Thursday, June 26, 2008

Graduating from Kindergarten

Turn up your volume and listen to these lil ones sing there school song, called Blue and Gold.

Singing....Start spreading the news.

A dozen long stem roses and a balloon from her big sister Emma. I never got roses, ever. :(


  1. Those are priceless memories!!!! I just loved it. Love all the pictures to! That must be very cool to have THAT BIG of a Big Sister!
    THat is a huge beach ball and we have gotten our use out of those pools ourselves, they are nice.  Take some time for you, before your a burnout like me.
    Love you

  2. Every time I see your Rebecca I can't believe how big she is for her age. she would make 2 or 3 of our ones around same age !! she is lovely. They were good wee video's..and super pictures.  I had to laugh at the roses as well Cindy..I have never had such a bunch in all my life !! changed days.  Mind you we didn't have the celebrations your school years seem to have. In fact it is only in last 3/4 years that they have had graduation balls...and we still think it quite odd. And the costs are hard for some parents. A single Mum near my was in tears as she couldn't afford a tux etc for her the end we managed to scrape enough money together to hire him a suit....Much Love  Sybil xx

  3. That's adorable.  Our local systems don't have graduation ceremonies for kindergarten.  Wish they did.

  4. Tell Rebecca I send congratulations!!
    xoxox Pam

  5. love all the pictures my friend... thanks so much for sharing
    Congrats on graduation too!!!

  6. ty sooooooo much sissy for sharing has lifted my spirits which were down

  7. For some reason, seeing her there with the roses I made me emotional and I started to cry.  So proud of her.  And that was such a sweet thing Emma did.  Thank you for including those precious videos too.


  8. Awwwwww Congratulations Rebecca !!!!!!!!!!!! Love Lisa

  9. Rebecca looks so pretty on graduation day! I think it is awful that you have not had roses...Jim should send you lots of them for all you do for him and your whole family. GREAT pics!

  10. Congradulations to Rebecca, way to go girl.