Saturday, April 26, 2008

Hello Everyone

I just wanted to give you all a little update. Rebecca is still sick. Her fever went as high as 103.8. It's been coming and going the past 36 hours. I checked it 30 minutes ago and it was 99.0. She has hardly eatten anything, except chicken broth, iced water and frozen popsicles. I bought Jr. Tylenol for ages 6 to 11. They are meltaway tablets for fever. Well, I will never buy them again. TOTAL GARBAGE!!!!!!!!!!! Her fever never went down, only up taking those damned things. So I went and bought Children's liquid Tylenol. I can always depend on that item. I just wish her cough would go away and her appetite was better. At least she is getting fluids though. If she's not better by monday, then off to the doctor's we go. I have had about 2 hours sleep a night the last 3 days watching my child sleep, making sure she is ok. She wants to go to bed now. I am going to post this but will return to it after she is tucked in and write some more in it. So keep it as new mail if you read it before iI write more in it ok.



Ok, I am back. My poor baby is so tired. I hope she sleeps through the night and feels better tomorrow. She'll miss out on so much fun tomorrow if she is sick. I have so much to do tonight. I need to bake a tray of homemade Foccacia bread, and my tomato mixture to go on top of it. And I have to make an orange, glazed Bundt cake. Tomorrow I have the baked Ziti to make along with a crock pot of sauce, meatballs and sausage. Jim is going to cook chicken and hotdogs out on the grill. Oh and I am going to make a veggie salad. That should be enough food, I hope. Plus there's an Carvel Icecream cake.

I am slowly getting to your journals. I will read a few more tonight and catch up with the rest tomorrow night hopefully. Please keep Rebecca in your prayers and also please say a prayer for Linda Bradbury. She is back in the hospital again. Also say a little prayer for the 58yr old woman who was run over and killed by a dump truck and driver the other morning. They still have not found the man or the truck. The accident happened 2 blocks from my house. I could see it from my kitchen window. A witness said the truck hit the woman knocking her down then ran right over her, killing her.

Well, I best get off of here a bit and get my food started for tomorrow. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. Welcome home Jeanne, get some rest girlfriend.

Love ya all..........................CINDY


  1. Sorry to hear Rebecca has not been feeling well.  I remember when my youngest caught a terrible viral infection.  An old German doctor told me to give her Coke Classic, flat.  He said give her 3TBSPs every 15 minutes.  Wouldn't you know it worked.  Her stomach settled.  The fever was horrible, too but when it broke it was so bad my shirt was drenched.  Bless Rebecca and I hope you get some rest.  God Bless!

  2. Awwwwwww I hope Rebecca feels better quickly, Love You Lisa XO

  3. Poor fingers! Ouchie!!!!
    Cute pics. :)
    Hope Becca feels better & gets to enjoy the party. {{}}

  4. thanks sissy i am so greatful for ppllike you who care so much....give becca a kiss from aunt nancy

  5. Thanks for the welcome home Cindy!!  

    I am so sorry Rebecca is STILL sick!!!  There are some nasty germs going around lately and I hope she is feeling better SOON!!!!

    When's dinner?  I'm on my way....(lol)


  6. My dear Cindy,  You are doinmg to much...YOU MUST get a wee bit rest.  I know that everyone is expecting you to provide all that food etc. but really it is time that they realised that you to are only human and have so much on your hands at the moment. don't worry if you don't get it all done please... just tell them you have to have help.  Prayers ongoing for our wee Rebecca.  Much Love Sybil xx

  7. Aw poor Rebecca, I do hope she feels better soon.  If not then make sure you get her to a hospital.  The good thing with little ones is that they go down very fast but they also come up the same way.

  8. I hope Rebecca gets better soon.  Dan looks cute in the baby bonnet!  LOL!  That is awful about the lady and the dump truck.  What a way to go.  Linda

  9. Big prayers for sweet Rebecca. I hope she is better.....i hate it when the kids are ill. Of course, i worry about you too....i hope you have a good weekend. Looks like cutie Daniel got some good presents!

  10. I hope Rebecca soon feels well Cindy and is able to enjoy th eparty.Prayers being said for her.Lovely pictures love Dan in the bonnet LOL!! You work so hard on making all those goodies I am proud of you.I do hope everyone has the most wonderful time and you have made me quite hungry now LOL.The children are beautiful.How sad a bout the hit and run.I hope they catch him.Take Care God Bless Kath astoriasand

  11. Poor Rebecca.  I was really hoping she was better by now!  Give her a hug from me!

  12. Wow that's a high fever! Mine was that high when I was sick recently. I'm STILL on antibiotics for it....3rd round!
    I hope she feels well enough to attend the party. Poor baby girl.
    Have a good time!
    Love, Pam

  13. Not sure how Rebecca's feeling, but Emma had that high of a fever right after we returned from Ireland and the best remedy was cool tempid baths. I try not to give Tylenol since the fever is doing it's job in fighting off what ever is going on inside their body, plus too much can effect the liver, but the baths really relaxed Emma and cooled her down, and was a natural remedy of cooling her down. (I hate using meds if I can avoid it). Hope she was feeling better today and she was able to enjoy the day and you too.

  14. Hope Rebecca is feeling much better very soon!!!


  15. OMG ! That's a high fever, I hope sh'es better or that you took her in to see a doctor.
    Take Care

  16. Poor sweet Rebecca.  It's awful when one of your baby's hurt like that.  I know she's in good hands.  I sure do hope she gets better soon.

    That's awful about the dump truck incident and awful for the lady that it happened to.  I hope they catch the guy who did it soon.  How can anybody be so cold.

    I am very behind on journals.  Please forgive me as I'm only now catching up.  

    Love you all,


  17. Oh, my.... that finger made ME hurt, just looking at it!  Poor baby!  She has had the worst luck lately.  Being sick.. and now this.  I do hope she feels better soon, and that the finger is not hurting her too very much.

    Enjoyed the always!

    Much love