Wednesday, December 26, 2007

My Christmas

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. Mine was ok, except for a couple things. 1. Dan wasn't here, and 2 we all have some nasty virus. Everyone was sick, hardly ate anything. I have a fridge full of leftovers. My entire apartment is trashed and I mean trashed and I can't get up to clean it. I'm fine sitting down but as soon as I get up and move around I am in the bathroom speaking to the porceline god. And talk about the chills. Jim has it too. But he went to work anyways. If he would of called out he'd of lost 2 days pay, cause the boss wouldn't of paid him for yesterday. And when you live paycheck to paycheck 2 days pay is alot to lose. So anyways, yesterday we opened gifts, and sat and chatted. My sister Lucys son Eddie came over. He was so sick with a head and chest cold, but didn't want to be alone for christmas. I'm glad he was here. His ex girlfriend Katie was here and their daughter Kaylei. I am hoping they get back together. I always liked Katie. She is so pleasant, and a very good mom to Kaylei. Katie is going to nursing school. So far she has gotten 4 A's and 2 B's in her tests. I am so proud of her. It was strange yesterday not having Dan here with us. But if he keeps going the way he is, he'll be home in no time at all. Here's what is going on with him. Finally someone who could do MRI's and Cat Scans properly was able to get pictures of Dan's body that weren't all distorted and cloudy looking. There is no fracture in Dan's neck, but he does have a seriously sprained neck. His pelvis is not fractured, but it is bruised real bad. The back pain is being caused by the soft tissue damage and the fluid that was building up on it. He was given steroids for the inflamation. A therapist guy came in a couple times a day and lifted Dans knees to his stomach. Everytime he did this Dan would throw up anything liquid he drank or even if he hadn't drank anything. They took him off of morphine and are now giving him something stronger for pain. He does have 3 broken ribs. They have been getting him up out of bed and sitting him in a reclining chair each day, and Dan says a huge lady with a major attitude, lol, comes in his room 3 times a day and says, OK honey guess what? Your gonna learn to walk again. Dan tells her I can't, I hurt. She says good, I want you to hurt, no pain no gain, lol. Well the first time walking was hard and Dan cried out in pain, but she made him do it. He took 6 steps and said he was done. Umm nope your not she tells him, take 2 more steps. He has to use a walker to keep himself steady, but he is walking a few steps more each time. I honestly believe he wouldn't have accomplished all this at this time if it weren't for your thoughts and prayers. I'd better go now. Thank you everyone.

Love to all.............CINDY


  1. So happy to hear Dan is doing well...Praise God!!!
    Sorry all are sick with a virus, hope it passes soon.
    My love & big hugs to you, you look cute as a bug with new hrcut! ;)

  2. Awwwwww Cindy, I am so sorry you all were'nt feeling well, Hope you all feel better soon, Still praying for Dan , Love You Lisa XO

  3. So glad to hear the report on Dan and him getting better. So sorry that all of you are sick did Eddie bring it with him. I know what you mean I was until 1130pm last night cleaning up the mess of the day. Get some rest.
    Take care and Hugs, Chrissie

  4. Oh my goodness, I can't believe he is doing this well.  This seems like a miracle. I am wondering if the address I got from you is the one after he changed hospitals.  I do so want to send words of encouragement.  You poor guys all sick  Well, you have had enough stress to lower your resistence for sure.  Gerry

  5. Wow he really is doing great isn't he.  I'm glad he has that huge lady with the attitude pushing him.  :-) He'll be home soon I think!  


  6. Hi Cindy,
    I can't tell you how much I enjoyed your pictures! I just sat here and took my time with each one. Rebecca looks like she really enjoyed her Christmas! And Dan looks really good! I'm glad to hear he's walking!
    I like your new haircut, too! Much better than the longer hair. But, I can't believe you have NO grey at all?? I'm GREEN with envy!!
    Sorry everyone felt poorly, but I'm glad you all had a good time anyway.
    Love ya MUCH,
    Pam xoxox

  7. Cindy love your pictures ~ they are all lovely ~ sorry you have all been feeling off colour hope you are feeling better today ~ Keeping Dan in my thoughts and hoping he will be home soon ~ Ally x

  8. Merry Christmas Cindy, loved all the pics.  Glad to hear Dan is making progress, hope everyone starts feeling better.  Take Card  PS love your new hair-do


  9. I see baby girl got her nutcracker she asked for, lol.  Her smile was so big!  Glad to hear Dan is working towards complete healing.  God is good!  Hope you feell better soon, I have a cold or something and came home early from work.  Its raining and cold and a good day to sleep!

  10. Still sending those good thoughts across this big pond Cindy. Let's all hope Dan gets home soon.
    Gaz x

  11. Cindy,
    I am a stranger to you and to this journal land.....I have writen to myself for 2 years now, about how hard it has been without my daughter. She too had broken ribs, broken pelvis, and numerous other injuries. She was also 7 monts pregnant when she died.
    So when I read about Dan, and your daughter and a new baby, I thought it is going to happen again. Another broken hearted family.
    When I read about Dan falling, I swear I thought you would have lost him.

