Friday, November 24, 2006

Thanksgiving Day

I made a beautiful dinner. Turkey, stuffing, honey baked ham, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn, greenbeans, coleslaw, macaronni salad, cranberry sauce, baked yams with melted marshmallows, deviled eggs, pumpkin pies, applecrumb cobbler with cool whip, coffee, iced tea, soda's. Those volture's ate it all too, they ate so much they all looked like stuffed turkey's themselves, lol. And here are those voltures who gobbled up poor ole turkey and his buddy ham.

Rebecca on her daddy's back, man she looked tired, lol.

My little man Daniel

Walter, one of Dan's brothers.

Grand daughter Marissa

I swear this man will do anything for this child, lol. This is proof, he spoils her wrotten, lol.

My daughter Emma, who is my right arm most the time, and also my rock.

My nephew Eddie and his 5 1/2 month pregnant girlfriend Chrissy. He's planning on getting her a ring soon. Hmmmm we'll see how that goes, lol.

Daddy Dan and Marissa, he loves this little girl.

Dan and another of his brother's. This one is Michael, and that is Marissa's cat Peanut near Michael.

Daddy and Rebecca, oh yea and Uncle Walt's butt, lol.

My wild child, Rebecca.

And here I am, after 2 days of cooking, hardly any sleep and sick as a dog, I survived ThanksgivingDay. You can really tell I was tired and sick. Crawling in under my covers last night felt so darn good.

I hope everyone had a wonderful dinner and spent quality time with your family and friends. I had a great time, watching everyone eat and enjoy the meal I prepared, hearing their laughter, watching the kids wrestle and boss around their daddy's, the whimps, lol. I got 2 marriage proposals and a will you be my mommy too, lol. It was a blast. I wanted to take pics of all the food, but those voltures ate it all before I could get the film in the camera, lol. Oh well, maybe christmas I'll get those pics.

I have a whole mess of journal alerts to read. So, If I haven't commented lately to you, please know I will soon. Have a wonderful evening and an even better weekend.



  1. You look a little mad hee too... I hope you feel better soon. Keep warm. Your children are bautiful.....

  2. Hi Cindy!  I LOVED seeing your pictures!  Looks like you all had such a nice time.  I love your pics...but especially the ones of Rebecca (Gee, could you GUESS that??).  Can you tell I'm in love with your daughter?? LOL!
    The food sounds great....I'd have scarfed down like a pig, too! Heck, if you cook like that I'll marry you, too!! <smile>
    I sure hope you feel better soon.  
    Love, Pam


  4. great pictures:) love them all. you do look really sick off to bed and rest:)


  5. Beautiful kids.  Nice to see real pics of family.  Thanks for sharing:)     Tracy

  6. Lovely to see your photos of your family, looks like you all had a most enjoyable day,  thanks for sharing them, wow do you look like one tired lady, put your feet up for the next few days, let everyone run round and wait on you, hope that you feel better soon
    take care Lynne xx

  7. Cindy thanks for sharing your Thanksgiving pictures they are all lovely and everyone looks to be having a good time ~ you worked hard with all the cooking and that turkey looks delicious ~ Ally

  8. Your pictures are great. I can see why all you hand work was eaten so quickly. A good many ate with you. Helen

  9. I can't beleive all you cooked and your SICK! <sigh> I just love all the pictures, very good pictures.  Everyone looks uhhhhh.....COMFORTABLE or gorged :) HAH A HA HA

    Love ya
    Your lil sis

  10. The kids looked like they had a blast!! You better get some rest now that its over....dont make me come there to take care of you !!!!!!!!!

  11. Thanks for sharing all those lovely Thanksgiving pictures. Glad you had such a good time. Now get some rest.

  12. Your holiday sounds like a perfect family day and i am happy for you....that food sounds delicious. I love the pics...Rebecca is the cutest little girl!
    love,lisa jo

  13. Wonderful pictures...your food sounds so delicious and now I'm getting hungry again....


  14. As sick as you are, I don't know how you did all you did for Thanksgiving.  Now I hope everyone takes care of you!!

  15. So sorry I have been MIA for so long. I'm sure I have missed a lot. I loved the pictures. I hope you are feeling better. Your dinner looked great. Hugs and love.

  16. YUMMY!! It sounds like you worked yourself to death. Enjoyed the pictures. So sorry you were sick. Glad to hear you all had a great day.
    Take care, Chrissie

  17. looks like such a god time!  the pics are great and the food sounds great also.

  18. Wow Cindy!  What a feast you made! Looks like everyone had a great time.
    Hope you are feeling better.

  19. thanks sooooo much for this one sissy....i'msaving it right now

  20. Piggy backs all around! lol  Great pics and what a wonderful time it looks like you all had!  I hope you are feeling better!  Hugs and GBU, Shelly