Saturday, December 1, 2007

Update on Mommom and some added info

This picture is Mommom I with Rebecca over the summer out for a walk.

I think I have confused some of you, lol. Mommom I isn't my MIL. She is Joe's Mom. Joe is not my husband. He is our dear friend of over 20 years, and we live in the apartment above the home he owns and lives in. He has the downstairs as his home and we have the upstairs. We being Rebecca, and my husband Jim and I. I know it can be confusing with their names both having 3 letters and both beginning with the letter J. Jim/Joe. OK, I hope I fixed the confusion, lol.

Joe had my daughter Emma come over and clean the house, and sanitize the bedroom and bathroom, change the linens and towels and wash the blankets on his bed for his Mom. Tomorrow morning Joe will go to the hospital and get his Mom and bring her home to his house. As far as things go now, she will be staying with Joe. I have asked Joe about a nursing home. He says his brother wants to put their Mom in one in West Virginia, about 20 miles from where he lives in Pittsburgh. Joe said, NO WAY!!!!!!!! Mom would not like that. I have let Joe know that I am available if he needs help. When he returns back to work in a week, I am willing to stay with his Mom during the day and take care of her. I can stop the school aide job if need be. He knows I love his mother dearly and would do anything to help her. I can and have already flushed her gall bladder line that drains into a bag. I have changed the bag, I can take her sugar level test, I can check her pulse, heart rate, blood pressure and temperature. I can help her to bathe, dress, make sure she eats and drinks. I have experience working in a nursing home so I do know what to do. I already know which medication she takes and the times she has to take it. Joe said he is going to discuss with his 2 brothers and his sister about what should and needs to be done and he is going to let them know I am willing to care for her while he is at work. I told him if an emergency arises and she needs to go to the hospital, I will let them know which hospital to take her too, who her doctor is and give them medical information, then I will call Joe and his sister on their cell phones and let them know. I know it is alot I will be putting on myself, but believe me this lady is worth it. If you met her you would love her. She is smart, loving, kind and has so much spunk.

The doctor's say they can do no more for her. She cannot have the surgery to have the stent put in. She has an anyerizm (spelled wrong) in her stomach pressing against her kidney where they wanted to put the stent in. One kidney is totally gone and the other has lost about 90% of it's function. If they tried to put in the stent, it would kill her. They cannot put it near her heart due to her gall bladder and the tube going in up there to drain the fluid. The doctor said, take her home, keep her as comfortable as possible and just let nature take it's course. This was hard to hear, Joe broke down. Then I broke down writing the entry before this one. Emma rushed over with all 3 kids and I babysat them while she cleaned Joe's house. Jim took Joe out for a while to a friend of his to take Joe's mind off of things. Dan came here after work and picked Emma and the kids up. I had a wonderful visit with all 3 of my grandkids. I took lots of pics and made a couple video's of Adrianna. If I am up to it I will post them tonight.

Please keep this dear sweet lady in your prayers.


Love you all........................Cindy



  1. she sounds so nice......and i am really sorry for this....and will continue to pray for her. I understand who you are talking about when you name others.

  2. I thought Mommom was your MIL! But no matter, she's a dear lady in your life.
    See if they can't get Hospice involved. They can do wonders!!!! I worked for Hospice for awhile, it's a great group. They offer so many different kinds of help to the patient & the family. I had Hospicewith my Mom the last few mos of her life.
    My prayers are with you all.

  3. Cindy, sending up prayers for Mommom, she sounds like a great person, Love You Lisa XO

  4. prayers already under way for mommom1.....i love ya sissy

  5. Sugar has made a good suggestion. We used Hospice when my mother was sick with cancer. They are great people. They will see to it that she is not in any pain if it is at all possible. Plus they can see that she gets any medicines that is pertaining to this at no cost to Joe. They will see that a nurse visits her as needed plus helpers to bath her and change her bedclothes several times a week, they also have someone come a couple of times a week to do light housework which all this would really be a help to you if you take care of her. I will remember her and her family and friends in my prayers. Helen

  6. She sounds like a wonderful lady and you are blessed to have her in your life.  Praying she will be comfortable when that time comes.  Keeping Joe and his family in my prayers too.  Thanks for the update.

  7. That is so great of you to be willing to take on the care of this lady, who is obviously very special to you.  I hope that if you do you have some help like a home health nurse or Hospice.

