Saturday, December 27, 2008

So sorry I didn't get back here last night to make an entry. I was just so tired, so off to bed I went. Well, let's see, where do I start? Christmas eve morning at 8:45 I got a call from my doctor concerning the results of my mammogram. They see something suspicious in my left breast and cannot tell if it is a tumor or a cyst, so he wants another mammogram of the left breast done. It has me worried a little, well it has me worried alot, because history of breast cancer in my family has proved deadly. Every woman in my family who was diagnosed with it has died. I beat my Hodgekins Lymphoma, so I am hoping if this lump is breast cancer I can beat it too. Please keep me in your prayers.

Later that day I went and finished my shopping. Let me tell you, people go crazy over the most stupid toys. Two women were fighting right in the toy isle over a Barney doll. It didn't talk, dance, sing or move at all, but they both wanted it. The knocked a huge display of perfumes and colognes all over the floor. Needless to say I hurried and got in line at the cash register while everyone else ran to see the fight. I then drove to Burger King and bought myself a crispy chicken sandwich from their dollar menu. It's a very tasty sandwich too. Later after the kids ate dinner and were sound asleep in their beds, Emma and I wrapped over 300 gifts, I think maybe it was close to 400 gifts. These children got everything they wanted, plus some. The looks on their faces made staying up til 3am wrapping worth it, lol. I took pictures, I just have to download them.

Christmas day was great. The kids sang Happy Birthday to Jesus, then opened their gifts. Emma and I and Dan and Jim all pitched in and cooked dinner. We made 2 hams, rolled turkey stuffed with homemade stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, baked yams, homemade coleslaw, cranberry sauce, corn, greenbeans, deviled eggs, wheat rolls. 7 pots of coffee was brewed. There was dan & Emma and their 3 kids, Jim and I and Rebecca, Dan's mom, 3 of his brothers, 3 nephews and girlfriends, a friend and his mom and girlfriend, plus 2 other kids totaling 23 people. It was a long day for sure. I was so happy to put the kids to bed, because shortly after that's what I did, was go to bed, lol.

Well, the kids don't go back to school until January 5th. They've been good though, keeping busy playing with their toys, laptops and Rebecca goes outside to play with her scooter. The girls are in my room watching tv, Daniel and Adrianna are down for a nap. Dan is resting on the couch watching tv and Jim is in the kitchen. Emma went to go get a tan and to grocery store.

I guess that is about all there i to write about so I will go now. Take care, stay safe , and have a wonderful New Year.

LOVE TO ALL..............................................CINDY


  1. Cindy, keeping you in my prayers for sure hon, glad you had a good Christmas, Love Ya Lisa XO

  2. happy to hear your Christmas was merry. :)
    will send up prayers for you, keep me informed of outcome of tests. i am here & i care, God is in control, & can work miracles.
    have you been my my journal lately?

  3. you are always in my thoughts and will stay in my prayers also....please let us know ASAP when you find out what is going on. Sounds like you had a houseful for the holiday!! LOVE YOU

  4. I'll be keeping you in my prayers!

  5. Awww... Cindy I hope they don't find anything of it. My sister went back so many times and it ended up nothing. She was sick with worry.
    Wow sounds like some children had an awesome Christmas.
    Glad everyone is doing well. Can't wait to see the pictures.
    Take care, Chrissie

  6. Hi Cindy, so pleased to get the latest news from you. Sorry about the outcome of the mamograme but I think they are often not quite clear and we have to go back again,...will certainly be praying that yours is like that...(Mary and I go on the 13th Jan. for our mams!!) My what a housefull you had for Christmas...No wonder you ha dto go to bed afterwards I would have been DEAD !!!! I am sure...I was up at my sisters and tehre was only 9 of us. It was a very sad without our JAcqueline who was always so much part of Christmas...It is hard but we will have to get on with life that is what she would have wanted I am sure.
    Much love to you ALL,
    Sybil xxx

  7. Cindy, I am praying all goes well and the test come back with good news...many many prayers am I sending up for you...also, sending many to you...Joyce

  8. Cindy, I am hoping and praying that your test comes back ok.
    I hope you had a wonderful Holiday!
    I'll keep you in my prayers.

  9. Cindy,
    A recall for a mammogram is fairly commonplace, and may not be bad news in the end. I've known several women who have had that, and came out with the all clear. Await the outcome - hope it's favourable.

    Best wishes for a healthy 2009,


  10. I pray that it is nothing more than a cyst.

    I'm happy to read that you all had such a great Christmas! After the year you went through, you have deserved it and earned it.
    Please keep me on your email list when you make a post so that I can stay informed.

    Love you,