Saturday, December 22, 2007

Another Update

I spoke with Emma this morning. They had to put Dan to sleep last night in order to get an MRI done on him. Hopefully this morning they will have results and know exactly what they are dealing with. They did say Dan has fluid build up in his legs and lower back area, and they may need to do some surgical procedure to remove the fluid. Emma asked Dan what day it was and he said thursday. He has no idea what day it is, or anything else around him, except he knows Emma and his best friend Chaz is there for him. Chaz has been with Dan since the accident. They work at the same place. The company told Chaz he is getting a paycheck every week just like usual but he doesn't have to come to the job site. His job right now is to be Emma's personal chuaffer. He is on his way to Emma's house right now to pick up a change of clothes for Emma. She's gonna shower and change her clothes then head over to the hospital.

The union put Emma up at the Sheraton Hotel in Atlantic City.  She ordered room service last night, Chicken Parm. She said I really wanted a BLT mom, but it wasn't on the menu. My kid loves BLT's. If you got bacon, lettuce and tomato in your fridge, she'll be in there making a BLT, lol. She picked at the chicken parm dinner and then nursed the baby and off to sleep they both went. This morning she ordered pancakes, juice, fruit, but when it came she just picked at it. She did have coffee though. I knew she wouldn't eat much. She never does when she gets upset. I usually have to make her eat something.

My sister Helen and her husband Ron went to the hospital last night to see Dan and Emma. Helen saw Dan and said Oh my god. She was in shock of Dan's appearance. He was too drugged up to talk. He just lays there, not moving and screaming out every once in a while in pain. Then the twitching of his body would start and Emma has to call for the nurse to give Dan another injection of valium to calm him down.

I want to thank you all so very much for your prayers, good thoughts and good vibes. This means so much to me, and to Emma. And also thank you with all my heart for the cards you are sending him. I know it is going to help him knowing so many people are praying for him. If I could right now I would hug each and everyone of you. You guys are the best, the total best. And I love you dearly.

I'd better go now. I want to get ready and go to Emma's. I have to give my grandkids a bath. Bill can do Daniel's bath, but Marissa is too big for Uncle Bill to bathe so I am going over to take care of her and do her hair. I hope one night I can sleep. The past 4 days I have had a total of 15 hours of sleep. That is not good I know.

I'd better go now. I will keep you updated as I find out anything. Thank you again, for everything. You guys are the best.

I love you all...................Cindy


  1. Sending you love and lots of prayers and a card for him.  Dan is on so many prayer lists right now.  HAVE FAITH for the long road ahead.  Take care of you before you collapse.  We love you too.


  2. God bless Dan's friend Chaz for helping so much and Emma for holding up and standing by her man.  God bless you all.  love ya, Shelly

  3. I'm so glad the company is not making a stink about things and letting Chaz help Emma out like that. Swelling is the usually the worst thing after an accident that's why I keep telling you if they can take care of that he can get better without pressure everywhere. That's why he's in so much pain swelling pressure is awful. Hope they drain soon to relieve his pain. Poor Emma she needs to eat and keep up her strength.
    Take care and great big HUGS to you and Emma, Chrissie

  4. Thank you for updating us, he was the first thing I thought of this morning. Can you send me a mailing address to send him a card?
    Love you

  5. Cindy, I'd be happy to send Dan a card, Love You Lisa XO

  6. Thank you for the update. Like so many other people, Dan was the first thing on my mind this morning. I am so grateful to be part of this awesome community. Everybody is so QUICK to respond to others in need. Many here have supported me through some pretty tough times. We are all blessed to have such a wonderful Father in heaven, one who honors our faith.
    take care.
    Love and prayers,

  7. Thanks for the update Cindy. Mike and I would like to send Dan a card if you let me have the address, or should I sent it care of you - because of Christmas it will take about ten days to get there although he will probably still be in the hospital.  Let me know please.