  8. So sorry to hear that your dear friend is so poorly and its wonderful that you are looking out for her.  She is in the kindest and loving hands.  Hugs, Tells x

  9. Cindy, how wonderful that you will be able to help her and as such her whole family.  You really are such a dear.  Be blessed, Penny

  10. Can I borrow EMMA??!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Sorry I haven't been by in a while. I didn't know about Mommom. Sorry to hear she's so ill. Hospice does sound like a good idea. Will send up a prayer for her and Joe and all of you.
    Hugs, Barb

  12. Of course I will pray for Mommom....I am so sorry Cindy...Please tell Joe tha I will be praying for his mama...
    I think you are so sweet to offer yourself to do for her...
    love ya,

  13. From the picture she looks like a very loving person. I am glad Joe has a friend like you to help his mom. I will keep her in our prayers.

  14. You are remarkable for helping them the way you have, that is really good of you. And Emma too!!  They are very lucky to have you as friends.


  15. What a lovely picture Cindy.It does n't matter who she is,she is someone close to you and my prayers are for her and hers and you and yours, just the same.I hope everything goes well and I know you are the perfect person to look after this  this dear lady.Caring considarate,kind and thats what she needs at this time..Have a comfortable Sunday if posible.Prayers continueing.Take Care God Bless Kath

  16. I sure will my dear Cindy.  Did I tell you that every time I open your journal I look at your beautiful smiling face in your wedding dress and just can't stop but smile back at you .  

    I know this is not really much help but it might put things a little in prescpective with Mommom being an older lady.    My Nephew has a young girl at work 28 who was expecting her first baby.  She was told that baby had a bad heart and would have to be operated on almost as soon as it was born  so  that was expected.  She went into have baby on Wednesday and had her at around 3am.  At 8am Mum went for a shower..still in is in intensive care...and Mum had a severe heart attack and died in the shower.    Please pray for the poor Dad and all the families.
    Love   Sybil  xxx

  17. She must be a very special lady Cindy. You too are a special person for offering to take care of her at this time in her life.  I'm sure she would prefer to be at home with Joe. Keeping you all in my prayers.
    Sending hugs

  18. Things can change so quickly,this past summer she was out walking in the sunshine-now fighting to live.Life is so unpredictable.
    She sure is one blessed lady to have you in her life.
    Many prayers....

  19. What a lovely person you are Cindy ,if only there was a Cindy in all our lives when we get old and sick ,and Emma takes after her Mum ,looks like Rebecca is a little carer too ,,Bless you all,Prayers for Jan xx

  20. Your so sweet to offer your time for Joe's Mom, to help. I am sure he really appreciates it.
    Praying for a miracle.

  21. I am playing catch up with my alerts, I am glad Mommon is going to Joes, having you upstairs, will also be a great comfort to Mommon and a help for Joe too.
    Gaz xxxx

  22. Oh Cindy, I'm so sorry to hear this news. It's always hard, but seems harder during the Holidays..I'm sure Joe feels blessed to have a dear friend like you to help him with his Mom..
    Keeping all of you in my prayers,

  23. Cindy lovely photo of Mommom ~ she is so lucky to have you offering to help when Joe is at work ~ you are just so kind ~ keeping you all in my prayers ~ Ally x

  24. I agree with you on helping her. I dont' think she would be happy in a nursing facility either and I would do what I could to keep her out of it. I just love ya

  25. Prayers going out to Mommom...such a lovely lady.  You are such a wonderful person to step to the plate, and want to help her out.  That warms my heart.  
    Hope all goes well...and you have a great week ahead.  I love the photo!!!
    Hugs and love,

  26. You are the kind of friends and family I'd hope to have near me when I have little time left.
    Blessings on you and  the whole family for what you are doing to help them,

    Hugs for you, Nelishia

  27. Oh poor Mommom and Joe...  I hope she doesn't suffer, I know she will be well taken care of by you and be surrounded with love... Linda

  28. This lady looks as you say smart and kind.  It seems to show through in this photo.  You are kind to offer such good help.  Gerry

  29. Its good to hear family is pulling together, to help her be comfortable until she passes. If I had to do it, it would be HOSPICE, not a nursing home...but most people I would think would want to be home when they pass. I know I would. She looks like a wonderful loving lady, I can see why you love her so much.

  30. Sending prayers for mommom

    be well,

  31. Okay, this is more clarifying.  At least you do know what you offered, and I"m still thankful that you and Joe, and Emma and Rebecca and Jim, can be of support to MomMom.  She looks so good in this photo.  I hope your children and you remember her healthy moments, also.  I'm sure she knows that she is dear to you all.

  32. Aww.. poor Mommom she seems like such a sweet person to know. I hope that she is comfortable in her son's home and bravo for him not letting her go to a nursing home. I'm sure she'd prefer to rest at home. How wonderful of you to offer to help. I know you all love her so.
    Take care, Chrissie

  33. All of you will be kept in my prayers. She sounds like a wonderful woman, someone I would have loved to have met.