Saturday, November 18, 2006


Wow, did I sleep good last night. I didn't wake up until almost 9 this morning. Jim had already been up and made the coffee, fixed Rebecca breakfast and was doing the dishes when I crawled out of bed this morning and stood on my carpet which by the way still feels like a bed of nails. My feet feel like they are hot and so stiff and sore. I am so out of shape. But I still punish myself with all my walking. But it is something I have always liked to do. When I lived in virginia, I use to load up my daughter Rebecca in her coach and off to town we would walk. We did that almost everyday. Now since the surgeries and cancer and radiation and chemo, my body doesn't allow me to do the things I use to do. Even taking a shower is a project for me, because I have to wash my hair with one arm. The right arm I can't lift above my head to be of any help. The therapy excercises I have to do 3 times a day just don't help. There are times I wish the cancer would of been located elsewhere in my body so I didn't have to feel the discomfort and pain from it being in my neck. But I guess I am lucky it was there, cause it could of been breast cancer and I could of lost them right. Oh well, I just have to deal with this. My body is very sore from my adventure yesterday, but it is starting to ease up some. It hurts like hell when I walk, but it'll pass in another day or two. Except monday I have to walk back to my doctor's and pick up the form I dropped off for him to fill out. But his office is only about 10 blocks from me, so I can manage that. The worse part is walking there, cause it's sort of uphill. 

Well, jim is at the laundry mat right now. We had about 6 loads of laundry to do. I am in no condition to bend and stretch to do laundry today. He had to stop and pick up eggs also. I want to bake some carrot cake muffins tonight. Grocery store had carrot cake mix on sale for 69 cents a box, so I bought 3 boxes, lol. I love a nice fluffy muffin with my coffee in the morning. Right now I think I am going to go make myself a cup of tea, warm up these bones of mine.

Next week I am gonna put my hand held donut maker to work.


I'm gonna make up some homemade donuts for the kids. Jim says I better make a couple dozen extra, cause he wants to take them to work to share with everyone. I have always done that. Made something during the holidays for him to take to work and share. He is really liking this place and the people there. I am so happy about that too. I don't have to hear him complaining, lol.

Well, it is 4:30 in the afternoon right now, and I guess I had better go put on some dinner for tonight. We are having stuffed chicken fillets, stuffed with cornbread stuffing, mashed potato's, gravy and a nice salad, green beans. Mmmmmm now I'm starving, lol. Well take care all and I hope you are enjoying your weekend.


I want to thank Missie for my lovely name tag. I just love it.


  1. Glad your feeling a little better. I give you a lot of credit though.
    Dinner sounds great, I'm on my way !!! LOL

  2. That was nice that you got sleep in and Jim took over and helped out.  Sure sounds like you know how to cook.   Lucky family!  :)      Tracy

  3. Well, wasn't that nice of him to let you sleep late & fix breakfast. :)
    Homemade doughnuts, yum yum!
    I can't lift my left arm but shoulder high, so I know what you mean.
    Have a lovely evening & tomorrow.
    Hugs, Sugar

  4. You are very courageous and I admire you.  I do hope you feel less stiff soon and that you enjoy making your doughnuts.

  5. Sorry your walk hurt.  I know where you're coming from.  Homemade donuts.  I haven't made them in years and years.  Your dinner this evening sounds heavenly.  My son asked me what's for dinner.  I told him it may be an eat what you can find night.  LOL I'm a terrible mom.  
      Sorry I haven't been by.  I've been so far behind on my journaling and there are a few alerts I haven't been getting. I went in yesterday and reset them all so hopefully I can get all my alerts and one of these days find enough  time to catch up. Yeah...that's gonna happen.
    Have a good rest of your weekend.
    Oh the new do on Rebecca.

  6. Do you cook like that every night Cindy??  What a lucky bunch your family is!  :)

    Sorry your so sore from walking.  Amazing how something they say is supposed to be so good for you, can make you feel so crappy! :/

    I just went and got myself some ICED tea!  It's 85 degree here right now!  Ridiculous weather!  It's November, for cryin out loud!


  7. Glad you're feeling better.  I know it makes you feel like you've been hit by a truck when you do something you're not used to.  Get some rest.  
    Dinner sounds yummy!  Man...I wish I could come!

  8. girl i'm hungry i'll have to make some chicken monday....i hope you are feeling better tonight.....i love ya muahhhhhhh nancy

  9. Hi Cindy,
    Sorry you are still hurting.  I can relate to the pain although I know it's not the same.  I suffer from rhuematoid arthritis and my right arm I can hardly lift, also my feet are all bending over my big toes.  But hey, I can still get around.
    Can't you have the Dr. mail you the forms?  You better call before you walk all the way there to make sure that they are filled out.
    I am glad your husband is happy at his new job, that is great.
    Get some rest hon,

  10. I love muffins and coffee in the morning as well!  Have a good one.

  11. Aww, sorry to hear you're feeling such pain. That's got to be tough, I can't imagine. But the muffins will make it all better, lol. And that dinner sounds absolutely delicious, you must be quite the cook!

    Take care,

  12. Cindy hope those aches and pains ease off and you will be feeling better ~ Nice one you had a lay in and Jim fixed breakfast ~ you needed that rest after all your walking yesterday ~ Glad Jim enjoys his job ~ Your dinner sounds delicious ~ reading what you are going to prepare made me feel hungry ~ Ally

  13. where is Angie? Is she ok? I miss her and i am so worried!!!!!!!!
    I hate it that you have aches and pains and hope Sunday is a good day for you. With you talking about all this food, you have made me hungry.

  14. I wanted to thank you for commenting in my journal, and for the prayers for kayla. I hope I am not being nosey but what kind of cancer did you have.  I also had radiation in my neck and underneath both arms. LOL, picture a woman walking around with her arms stretched out because of pain under the arms, I was a sight. I had hodgkins.  I can relate to the pain of being sore, very sore.

    hugs to you and sending prayers your way as well,

  15. Thinking about you and praying you feel better real soon....many hugs and lots of love,

  16. so good that you had a chance to lie in,your body must have needed the rest, soory to hear that you are in so much pain, I didnt realise, I will have to go back to your first journal and do some catching up,
    take care hope you feel a bit better soon
    Lynne xx

  17. So sorry to hear that your hurting.  I hope ya feel better real soon. Your real lucky that your dh does the laundry when you can't. Mine just complains about it if I don't get the time.  

    Yummy with the Carrot Cake & donuts.... I want Your making me crave sweets.... I have some Banana puding in the fridge. Guess I am gonna have to take it out real


  18. What a great husband!!!! You guys are so good to eachother!! Get better soon sweety!! Rest those feet!

  19. God I have missed you! I'm sorry it's hard to wash your hair and your limited movement with your arm. :(
    I need to read back on your journal, I just deleted all entries and figured I would click from my sidebar :)