Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hello Everyone.

Well, here I am. I finally made it to my journal to make an entry. Jim left to go do the laundry. Rebecca just had a cinnamon raison bagel and now she is parked infront of the tv. She's watching a show on Mickey Mouse Play house.

The past few days it has been sunny and in the mid 80's, today it is cloudy and only suppose to go up to 67. If the rain stays away until late this afternoon we might go to Berlin Auction. I'm looking for a shelf type thingy that'll give me more storage space in kitchen and maybe even more counter space.

Well, let's see, about my week. It was a long one. 5 days at the school, 4 days homeschooling Marissa, because on friday I took her to school with Rebecca and I. Marissa loves going to school with Rebecca. We had a few mishaps in the class during the week. Boys hitting each other, one boy hit 2 girls, a girl picked another girl up who was half her size and then threw her on the floor. Then we have the cryers, who don't wanna even be in class, and there's 4 boys and 1 girl that can cry all day. Then we have the sleepers, who come to school and go to sleep as soon as they eat breakfast. Tuesday after Rebecca had violin practice, I stayed for a Home School meeting. Flyers were sent out to all the parents but only 3 of us showed up. It was all about idea's for fund raisers for the school, and how to make the school safer. I mentioned how the parents park right up on the sidewalk giving less room for the kids to walk and also how a lady backed up on sidewalk and hit me in left hip doing so. We're going to see about the city getting a No Parking sign put up. On thursday before I went back to the school I stopped at Dunkin Donuts and bought 100 donut hole munchkins for the kids. They ate everyone of them. I remember they use to be 50 for 1.99, now it's 50 for 5.99. But the smiles on their little faces and all the thank you Miss Cindy's I got and even some hugs too made it all worth it.

This week I have a project I am going to do with the kids. We're are going to plant marigolds in cups, and watch them grow in class, and then on mother's day the kids can make cards for their mom and take the card and flower they planted home to their mom. On wednesday while the teacher went up to copy some papers, I had the kids all sit on the rug and I read them the story, Stone Soup. They all sat so quiet and listened to the story. I have always liked that story myself. I have some pictures I want to show you, but I will do that later today in another entry.

I best get busy and do something. I read 15 journals this morning. Gonna go read a couple more and take a break for a little while. I hope everyone has a wonderful day.


Love ya,





  1. Sounds like a very busy week you had. Those kids sure do get rough. Those that sleep are probably not going to bed early enough at home and not getting enough sleep. I can't imagine some crying all day. Putting up those no parking signs is a good thing. I am surprised some kids haven't got run over. Hope next week is better for you. Bless you for getting them some dougnnuts holes. Helen

  2. What a beautiful project to do with the kids...I do the same with my each their own pot to fill with flowers around the pool.  They love it and it is a learning tool also.  You sound like your week was busy...hope the week ahead is the best....hugs and love,

  3. What a delightful idea for Mothers day ,the kids will be watching their own plants so carefully ,,we   had our Mothers day here last month Jan xx

  4. WOW that class is rough, huh? If anyone can handle those rough kids, it's YOU! LOL!  Sounds like working in the class is JUST the job for you! Maybe you should have been a teacher, huh?
    Glad you're enjoying it. Have a great weekend and give our Becca a hug for me.
    Love ya, Pam xoxoxo

  5. Glad everything is well.  Enjoy your Sunday!

  6. Hi Cindy,  What a wonderful week you sure have had. You are so kind to be buying these kids teh do nuts..Bless  you.  Waiting to see the photo's next.  Love Sybil x

  7. It really sounds like you are having a wonderful time at school and how generous of you getting them donuts.  Have a lovely weekend.  Hugs, Tells x

  8. What a cute Mother's Day idea.... I miss those days of getting homemade MD gifts.


  9. Cindy, Awww I'm not surprised those kids love you at Rebecca's school, your project this week sounds awesome, Love You Lisa XO

  10. Cindy what a shame only three turned up for that meeting ~ some of your girls and boys sound out of hand ~ but I am sure you will soon put them right ~ and what a lovely idea planting flowers and watching them grow then taking them home for Mothers Day ~ can imagine how pleased the children were with those donuts ~ and how sweet of you to take them in ~ hope your day is a good one ~ Ally x

  11. what a cute mothers day idea :)
    hope you have a good night

  12. what a    l   o   n   g   week you had.  hope the next one is shorter!!!!


  13. I hope you have a great week!


  14. Did you go to the Berlin Auction?  Sorry I wasn't home, I would have met you for lunch!!

    That school is so lucky to have you there.  You are a real GEM!!


  15. I remember putting flowers or seeds in cups. I hope you get some rest this week and that you are doing well.