Monday, June 16, 2008

Too Much Bull

Sorry no pretty pics or tags tonight. Today has been an all around bad news day. I take Rebecca to school and the teacher tells me friday is her last day as a teacher there. They transferred 3 teachers to a worse school then this one and she was one of them. All 3 teachers being white. I  have been at this school since October and let me tell you racism and kissing ass is a big time thing there. It's sickening. I actually heard one of the school administraters who is black tell a lady from the office who is also black, "Welcome to our little piece of Blackadelphia". Sickening isn't it? These 3 teachers are good teachers. They care about their students. Rebecca's teacher was in tears this morning telling me what they have done with her position there. I told her she is a good teacher with a big heart. Over the summer get her certification for the New Jersey school system and get her resume out there. Get the hell out of Philadelphia school system, because she is too good for this place. I am so sick of this fricken city and there school system. I have made up my mind. When we buy the house, it'll be in New Jersey. Ok, now the second bout of bad news. Emma calls me tonight. She says our dear friend Joe, who lives downstairs from us and we have been friends with for over 20 years caalls her today. Out of the blue he says, he ain't doing nothing up here in this apartment until we move. That the carpet is filthy. Umm excuse me. I own a steem cleaner and not only have I cleaned the carpets, but Jim did all the carpets last week. And that he can't use his airconditioner because we use ours and he doesn't want the bill to go up. Then he complains about the gas bill. Umm hello, I don't control what little heat he turns on in the winter, I don't have a gas stove, I don't have a gas dryer, HE DOES!!!!!!! We've been cooking on the grill to conserve the electric. I know why he is being this way. He ways laid off last week, due to not wanting to take a complete physical and blood test for a position at a better company. Now he has that 1100.00 car payment with full coverage insurance to pay for, a second mortage on the house and that big screen tv and now he goes and buys a 1000.00 computer system. It's not my fault his eyes are bigger then his wallet.

He wanted to go to the mountains this past weekend. Umm it was Father's Day and Emma had us over her house for a little cookout. Jim said to Joe, Cindy wants me to spend time with the kids sundaay. Joe tells Jim why don't you just throw her out, give her the kid and 90.00 week childsupport, that way you can go and do as you want. After all I have done for him, taking care of his mom when he had to work and his brothers and sister weren't around, this is what he tells Jim? Some fricken friend he is huh? Rebecca isn't allowed downstairs anymore because she got sick on his carpet and it stained it. Well, I asked him if he wanted me to use my steam cleaner on it, he said no. Plus the dumbass has white carpet. He's the idiot who fed my child hotdogs and chocolate milk right after she got over the flu.

As soon as my son in law gives me the ok, I am house hunting.

My birthday was nice. The teacher gave me a pretty card and 100.00, Emma and Dan bought me a new microwave, Jims parents sent me 25.00. Jim bought me 5.00 in powerball tickets, I LOST, LOL. And I got lots of ecards from all of you which I thank you so very much for. A beautiful card from LJ and one from my hairdresser Rick. We had hotdogs, BBQ Chicken, salad and cake.

There is 3 days of school left. This weekend I will make aan entry and post pics of my birthday and Rebecca's kindergarten graduation. I made video's. I just have to get them on an uncut video like you all do in your journal. I have no idea how, but I will try. I guess that is about it. I just needed to vent I hope I didn't offend anyone with what is going on at the school.

LOVE TO ALL..................CINDY


  1. It's really to bad about the school system in Philly that does suck. Can't believe Joe said that to Jim. He needs someone in his life maybe he won't be so mad at the world.  Happy Birthday and you deserve to have had a great one.

  2. I hope you can get a house soon between the schools and Joe you need to get out of there. I can't figure out what is wrong with Joe, it sure isn't right how he is acting. I am glad you had a good birthday.

  3. So sorry about Rebecca's teacher. I hope you all can move soon. I hate you all in that place period.
    I'm so disappointed in Joe. How dare he say that stuff? I know he is angry about his situation, but why take it out on you all. That wasn't right at all.
    Glad you all had a good time Father's Day and birthday. Can't wait to see some videos. You can add them on AOL too.
    Take care and Hugs, Chrissie

  4. What a day you sure have had Cindy.  Almost as black as my week has been....Still it's a new day and we must look forward and not backwards I suppose. You will be glad when Friday comes I expect with a few weeks break from schools. Does Rebecca go to the new school when you re start ?   I am sorry that you are having hassle from Joe.  It dosn't sound like him does it, he was always so caring etc.  Perhaps he is suddenly grieveing for his Mom it takes everybody differently and sometimes we can lash out at the very people who we know we shouldn't, but we can't help ourseves.  I do hope that things settle down a bit soon.  I pary that your wish for a new place to live can come true. Love Sybil x

  5. Sorry I missed your Birthday Cindy.  Happy belated Birthday wishes.  With all you have written I think the very best thing you could do is move.  What with the school system and your awful person downstairs.  Get away from the stress, start over where you will be happier.  Hope this week is much better for you.

