Saturday, December 8, 2007

My Week Past


Good Morning!!!!!!!! I hope aohell doesn't eat this entry, like I have read it has in others journals. Above are pics of my tree. I did have white lights on it, but the cord was green and looked awful. So Jim went out in search of lights with a white cord and was only able to find blue lights. Which actually looks so pretty on the white tree. I hope the 2 video's come up. One is of my granddaughter Marissa singing, the other is of it snowing the other day. Glad it rained last night and melted it all away, lol.

Let's see, I'll start with monday. At school from 12 to 3. Tuesday at school from 8:20am til 3:15pm, exhausted when I came home. Wednesday at school another full day. This time got out at 3:30. Helped teacher clean up room. Thursday, stayed home with Rebecca. She wasn't feeling well the night before and had me up half the night, with her vomiting. She's ok now. Friday, at the school from 12 to almost 4pm. I helped the teacher clean up the room and clear out fridge. I bring home all the extra cartons of milk and cereal and packs of graham crackers. Then I share them with Emma for her kids. We don't buy cereal anymore, lol. Tuesday and wednesday were bad days. Those kids were so wired and just would not listen. We had kindergarten kids going to vice principal for fighting, 5 and 6 yr olds. Two had to go to the nurse for facial wounds, bruised and scraped. Another child sent to school with ringworm!!! Sent home, cannot come back until seen by doctor. One child will not stay in school unless his mother stays with him, and after a couple hours he wants to go home. Another will walk up to someone and hit him or her for no reason. Then there's the cryers, who cry for stupid things like someone won't let him have right then and there a certain color crayon. The teacher and I both agree, some of these kids are just too immature and not at all ready for kindergarten. For some, kindergarten kids we are a babysitting service for theparents, free of charge. The teacher buys out of her own pocket all scissors, crayons, colored pencils, glue, and whatever alse they need to do their school work with. This past week, she spent 70.00 on materials for these kids. They do not know how lucky they are to have such a nice teacher as they have now. The teacher and I have become friends. When the kids go to lunch, we go out to my van and sit and chat. She has to otherwise she is bothered by other students from other classes and other teachers. She does need a break sometimes. I know all about her life, kids, ex husband, boyfriend and she knows all about our family life. It is nice having someone I can chat with in real life, lol. My apartment is in shambles. It needs a thorough cleaning so bad. I will do that tomorrow.

Today I have to go to Emma's and do a load of laundry, so I have something to wear to the christmas party that Jim's boss is having at some restaurant. I do not want to go, but it is all paid for, so we have too. Rebecca is going to spend the night at her sister's, because she'll probably be asleep by the time the party is over. Yea, I can sleep in tomorrow morning, lol.

Mommom I is doing ok, but she won't drink enough water and just nibbles on her meals. Joe told me last night, if she continues this and ends up in hospital again, he will have to agree that a nursing home would be better for her. He has to go back to work soon and he is worried about her.

I also want to thank Lisa,Missie,Nancy,Carol,Lyn,Chrissie,Kathy & Idris,LisaJo,Barbara,Gretchen and Maria for the wonderful christmas cards.

Before I go, LisaJo, I am so very sorry of your loss of your dear sweet furr baby Buddy. My heart and prayers go out to you and your family.

I have to go now and get Rebecca ready. Uncle Joe is taking his mom and Rebecca out. He is buying Rebecca boots, (workboots) lol, just like his. He just came up with a huge box full of cake, cupcakes and cookies from a benefit he went to last night. Nice Joe, she's all sugered up just in time for you to take her out, heeheehee.

Gotta go, Love you all.......................



  1. cindy i have missed you
    what a beautiful tree and love the vid of marissa singing
    hope everyone is well
    have a good time at the christmas party
    love emily
    ps baby is getting so big adorable pic of the 2 of you!

  2. Wow, how frustrating it must be that this caring teacher has to deal with kids who obviously have some parents who aren't very good parents or did not prepare their kids for real school. Both of my kids went to Head Start and it was a Godsend....Love the videos....they kept stopping and restarting though. I love the tree too.....i like trees of different colors.....i love nutcrackers have great decorations. Oh aren't you BEAUTIFUL! I love seeing you.....the baby is a doll too....i can see you in her. Try to enjoy that party if you can and take lots of pics. Thank you Cin, for caring about Buddy.
    LOVE, lj

  3. I have so missed you, Cindy.  You should be getting your package anytime soon now.  I can't wait.  And Marissa looked like a VERY reluctant singer.  She's a cutie pie anyway.  It's bad that parents don't buy their own kids stuff.  There used to be a list they sent out at the first of school what the child needed.  I hate it that she has to go in her own pocket.  She sounds like a wonderful person.  The story you told about kindergarten is why Katie will be homeschooled with a group of other children.  At the very least, the private school.  Kids learn from each other even more than from the teacher sometimes. I am deprogramming enough!!!