  8. i have him in my prayers.....i can not imagine how tired Emma is and will be and how much stress you all are under!
    Love, lisa

  9. He's on so much medication I wouldn't worry about him not knowing the right day. Please let us know what the MRI shows as soon as you hear, ok?
    Keeping you all in my prayers.
    Pam xoxox

  10. It's great to have friebds like Chaz.I hope Emma eats more and keeps herself well.You too Cindy and get some rest when ever you can if it's only sitting.if you cannot sleep.Prayers continueing along with everyone elses.I hope there is an improvement int he next updat and they have relieved that swelling somehow.Take Care Hugs and Love to all the children,they will be so worried too in there timy little minds. God Bless Kath

  11. thank god for compassionate people like chaz....i feel so bad for emma right now sissy please PLEASE HUG HER FOR ME
    and give them kids a hug an kiss each for me

  12. Nice to hear of people like Chaz... AND his company.  I hope that all the support that is needed continues to come.


  13. Your whole family has my prayers.  Definitely keep us all updated.  (((HUGS)))

    Amy  (Sebastian, Sam, & Brennan's mom)

  14. Dearest Cindy,  Thank you for taking the time to let us know how things are going. It is so hard for you all.  My prayers are with you and I know that tomorrow in our Methodist Church many more will be joining the throng.  I am away now to make a card...will take some toem to reach so hope by the tim eit does  things will have improved so very much.  Love  sybil xx

  15. Cindy I am sending good thoughts, lots of prayers, and warm gentle hugs.  I hope things improve today.....  please take care of you as hard as it may be.
    love ya

  16. Cindy send best wishes and good thoughts, for you and your family
    Take care


  17. Cindy,
    I sure hope they will find out just what's going on today. I can't imagine how hard it would be not knowing. Thoughts and prayers continuing for all of you.

  18. Cindy, I continue to pray for Dan and your family.  Please be sure to take care of you so that you will have the strength and stamina to do what you need and want to do.  Hugs.  ~k

  19. Ipray that Dan will be ok.  I'm glad the job is doing the right thing by him.  When I got hurt on the job and had to have surgery, I never even got a phone call or a card!  They are probably hoping he doesn't sue the pants off them...  Hang in there!  And your daughter too!  Linda

  20. Sending prayers for God to give you all the strength you need.
    God Bless

  21. praying for the whole family and for the doctors to help Dan


  22. I hope the MRI results go well for Dan.
    Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers.
    Take care of yourself Cindy.

  23. I am all caught up on Dan, and I'm so sorry. I am praying hard for him. How awful. I'm happy that Emma is with him and his best friend. Hugs and many prayers your way. Love Marla

  24. oh cindy i am so so sorry...I have been kind of wrapped in funeral preparations and havent been reading my alerts...My prayers and heart go out to you and emma and dan....


  25. Dan has been and will continue to be in my prayers!

  26. Cindy I am so sorry to hear of Dan's accident. I have not been checking my alerts much  and just found out. Believe me when I say,he is in my prayers as well as your sweet daughter Emma and family. I am still in shock with the news. I am glad the Union is sticking by them and Emma has Chaz to lean on as well as her loving family.

    You are in my thoughts.
    God Bless.

  27. Cindy, thank you for keeping us updated!  I am continuing to hold Dan close in prayer.   I know this must be especially hard on Emma.. :/

    Stay strong.....all of you!


  28. Saying lots of prayers...
    God bless you all

  29. I'm so sorry to hear about Dan. I'll add him and all of your family to my prayers. ((( hugs)))  

  30. Glad to read another update to see how he is progressing.  I am glad his friend has been given permission to be with him and the family to see what he cn do for them.  This is so tough for all of you.  Now time be on his side!  Gerry  

  31. My prayers are with you.  CB

  32. Thanks for the updates and continuing prayers!


  33. Cindy, I have kept Dan  and you all in my thoughts since this has happend. I know I live way over the other side of the world, but it doesn't stop someone sending good vibes.
    Take care and try and get some slepp.
    Gaz xx

  34. I am glad they are just keep Dan asleep and out of it with the drugs that is best.  I am praying for you all...

    be well,

  35. I have a card for Dan, do I just mail it to Emma's house or does it go somewhere else? Email me addy I'll check it later I have to go back to the store for more supplies been making candy all day long. Thank goodness this is only one time a year.
    Take care and Hugs, Chrissie

  36. So sorry for this to have to happen now for the Holidays.
    Thank God for his life though, could be worse.
    Prayers, Delaine

  37. Continued prayers..this is just so hard at this time of year..