Saturday, December 6, 2008

Doctor, snow, pervert

Just thought I'd drop in a while, say hello to you all and let you know what has been happening. I went to the doctor's on friday. I was there almost 2 hours. Got weighed (gained) had blood pressure check, 110/88, bottom number too high for dentist to pull teeth. He wants bottom number under 80, grrrrrr. Lots of tubes of blood taken, doctor took the blood himself instead of getting nurse to do it. He gave me a prescription for the Lexapro that I have been taking, plus a prescription for Lazic which I take 1 a day along with a big glass of orange juice. I go back on Dec 9th for an EKG, the on 12th for an ultra sound of my heart, and on the 16th for a nerve test. And I am scheduled to go into the hospital for a pet scan to check and see if cancer is back and for the swelling on right side of my head. Also have to go and have a mammogram and pap smear next month. I told him about my shortness of breath and he listened to my lungs and said they sound great. That was good to hear. So hopefully within the next few weeks we find out what is going on in my body.
It is snowing here right now. Suppose to get about an inch. That's too much for me, lol. Hate snow, I really do. I'd rather live on a tropical island where it's warm during the day and cool at night so I could sleep, lol.
Dan and Emma took the kids (Rebecca,Marissa,Daniel) out today to a heated tents flea market. Well Dan had to go report a pervert. This man kept staring at Rebecca and Marissa, following them everywhere, just staring, and then showing his teeth and snapping with his mouth at them. The cop said they got another report from someone about the same man, but until he physically touch or grabbed onne of the girls they couldn't do anything to the man. My Emma wanted to use her karate on the guy, lol. Sick people in this world.
Jim and I went christmas shopping at Big Lots. Man I love that store. We spent 175.00, but I am now almost done. I just need something for Dan and Emma, Rebecca wants socks, lol and I have to get Adrianna a carseat. She's outgrowing her baby one, sniff, sniff. We took Adrianna shopping with us. Of course her poppop got her an Elmo guitar, and she loves it.
I've been doing my christmas cards today, for those of you I have an address for. If you've never sent me your address and want to exchange cards with me email me at

I've been trying to get to all your journals. There's so many I have lost touch with since aohell booted us all out of jland. Couldn't they of waited until after the holidays, jeez. Well, it's going on 11:30 and I am tired. Before I forget, thank you Missie for the lovely card I received in mail. Yours will be in post office monday morning when I go check the mail. Also I wanted to ask you all a favor. Dan, my sil says he gets no good email. Could you if you have the time email him once in a while even just to say hi, or send him a funny joke or something and make him happy. Thank you so much if you can.
I'd better go. Take care, enjoy the rest of your weekend.
May God bless each and every one of you.




  2. Good to hear from you!

    I'm glad you got my card.

    I'll keep you in my prayers that your tests all come out fine.

    Enjoy your day tomorrow.

  3. you didn't get my card? I sent it a week ago. I am glad the kids got to go out and have some time with Emma and Dan but the damn perv should have been escorted off the premises. I hope you get all the tests done and are found to be on the mend. Loveya!

  4. Cindy, hope all your tests come back ok, that makes me sick about that perv !!!!, Love You Lisa XO

  5. Glad you went to the doctor. At least knowing you can take care of things. I know it is scary to go. I want to go to a flea market. No snow here in Texas.....hint hint :) xoxBarb

  6. Hope all your tests work out just fine Cindy and that you find the answers to your breathlessness. Sounds as if that man is a nutter and should not be walking around in public but in an institution. Quite a scary thing. I sent you a card about a week ago but it does take time from here to there.

  7. Cindy, Sorry to hear you are having health issues, but some good news and will just have to pray each report comes back okay for you! Take care!


  9. sending good wishes. I hope the Dr figures out what is going on.. just keep paying attention to your body and tell them what's going on. Sometimes we aren't lucky enough to get signs so pay attention to the ones you do get

  10. I have been unable to go out because of snow as I live at the top of a steep hill! It has now iced over. Sheesh! I hate it for that reason but love to see the countryside with its new white mantle on.
    I hope your results all come through without them finding anything suspicios Cindy.
    As for the pervert! ********expletives have been deleted but in this case I would have certainly used them. Weird man that he was!
    Take care of yourself.
    Jeanie xxx

  11. Cindy I hope all your test results will be OK ~ will be thinking about you and keeping you in my prayers ~ Ally xoapprer

  12. (((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))))))))))I am glad your Doctors app went well and I will pray that when you get testedmyour test resalts will come out good.I am not even near done with Christmas shoping.Thanks for emailing me your Blog.Let me know if you dont have my addy,I will need yours again.

  13. Sounds more like that man had mental problems. Glad they reported him either way, but yes the sad truth that those sickos can roam anywhere they want as long as they don't touch.
    Hope all your tests come out okay and gosh no more cancer already.
    Glad you're getting the shopping done. I haven't been out this year and will probably just give my kids cash.
    Glad to hear from you.
    Take care and Hugs, Chrissie

  14. That scary man sounded like a mental patient to me and totally unpredictable. I would have escorted him off the premises myself I think if someone else didn't. I'm so glad you got mostly done with your shopping. I do hope the rest of your medical tests come out alright.


  15. I am so glad you went to the doctor and my prayers are for the test to come back with answers for you. That guy sounded really sick and weird...many hugs and love...prayers too!!


  16. I'm glad you are getting all of your health issues checked. I hope and pray things come out ok.
    That psycho needs to be hauled off to the mental ward. Was it at school? Or at home that he did this? How scary for the girls. OH..and the pic of Rebecca that you sent is adorable!! Soooo pretty!
    Take care,

  17. Cindy!
    It is great to hear from you. I have lost touch with most everyone.
    I don't know how to use this blogger much, and I don't have one.
    Lot's been going on. Caring for my Mom & Dad, Mom in wheel chair since March and my Dad passed away on November 30. I thought I was prepared but I learned you never are. Hope all works out good for your tests. I need some work done on, but no insurance.
    Better to laugh than cry, right.
    Take care.

  18. I've lost touch with a lot of people too.
    Sending you many prayers,