Sunday, April 6, 2008


I know it's 4:30am and here I sit on the computer. But I woke up to use potty and Jim isn't here. But neither is the dirty laundry, so I know where he is. LOL. He likes to go to the laundry mat early when no one is in there. He'll come home and go back to bed for a couple hours, then get up for breakfast. This morning it is Spam and eggs, hashbrowns and toast, coffee. Later today we're going to my daughter Emma's for dinner. She's making a spiral ham for dinner.

Yesterday Rebecca and I went to Emma's because the girl's (Rebecca and Marissa) wanted to play. They played outside for hours with bubbles and sidewalk chalk. Dan told Emma and I if we needed to go out we could. HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!! We took him up on that offer, lol. Get out just the 2 of us and no kids, OH YEA!!!!!!!!!!!! So in my van we went and headed to Walmart. I bought Jim a pack of twin blade razors for when he shaves his head. Why he decided to go completely bald, I don't know. But it seems to be the in thing now here in philly with all his friends and co-workers. I also bought laundry soap, 2 white shirts for Rebecca for school and a shirt for me that was all on clearance. Rebecca's were 2.87 each and mine was 5.44. Emma bought a 40 piece silverware set, and summer outfits for Daniel and Marissa, 2 sets each and she also got laundry soap. As we're leaving Walmart she says Mom, I'm hungry, let's go have lunch. Hmmm, I was hungry beings I didn't eat breakfast, so we decided on Pizza Hut. We got the salad bar special, personal pan pizza's and breadsticks. I had iced tea (Raspberry flavor, yummy) and Emma had a Pepsi. We sat there and talked, ate our lunch and just enjoyed having a mother/daughter day out, which we had'nt had in so long. Emma thanked me for taking her out. She said she really needed it after what she saw the otherday that really upset her and she now knows she needs counciling. Their friend Chaz let them use his jeep for a couple days until his parents came to get it. Chaz signed himself in a detox center for alcohol and percoset abuse. When Dan had that fall off the building, his clothes were cut off him at the hospital and placed in a bag. They gave them to Chaz beings he was the one who went to hospital with Dan. He put them in back of Jeep and left them there. Well, the other day Emma cleaned out Chaz's jeep from all the fast food lunches, and all he has had, and when she picked up a plastic bag it ripped and out fell Dan's clothes he had on the day of the accident. She picked up the clothes, put them in another bag, but she broke down doing this. She started crying hard, shaking, heart racing, sweating, and in her head all she kept seeing was Dan falling over and over again. I didn't realize how much this affected her until now. I agree, she does need counciling, she was also traumatized when Dan was hurt. The only thing is, their insurance will only pay for inpatient therapy for her and not outpatient. So if she goes for therapy, it means I will be going over there to stay with Dan and the kids for the week she is gone. Which is ok, I will do anything for my kids and grandkids.

But anyways, we had a nice day out. We both needed it. Dan said the kids were no trouble at all. Which is good because he still has alot of pain getting up and down and moving around. But he did it and made them lunch of macaroni and cheese. As a gesture of being thankful we were able to go out, we brought him back a sausage and green pepper personal pan pizza and ya should of seen the smile on his face, lol. Emma made a pot of coffee and we sat the 3 of us and had coffee, then Rebecca and I came home and I fixed porkchops, saurkraut and mashed potatoes for supper. Jim was in heaven, he loves that.

Today I will clean up a little in my apartment and head over to Emma's around 2pm and enjoy spending time with everyone. Tomorrow starts a whole new week with home schooling Marissa and going to the school. Did I mention Rebecca's class and 3 other kindergarten classes are going to Philadelphia Zoo next month? Finally a school trip. I am already on the list to go with them. And yes I am taking the camera with me, lol. And extra batteries too.

I guess I will go now. I hope everyone has a great sunday. I know mine will be. Dinner at Emma's and a phone call I have to make at 4pm. That will make it a perfect day.

Love ya.............................CINDY


  1. If she can't do inpatient therapy, she could try visualizing Dan getting up and walking away from his fall.  I hope Dan will be ok and Emma too.  It is traumatizing seeing someone get hurt.  Does she feel guilt for what happened?  She shouldn't.  Glad you two had a nice day out.  Linda

  2. She has been so strong through this entire ordeal.  God Bless her!  I'm glad you both got a chance to get out and have some girl time.  Live for moments like that!  Hope you have a wonderful week!

