just could not stop thinking about him for months because he was so talented and his death seemed like such a waste.  More years later James Dean came to me in a dream and said I am going to take you to see my play that is being produced here. I recall the place we went and the sensation of watching this play and registering everything it was about.  But when I woke up I could not remember it!  But I knew I went there and saw it!  Gerry  

  14. I think that dream was a wonderful blessing from God.  I think it would be ok to share it with your BIL.  Linda

  15. It really happened to you ... dreams like this are meaningful in the way they affect us. They feel real because all of our senses are touched by it. I would tell your BIL, even if he hasn't been visited by her yet because it might be that he has dreamed of her but hasn't told anyone about it. Not everyone believes in the power of dreams. I share my most special dreams with my husband... like the one I had about Max this weekend, because I know he doesn't dream like I do, he doesn't remember his dreams like I do, but he has always appreciated my take on them. When I told told him Max came to me in a dream this weekend, my DH asked, "So what did he do?" ... DH asked me for details, so I know he's interested. He wants to know how I'm dealing with the death of our dear little dog. When he sees that I'm at a peaceful place and have come to terms with this personal loss, it helps him accept and experience his emotions as well. Maybe if you told your BIL, he will share in the message that your sister is well... better yet, write the dream on paper, or type it. Give it to him. He can read it over and over again. When my youngest sister died in a car accident, my other sister and I knew we would dream of her... I dreamed of her first, and my sister was ecstatic and wanted to know every detail. She was a bit jealous that I was visited first, but she wanted to know everything. And when my dad died, same thing, I was visited by dad first. I guess I'm just very open to having dreams, and I remember them easily. Powerful messages of comfort and assurance should be shared with anyone who would benefit from hearing it. Yours was a beautiful dream. bea