Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Note From Angie

Angie asked to spread the word, so that is what I am doing. Here is what Angie wrote:

Lisa's from ~ Lisa's Place of Thoughts & Ramblings, called me just now and told me her computer is TOAST, coputs, bye bye, broke. 

She will be offline totally until she gets to the library then buys a new one

Since I am private and do not have the number of readers she does, would you please copy and paste this and spread the word for her?


  1. I wondered where she went to. I know she writes something everyday and haven't seen anything since Friday.  I know how she feels I had to go to the library there for awhile and it sucked. She's gonna die without a computer because she is on all the time. Hope she finds a way to either get it fix or get a new one. Thanks for letting me know what happened.
    Take care and Hugs, Chrissie

  2. ally123130585918June 8, 2008 at 12:12 PM

    Thanks Cindy I hope she gets it sorted soon ~ either fixed or a new one ~ she will be lost without her computer ~ Ally x

  3. yup sure thing sissy

  4. thanks for the update... hopefully she can get it fixed soon... or a new one.

  5. I know how she feels........mine has been acting up too, and I'm expecting it to do the big "kaput' any day now.  Thanks, Angie and Cindy, for letting us know about Lisa..


  6. Cindy Guess who!

    wow... my god its been ages since I have talked to you... I just found your blog again.... Ive been back to blogging since the beginning of january here on JLAND

    Yes, I finally parked my irish ( not really irish lol ) arse here in Jland and this is where I am staying .

        Anways  I just wanted to pop my head in and see how you were doing up there in Philly! I hope your doing ok I sooo got alot of reading to do to catch up with you!