Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The doctor called me yesterday with results of my blood work. My cholesterol level is higher then it was 2 years ago, and my triglycerides are up. He gave me a prescription for a generic form of Zocor. It will lower both hopefully, at least thats what it says it will do. He's gonna check my blood work again in a month.
Today I went and had my ultrasound done of my heart. All she would tell me was there's no fluid build up and nothing is leaking and my doctor will have a complete report by friday. Which is good because I have an appointment with him on friday. Then the 16th I go and have an EKG. On the 17th Emma and I are going to the cemetary to visit her son/my grandsons grave. He would of been 10 years old had he lived. God had other plans for him though and called our lil Michael back to heaven. He never got to take a breathe of air outside Emma's womb, but when I held that 9lb 5oz baby boy in my arms looked into his face and kissed his cheeks, my heart melted with love for that precious baby and to this day I couldn't love him anymore then I already do. May he always rest in peace in God's loving arms.
Well, I am going to go and take a shower now. Then take the generic zocor pill and go to bed. It says it can cause drowziness. Well let me tell you, it sure does. It knocked me out and I didn't get up until 8am this morning, and the girls had to be at school at 8:24. Guess what? They got there at 8:22, lol. I think I broke my own record, lol. Well, I'd better go now and get my shower. Have a great evening and week.



  1. Cindy, hope the Zocor works for you, I am so sorry to hear you lost a grandson before, I never knew that, I love you Lisa XO

  2. My mom takes Zocor and it really helped bring her levels down.

    Have a good evening.

  3. So sorry to hear about your baby Grandson ,good luck on the 16th ..love Jan xx

  4. what a relief it must be for you Cindy to be able to go to the Dr, and get your prescriptions again. Do hop ethat Zocor works well for you and that the scan results really are good. Much Love to you ALL....love Sybil xxx

  5. I didn't know about that grandson in heaven either..how very sad....

  6. hoping the generic zocor works. i take a med too, altho mine is still a little high, also take fish oil capsules to help. they're over the counter & cheap at wallmart, you might tey them along with your prescription, ask your dr.
    i knew about precious little michael, as i made a tag for him, i recall. i have the one for my precious baby on my side bar.
    made a post yesterday, come by if you can.

  7. My husband takes Zocor and it works well for you...hope your midweek will be a good one!!
    Hugs and love,

  8. I hope the meds work for you ~and your other appointments go well ~ I was sad to read about your little Grandson ~ Ally x

  9. God bless your little grandson. How heart wrenching for you all to loose him at birth.
    I hope the Zocor works for you and that everything settles down.
    That was good news on your ultra sound. Thank God!
    God bless you.
    Jeanie xxx

  10. awwwwww hon I never knew about your grandson.. hugs...
    glad they got you on something and hope the Zocor works

  11. I hope that the Zocor is the right medicine for you. I remember you writing about the loss of your grandson and think how very blessed I am that Katie made it. She was an emergency Cesarian. I know you still hurt about it. I pray your results come back fine. Would you send me information on how you were able to get your ordination? I'm interested too.

    Love Nelishia

  12. all i want is for you to FEEL good and be healthy. i am glad you are going to the doc's and getting things looked at. They'll help you, i know. You are always in my thoughts. Love you so

  13. Well, I left a whole comment but guess I should have logged in FIRST. Good warning on the Zocor, and hopefully it's helping you out. Of course you and Emma still and always will love your grandbaby, and will never forget. may your other test results come back with something informative and helpful and that nothing too scary is going on.