Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Winding down my day


I am so glad today is over. I am tired, hurting and ready to get into my bed real soon. I just wish this nagging and annoying pain would go away. I took 2 Tylenol Arthritis capsules, it helped some, but the pain is still there. It's just in one little spot under right shoulder, but closer to spinal cord. And another pain on front in rib cage on right side. Jim says I sit too long at computer, that's why I'm having the pain. Maybe I do, but since I can't sit on my own couch due to it being so fluffy and I sink in and feel as though I am losing my breath, I have no choice but to sit in computer chair. Or I go into the kitchen and sit at the table.


My sore throat and hurting lungs are almost completely healed. I have taken the antibiotic for 5 days now. I am going to continue taking them for another 5 days, just  to make sure it does not come back. Since I went back on blood pressure medication, the fingers on my left hand stopped going to sleep or numb. Do they go numb or tingle when you have high blood pressure? I was always diagnosed with low blood pressure or normal to low border.

Well, I think I will make this short and go to bed. This body needs to lay down. Not only am I a grandma, but I feel like one now, lol. I find myself falling asleep alot. I can sit at computer, fall asleep, sit at kitchen table, fall asleep. Rebecca wakes me up when I do that. She smacks my arm and says, Mommy wake up, it's daylight now, no sleeping. I need a good night's sleep, tonight, cause tomorrow Emma and Dan and the kids are coming over for dinner. I am making the turkey we got free at grocery store. Jim said he didn't have turkey for left over turkey sandwiches, so I am cooking another one, lol. I told Emma christmas dinner will be a ham dinner and Lasagna. Cause after this turkey tomorrow, I won't want to look at another one, lol. Well, goodnight all, sweet dreams.




  1. I hope you feel better soon! Barbara

  2. Cindy, maybe your hand goes numb from typing on the computer.  Does it stay like that for awhile, or does it come and go at cerain times?  I guess if it's gone away since you started the BP meds, it must be something with your heart or BP.

    Rebecca is funny....lol   "No sleeping mommy.. it's day time!"  lol   Out of the mouth of babes, huh?

    Hope you sleep well, and get rid of that pain your back soon!


  3. Try & get a good nights rest. {{{ }}}

  4. sleep well:)


  5. Take care of  yourself!

  6. I hope you start to feel better very soon!
    One of my good friends recently started taking high blood pressure meds and she was having problems before taking them of her hand falling asleep and its not doing that anymore either.

    Get some rest!


  7. Wow, cooking another turkey so soon, how do you do it?
    And your not even feeling 100% yet??  Get well soon.
    I can fall asleep anywhere too, I remember my Mom doing that as a kid and I used to be afraid she wasn't breathing...yikes, lol.
    Have a good day.

  8. Rick has numbness in his hands and arms and now one of his arm veins is sore and bulging and we cant afford a doctor. How nice.
    I am so  glad you are feeling better....other than the body pain. I hate my couch.....if you lay down on it your back goes out for a week!
    LOVE, lisa

  9. wow do you never slow down woman, you seem to be on the go all the while,
    when I first stated on my B/P meds, I was always falling asleep during the day, I just could not keep my eyes open, so I started to take them at night when I went to bed, not had any problems since, just a suggestion why not give it a try, if you carry on falling asleep maybe they could be to strong for you,
    take care Lynne xx

  10. Poor Cindy, can't even enjoy a nap!  Hurry up and feel 100% will ya!

  11. I hope you got that rest... it sounds like you definitely need it.
    Let me apologize as well for not being around anymore. You know about what's been goin on in this mind of mine, lol. Too much, but I'm back!


  12. I'm glad to hear your feeling a little better with the antibiotic.  Hope Jim is taking care of you when he's home.

  13. I hope you felt better today and woke up after a good nights sleep...I've had a bug of somekind too...it is not easy...many hugs and love,

  14. A bit late coming to read this journal.  Hope you feel better soon and got some rest.

  15. girl yes numbness and tingling do accompany high blood pressure I know because i have it as well as being a diabetic....i'm coming to your place for christmas dinner mm mmm mmmm....I love lasagna ( it's one of my favoriteitalian dishes). take care of yourself and be good i'll see you online tonight .... muahhhhhhhh luv ya sissy.... NANCY