    Again, I sure do miss you,

  4. You have been so busy with your new job, ok so the apartment is a mess, it can wait.
    I detected the glee in your voice as you about Rebbeca being all 'sugared up' when she was going shopping with Joe, LOLOLOL.
    Gaz xxx

  5. Awww bless Marissa singing that lovely Christmas message to us.Very sweet.A few tears I am afraid,I get very sentimental when children sing.Your decorations look lovely Cindy,It's lovely to read you have made a good friend in the teacher too ,Glad Mommon is doing as well as can be expeceted.Br snow keep it thankyou haaa.I had to laugh at the workboots LOL!!Have a lovely time tonight.Take Care God Bless. Kath

  6. Cindy, Glad Rebecca is feeling better, I love the picture of you and Adrianna, that is nice you and the teacher have become friends, Love You Lisa XO

  7. Thanks Cindy,  what a busy week you have had.  The photo's are lovely. The tree is so pretty.  I don't have a tree nowadays  My houes is a wee bit on the small size but once I get some decorations up I will take some photo's I will shar ethem with you. My Sister is comming on Thursday and will put everything up.  LOve Sybil xx   Have a lovely weekend,

  8. I love, love, love the tree.  I wish I could see it lit up, but those pics are hard to get to come out right.....

  9. I love your tree!! White tree with blue is my favorite color combo for a tree! If I get another one that is what I want....white with blue decorations! I love it!
    Your decorations look so pretty. I like the Santa in the tub! LOL! I love the pic of you holding Adrianna. It's a very good one!!
    Glad you are enjoying your job and have made friends with the teacher.
    Thanks for sharing this with us.
    Love you girlfriend.

  10. Your tree and decorations are beautiful!!  I only got one video to see but it was fun seeing the snow fall some place else :)

  11. Just a quick comment to say I love your decorations. The tree is beauitful!
    Have a good wkend.

  12. Love the pictures! And I think that lil' tree for your grandbaby in heaven is WONDERFUL!!!!! I also agree with you about kindergarten being a babysitting service for other kids that are not ready, lets face it, it's cheap alternative if they are nearing age but NOT QUITE ready. go to the work party and have a great time, it's great to get a free good meal!!!! And a night OUT!
    Hugs Sis

  13. LOL Joe must forget how it is to have little ones around. He'll learn when the sugar rush hits. You have been busy. I hope you have a nice time tonight at the party. Heck it's free so go have a good time. Loved the videos and stuff. We never got any snow now it's gonna pour rain all weekend and week.
    Take care, Chrissie

  14. Sounds like you have been very busy!!!

    God Bless

  15. what a week:) enjoy your weekend:) i love the singer cute


  16. The tree looks lovely. Loved to hear Marissa singing.
    You have been one busy lady this week Cindy.  Hope you had a really nice night out, and hope the food was good too.  Kindergarten sounds like a war zone. Sorry to hear Mommom is not too good. Have a good Sunday.

  17. thanks for my christmas card!!!!

  18. You sure have been busy !! I love the video, I tried to do one , but I'm clueless.
    Its great school is working out well, I bet Rebecca loves having you there.
    Hope you have a great time at the party ( was that last night? LOL)

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  20. Your week has been busy!  Love the tree.

  21. Very festive... enjoy the season...

    be well,

  22. What a busy week you had!
    Pretty tree :)


  23. Oh that nice teacher!  I do think teaching is demanding work.  My sister was one and the best but after a couple of years when they really loaded her down with classes, she fell ill and had to give it up altogether, so sometimes they overwork the good ones!  Gerry  

  24. I love your tree it is very pretty.
    You really had a busy week. Rebecca's teacher really is a nice person to buy all those supplies. I am glad that you and her are friends it is nice to have someone to chat with.

  25. Your tree looks very pretty, Cindy, and it's nice you had your very own little helper! :)

    Why does the teacher have to buy all those supplies for the kids?  Why doesn't the school supply them.  It is nice of her, but it doesn't seem right to me.  Maybe things are just different than when my kids were in school.

    The snow video almost looked like a christmas card!