  3. I LOVE THE ZOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And why can't my hubby get up and do laundry???? I'm glad things are going well for dan and the kids took it easy on him!
    Love ya

  4. I was just sitting here thinking I should go to the zoo and get pictures.  LOL  Wonder what will be out as it is just now getting nice.  :::sigh:::  We'll see.....   Glad things are going well and I do hope Em is able to talk things out.. I can't imagine.  Enjoy din din

  5. You are such a loving Mom.  I hope you have a wonderful Sunday.  Poor Emma.  I know she was so terrified about Dan.  Jim is so good taking the laundry to the laundry mat.  My Dirk is helpful like that in any way I ask him to.  We're truly blessed by these people in our life.

    Love you,


  6. What a  great day you sure had.  I am so so happy for you .  Have a lovely dinner at Emma's   Much Love to you all   Sybil xxx

  7. Glad you had such a nice day, hope you have a lovely dinner with Emma. Still have her & family in my prayers.
    Have a blessed week.

  8. so glad that you and emma got to spend that time together....yes you're right she needs a little bit of counciling.....if roles were reversed and i was the one who found pauls clothes like that i know how i'd react........NOT GOOD EITHER.
    I wanna see lots and I DO MEAN LOTTTS of pics from the trip to the zoo. I think jim's bald head is kool ....TELLY SAVALAS AINT GOT NO HAIR EITHER.
    enjoy yourself give the kids a hug and kiss from me and sissy please hug EM's for me and tell her i pray for you all every single day.
    Momma is fine,she said to say ty to everyone in jland who prayed for her and wants to let them know she has her good days and her bad ...but for the most part they are good

  9. Cindy, glad you and Emma had a nice Girl's Day out, have fun at the Zoo, Love Ya Lisa XO

  10. I'm glad you and Emma had a great day together.

  11. I'm so happy you and Emma had some time together. That's so important. What better thing to do and lunch!! I would have loved that!

    I'm sorry she got so upset. I hope she's able to receive the counseling that she needs. Can you check with the Workman's Comp insurance? Maybe they will cover her counseling on an outpatient basis.  I remember when I got hurt at work, the insurance covered just about everything. They were really good with me.

    Have fun with your family. Dinner sounds yummy! You guys sure know how to eat around there! Man...I could move in with you in a heartbeat as long as you did the cooking! LOL!
    Love you MUCH,
    Pam xoxox

  12. have a good week:)


  13. Hello. My name is Pam. My Journal Is called Almost 40! Please stop by and say hello. xx

  14. how great you and emma got some time alone without kids. i know how rare it is to go without a child anywhere. and for both of you to get that. that is awsome!
    i really hope therapy will help emma. poor girl. she has been through so much with the kids and dan.
    hope you have a great time at their house today
    love, emily

  15. To Cindy From Cyndy!

    How fun to have a little KID-LESS time . . .   especially to go shop, for ANYTHING.  Hee-hee!

    I'm so glad you had a great Sunday.

  16. I know this is really hard on Emma- I've been there.
    She's lucky to have you for support and love.
    Hope you had a great Sunday

  17. I hope you had a wonderful Sunday..i just know you did being with your family. :)
    love you

  18. Cindy...

    Tell Emma to call the Union and see if they can fight to get her therapy out patient via the Workers Comp.  I have seen this happen for spouses.

    Glad you got time out together.  Sending prayers for all!

    be well,

  19. Aww..that is so sweet that you were able to spend an afternoon with your daughter.  I wish I was that close to my mom.  Glad to hear you all are doing well Cindy!! love, Shelly

  20. He's doing laundry at 430am YIKES.
    I'm so happy you and Emma got a childless moment out. That is great. I love Pizza Hut their breadsticks are the bomb.
    Poor Emma they all have been through a lot.
    Take care, Chrissie

  21. Has she thought to go and talk to a minister? Many are licensed to councel and it'd be free or low cost. I'm not sure if your family attends church on a weekly basis, if so talk with your minister, if not Emma should call some ministers in the area and see if any of them offer counceling.