Friday, November 17, 2006

Why did I do it?????????????


Ok, I admit it!!!!! I am not 29. I am a 45 year old out of shape Grandmother, who must be out of her mind to think she can handle the walking I did today. Hubby says from what I told him where I walked, everyplace and home it was about 8 miles, yikes!!!!!!!!!!!! Am I nuts???? I must be. Rebecca on the other hand was like, Mommy isn't this a nice walk on such a beautiful day? She would say that, she was sitting in the coach all nice and comfy while Mommy was doing all the walking. My feet hurt so bad, I walk on my carpet and it feels like a bed of nails. By the time I got home and in the door, I had to sit on the steps for about 5 minutes before I could even attempt to walk up the steps carrying grocery bags. I didn't get home until almost 4:pm. And guess what? I forgot 2 items that I absolutely needed. Coffee filters and dishsoap. Emma just came over to pick up some money from me to go get them for me. I am gonna need coffee in the morning for sure. But anyways, I got all my errands done and I am glad too. Bought the groceries last and came right home. Jim got home tonight to a homemade burger, topped with lettuce and tomato on a kaizer roll and steamy hot buttered corn on cob. He ate it all, and that burger was huge. Then he says, Hun the laundry really needs to be done. Who is going to the laundry mat this weekend? I looked at him and said you are, tomorrow, because Momma ain't gonna be able to walk, lol. He said that's fine, he will go. I love my hubby.............

Jim and Rebecca were both in bed by 8:10 tonight and their both sound asleep too. I am enjoying this peace and quiet, believe me. When Emma gets back, I will lock the door, go make a cup of tea and sit at my computer until my eyelids are about to drop to the floor and then I will go to bed and fall straight to sleep and not feel the pain that is shooting through my body right now. I feel as though I have been run over by a steam roller.

I got a letter from today. They wanted to tell me to get my poem written and submitted within the next 2 weeks and also to let me know they are publishing the poem I wrote when my Dad died, called CABIN. I can't believe they like the poem. It's just a little 3 paragraph poem I quickly jotted down, the day my Dad died. here is the poem they want to publish:


A cozy little cabin, along the river's shore

that cozy little cabin, you now reside no more

An outting you did take, in your tiny little boat

one you did not make, your soul now did float

Gone from your cabin, from others they'll not see

your cozy little cabin, no more occupied by thee.


I don't know if that is good enough to publish, but apparently they like it and are going too, so that is awesome. Maybe I'll work on the one they want me to write and submit this weekend. Dam my feet hurt, why are these tiny trolls beating on my feet with hammer's, lol. That's what it feels like, really. Pan of hot water and some epsom salt's sounds good about now. I'll be torturing myself when Emma returns from the store. I have to walk down those steps and walk back up those steps, all 14 of them, to lock my door. I need to get her a key made. I've been meaning too, but keep forgetting. Told you I must of lost my mind, lol.

Someone asked if I will be posting the recipes for my cobbler's in my recipe journal. I hadn't planned on it, but I will do that. It is Peach Cobbler and Apple Crumb Cobbler. I do have a recipe in one of my older recipe notebooks for Plum Cobbler. I will find it and post that one also. Well, I guess I better go now and get those recipes posted. I hope you all have a wonderful night and an even better weekend.

If you don't have the link for my recipe journal here it is:        




  1. i'm sorry you are feling bad...i know i'm to blame for some of it and for that i apologize i luv you sissy...nancy

  2. Good that you pushed yourself...bad that you're hurting!
    Oh, and that is a beautiful poem that you wrote...

  3. I told you not to overdo it! Get some rest this weekend. Tonight keep your feet up, then before bed soak them in some Epsom Salts. Get in bed & massage them with a good lotion.
    Nice poem. :)
    Have a lovely weekend, my friend.

  4. hope you sleep ok.
    feel better
    <3, em

  5. Cindy, take some tylenol for the acheys and go to bed!  You are probably already IN bed as I write this, but anyway...    That was some major walking you did today!!

    I'm going over to your recipe folder and putting it on alert!  

    Hugs.. and sleep well Cindy

  6. Hi Cindy,
    You sure busted your butt today.
    I just started a new job.  Working in a school.  Not sure I can handle with my arthritis though...lunch lady in the afternoon and custodian after school.  I busted my ass, mopped floors, emptied garbage cans from10 classroom, cleanned bathrooms, toilets, mirrors and vacuumed all 10 class rooms.  I too feel like I've been ran over.
    I think of quitting, then I think about Christmas, son's birhtday and $200 water bill...ikes.

  7. try and rest tonight:) have a good weekend


  8. Hope your feet are feeling better.  Well, I hope you are luckier with than I was.  They published my poem as well. Then they told me I could buy the book, so I decided to.  Sent off my credit card details, never got the book.  I wrote them endless letters to no avail.  I swore I would never have anymore to do with them.  That was two years ago. Since then I have several emails from them each week asking me to submit more poems, they never leave you alone.
    I liked your poem very much.

  9. I thought to myself that I'D be worn out after all that walking too !!! Damn girl !!!!
    I hope you feel ok today and just think you got out of doing laundry !! LOL.
    That burger sounded great, yummy....The poem is great too, that's great its getting published.

  10. Oh that you feet have stopped aching by now, sit with them up today and do as little as possible,  love the poem, and thanks for posting those recipes, I will have to give them a try,
    take care Lynne xx

  11. Hi Cindy!  I can't believe you walked 8 miles!!  You gotta build up to that!  Hope you had an ok night.

  12. You should hurt walking 8 miles!!  I bet you slept good though.  Have a good Sunday.

  13. I have some poems on too!  Go and check them out! Great poem!  I can see why they loved it! Barbara

  14. WOW...8 are awesome!!!!!  Rest now and take a Calgon moment for you...

  15. im just reading this on 11/20 and im in pain too after doing errands like that. and im 34... I hope by now you are doing better. Thank God she got your coffee..I just cant live without a morning cup, afternoon cup, mid afternoon cup.. oh i need rehap!!
    Love Christine

  16. MODERATION with walking, good lord you trying to kill yourself while I'm offline???????????  I like that poem, simple and heartful :)