  6. I hope you can find some place to move...  I feel horrible that things are so bad...  glad you did enjoy your BDay...  I think I did wish you a happy one...  if not Happy belated.

  7. Well, your birthday was nice and thank goodness it was!  No offense taken by any measure here ... sometimes we just have to 'tell it like it is' to get things off of our chests or heck, even to let others know what really does go on.

    I wish, for all of you, that you could live in a 'nicer' place.  

  8. Hope you get another school for Becca before long.
    Also, hoping you get to move soon! To a better place.
    Glad you had a nice BD, & Fathers Day was good for you all.

  9. (((((((((((((((((( Cindy )))))))))))))))))))) I just don't know what to say about Joe, I am in total shock. After all you have done for him and his mom, I just can't believe all that. It's time to pack it up and get out of there ASAP.

  10. That really upsets me what Joe said.  I never thought he'd say such things about your guys.

  11. I remember from last year, before you were taking care of Joe's mother that he said something like that about you and something regarding the weight.  He's a user and I was afraid when you started busting your own hump taking care of her that he would turn right around and bite you all.  I'm sorry but a leopard never changes its spots.  I do wish Jim didn't feel the need to tell you these things though because it couldn't do anything positive on already shaky ground, which is why I'm wondering if that guy isn't a bad influence on Jim.  

    The school situation is terrible.  Reverse racism is horrible down here in the Atlanta area too.  If you're white, you're pretty much outta luck.  Here in NW Ga  away from the city, it's not that way.  It's more rural but the city is creeping into it.  It's just a different ratio of population.  Send the teacher South too and you guys buy your house here down here where it's cheaper to live and less crime.  Move South please oh please oh please.  

    I'm so sorry about what's happening to good teachers and especially for all you've had going on.

    Love you,


  12. I am so shocked at what Joe has told you. I thought he was a good guy?? I thought he was your good family. What is up with him? Financial issues do make people crazy...but that's not an excuse for what he said. Time to move out of there and get our Becca to a new GOOD school!!

    Sounds like you had a wonderful Bday girlfriend! I'm so glad. I can't wait to see the pictures.
    Love ya, Pam xoxox

  13. That's really sad about the teachers that are being moved, I hope they will be happy at the new school(s) they are placed in and that the new teachers at this school love the kids.

    As far as Joe is concerned, there's no excuse. That was mean, hurtful, and just simply ugly. I'd personally cut off communication with  him other than paying rent. Did Jim stand up and tell him not to talk about HIS wife that way? Joe made his own choices, he made the CHOICE to lose his job, he made a choice to buy things out of his price range, and he made a choice to talk about someone who's done all she could to help him and his mother.

    Why do you need to wait on your son in law to give you the ok about house hunting? (I may have missed a post about this some how).

    God Bless

  14. i'm ss to hear about the for JOSEPH ...UMMMMHELLOOOOOOO

  15. You could never offend me....i am so sorry you are losing the teacher who is a good teacher and your friend. I wish you had not heard those two bad things that Joe said because i know it hurt you to hear them and why would he do that to you after all you have done for him and his mom? You are the most giving and understanding person on earth and that pisses me off. Rick blew up our good microwave so i know you loved a new one, huh?
    Love you so

  16. Cin! TY for leaving your link. My alerts are not working but since I haven't ha them, it has been so much better. LOL... I will try to visit your journal at least once a week now that I have your link.
    Win =.)


  18. i teach in detroit.  you dont have to worry about offending me, i see this stuff all the time and left teaching in the public schools to go make car seats.  i was fortunate enough in this economy to find another teaching job in the archdiocesean system and although its still rough at times like all jobs are, at least i know i have the support of my fellow teachers, administrators and caring families.   it makes no sense to me that in most public school systems, the administration wants to break the spirits of those who care the most so they will no longer want to be motivated to work towards some kind of authentic change.  good luck to you.

  19. Hi Cindy, Sorry I'm late reading this. That's so sad that Rebeccas teacher is leaving. But, she will move to another teacher, right? Hope the new one is nice, too!
    Weird about what Joe said. That's a very sick, angry man! I hope Jim put him in his place.
    Love you MUCH, Pam xoxox

  20. Cindy, I ca'nt believe that about Joe, WTH ?????????? I'm so sorry hon, Love Ya Lisa XO