Monday, December 29, 2008

Good evening. Oh wait it's after midnight, so I guess it is good morning, lol. Oh well whatever it is........Hello. I am sitting up babysitting. Dan & Emma are out and will probably be home in a couple hours. Jim and Rebecca, Marissa, Daniel are sleeping. The baby Adrianna is wide awake. She woke up at 11pm. I changed her, dressed her in her jammies, fed her the cereal Emma gives her a night, and now she is in her pack n play here next to me. She'll be getting a warm bottle of formula soon. She is 15 months old now, and the pediatrician said her weight doesn't match her height. She is 20lbs 3 oz. When you hold her she still feels like an infant in your arms, but a long one, lol. So, Emma was advised to keep her on formula until 18mos maybe even until she turns 2yrs old. I went to the doctor's to pick up my slips for the tests he wants done again. He wants more views of the left breast and an ultrasound done of it also. I have to call tomorrow and make the appointments to have these tests done. January 5th I see my doctor again, and will be getting more bloodwork done. I feel like a pin cushion/guinea pig, lol. I had another of those leg jerking episodes tonight. I know now when there coming. My left arm will get a heavy feeling and do a few tiny twitches, then the leg starts bending and jerking uncontrolably for at least 30 seconds, no more then 45 seconds. I hold on and just let it pass. It only happens when I am standing.
I realize I haven't made a proper thank you to those of you who sent cards this christmas to me and my family. I promise I will do that. Problem is they are hung up over and down the doorway and I can't lift my arms without getting dizzy to read them. So, I have to wait until Emma takes them down.
I have a lil vent here I wanna make. It is about my granddaughter Marissa's paternal grandparents. Dan is not Marissa's biological father, he is her stepfather. But in his eyes and all of ours Dan is Daddy to her and always will be. The biological father lives in another state, remarried with another family. His parents live right over in New Jersey, just 5 minutes from the bridge from where we live. The grandfather has not seen, called, held, or bought Marissa a gift or sent a card since she was 2 years old. The grandmother has not seen Marissa in almost 2 years. The last time she came to visit Marissa asked her who she was. Now is that pathetic or what? This year she received no cards, no gifts from either one again for her birthday or for christmas. My granddaughter does not need to be forgotten like this. She is a beautiful happy smart little girl and deserves to have family in her life. But you know it's not just Marissa's loss, it is their loss too, and my gain cause I get to have her to myself, heehee, but I do share with Dan's mom. lol.
Ok, I guess I have written enough here. I'm gonna go in pogo for a while and play some canasta. Have a great week all and a wonderful new year.
CINDy xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo


  1. OH HONEY you and I could swap some stories about grandparents. Kyan has none really but me and John. I'm just like you don't care because it means I don't have to share. I am also lucky that my best friend as adopted to be his other grandma since his birth. She was there when I gave birth to Kaitlin and came when Kyan was born. So to me that is his other grandma. These people have no clue what they are missing in their lives. Kyan's paternal grandmother actually gave him a gift this Christmas for the first time in 4yrs, BUT I believe it to be ONLY a show because her new husband absolutely loves Kyan (he has no children of his own therefore will have no grandchildren) to death. Plus all her friends got him gifts and I think she didn't want to look the fool when all other not even related to him were buying him stuff. She has to this day never given him anything for his birthday either. Never helped after he was born nothing. Lived right down the street from us and would not even come to see or acknowledge him as her grandchild which is why I get so mad that Kaitlin takes him up there it's like she's pushing him on her and what is the point. I don't like that. So yes I understand EXACTLY where you are coming from.
    Kyan stayed on formula until he was around 19 months. I just felt it was better because he would not eat very well. Still doesn't he is such a picky eater. Must be from his dad's family because my kids ate the house if you would let them.
    I'm sorry you're having all those episodes. I hope they can find out the cause and stop them. Let us know how your tests come out. I will pray that there is nothing to worry about.
    Just in case I don't talk to you anytime soon. I want to wish you and your family the most wonderful new year and I hope that there are many blessings in store for you with the coming year. Thank you for being such a wonderful friend to me over the years. Love you.
    Hugs, Chrissie

  2. Hi There dear Cindy, Thank you so much for keeping us up to date on all your news. I am praying that all will go well next week when you have the next batch of tests done.
    I am sure some adults have no idea of the damage they do to children with their neglectful is not at the time it matters but much later in life I think when you look back and wonder why was I not loved etc. etc. However your wee ones are so lucky to have a loving home filled with love for them ALL.
    Take care friend and walk into 2009 with faith, love, hope and joy. These are my loving wished for you and all those you love.
    Much Love Sybil xxx

  3. Cindy, always good to have an entry from you, Awwwww that is sad about Marissa's dad, he is missing out not having her in his life, praying all your tests come back ok, Love Ya Lisa XO

  4. I'll be keeping you in my prayers!

    Marissa doens't need any more family or love. She has all she needs with who she has in her life now.

    Happy New Year!

  5. Dear Cindy,
    I will pray that your results are negative and that you have nothing to worry about in the New Year.
    Some people have no hearts or consciences have they? How sad that they are missing out on getting to know Marissa. It's their loss and your gain.
    Please be well and happy in the New Year 2009.
    Jeanie xxx

  6. it may be a blessing that those morons are out of her life and not wanting to see her....the dad does not care so they may be following their lead. People are STRANGE.
    I always have you in my thoughts and hope you are doing well....stay strong and know you are loved. XOXO

  7. Those aren't grandparents. You and Jim are! I just thank God for all she's NOT subjected to by being exposed to them. Just because you're biologically related DOES NOT a family make. You're right. It is THEIR loss and they're choosing to make a clean break and start over with their son's new family is a good choice in the long run and less confusing for Marissa in her teenage years. She knows who loves her and they all live right in her home.
    I hope and pray that the tests show that you only have a cyst in your breast, or calcium deposits. NOTHING would be better.
    I forgot to say that I wish you all a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    Hugs, Nelishia

  8. Hey Cindy!!!

    Its Emily!! Im just now coming over to blogger! So glad I found you!!! Ive missed reading your journal!!!

    Here is my new link

    Happy 2009!!!


    oh ps I know we had a lot of the same friends on aol journals..point some of them over to find me!!! I dont want to miss anyone! LOL

    love ya

  9. Hi Cindy,just popping round the board after my long break playing catch up on everyone..I would like to wish you and yours all you wish for yourselves for 2009. "A Very Happy new Year " and I hope all the news you recieve is good news,lets hope it proves a good one for all of us.Thankyou for your kind words and comments you have sent me throughout 2008 they are much appreciated.I will try pop round more often throughout 2009.Though I do find it time consuming in Blogger.Prayers being said your health improves.Take Care God Bless Kath x