    God has given you a miracle. I saw Dan's picture and what a fighter he is.
    That man must have convinced himself he was NOT going to leave his family.
    Of all the odds in this world, with a fall like Dan took, he should not be here.
    HE IS STILL HERE!!   God and all these prayes have kept him here. I AM CONVINCED OF THAT.

    Talk about miracles....I too, had a miracle ..when I phoned my step son for Christmas , he said Mom , (his wife) is in the hospital...she was pregnant..not due until February.....They delivered a baby BOY 4.5 oz.....This is truly a big Christmas Miracle.
    I am so happy for you and for Dan and Emma and their children.

    A Virus, being tired, dirty houses, who cares......It has been a miracle.
    You tell that son in law.....HE is one BLESSED MAN.
    GO rest.... I will continue to pray for Dan and may his healing not be too long...

  12. I'm so happy Dan is walking!  I've had in my prayers for Dan to walk again!  I was really worried he might not!  Prayers answered!  Hope you feel better soon.

  13. loved the pictures, thanks!!  Great news about Dan... but know I am still sending prayers and good wishes.
    love ya

  14. That is wonderful that his neck is not fractured.  He will come on in leaps and bounds now. Sorry you are all under the weather, there is so much of it around over here.

  15. So sorry you're sick but praise God on the news about Dan--will keep praying for him and your whole family!

    God Bless


  16. Dearest Cindy,  My heart goes out to you at that awful Christmas day you all had. We will have to look forward to NEXT CHRISTMAS !!  Mary has just said maybe when Dan gets home you could have another make up for the one you have all lost.... However I am so glad the the prognoses is so much better, Praise the Lord he is Good.    Prayers still winging there way though that things keep going well  Loev and XX to you and Emma X   and of course the rest of the family.  Much Love  Sybil xx

  17. Sorry Cindy,  It's me again  I forgot to say that the photo's are great.  I do so admire you making it special for the wee ones.  LOVE the new haircut.  have I ever told you you look very much like my much loved niece Jacqueline  even the same age I think !  she was down fro Christmas with Mike her very poorly husband who is 20 years older than she is but is lovely.  Love Sybil xx

  18. Sorry to hear that you are not well, I hope you are all better soon.  So happy to see that Dan is improving and it seems like a miracle.  The photos were great and so nice to see Rebecca enjoying opening her lovely presents.  Hugs, Tells x

  19. I am sorry you all got the dreaded bug.There has been plenty around in England the same I have heard.I am also so pleased at Dans progress and as long as the huge lady as you call her, is sure she knows what she is doing.Which I believe she will .Then sometimes we have to be cruel to be kind,so the saying goes.He has done realy well.So pleased to read so.I do hope you all get better soon.Prayers continueing for you all.Take Care God Bless Kath astoriasand

  20. Sorry to hear you weren't feeling well on Christmas!
    That is god news about Dan though! Hope he is starting to feel somewhat better!

    ~~Happy New Year~~


  21. Ha, drill sargeant to Dan!  Well, some people need a bit of a push, and some will push themselves.  I'm glad to hear he has been starting to walk some.  PHEW.

    Sorry all ahve been so sick.  What is it when people won't get paid for legitimately being out SICK sick for a day or 2.  Shaking my head.  I'm glad your nephew and family were there:)  Other than being sick as all, #1 and #2 you list, it seemed good.

  22. Sorry to hear you have the dreaded lurgy.  I think everyone in the whole world has got this virus.
    Dan looks very well to say it has only been a few days since his accident.  So glad to hear he has no major fractures.  I think he received a miracle.
    Loved the photos. Thanks for sharing.
    Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

  23. speak of viruses and yup i had it too so i can sympathize with you....tell that mean nurse to keep it up..i want my nephew to be walking again SOON!!..i can not get over how much eddie looks like his uncle Paul!...i'll continue to pray for dan's speedy recovery and kiss that precious angel for me plz?
    love you sissy nancy

  24. I am so sorry that you all are sick......that just makes Christmas miserable....BUT PRAISE GOD that Dan is moving....I know he is overwhelmed by pain....but he needs those tough therapists around me to keep fighting and using his muscles so he could go home...from the sounds of it...he will be home in no time....this is GREAT prayers will continue....take care

  25. So wonderful that Dan's ultimately fine and will heal up beautifully and be home with his family soon!! I hope you all heal up from the nasty stomach virus soon too.

    God Bless and continued prayers


  26.  I am so glad he is doing better.  May each day bring continued improvement.


  27. Thank you for the pictures:) Dan looks great sitting up :) praying he will be home soon


  28. So glad to hear that Dan is doing better, sounds like he will be ok. Sorry to hear you are all sick. Don't worry about the mess -- it will be there waiting when you feel better. Martha

  29. Sorry to hear you all are sick, boooo nothing worse.
    Darling daughter looks so cute with all her gifts!
    Glad to hear Dan is doing much better for sure!!!

  30. well, i am thrilled to hear about Dan's progress.  and those PT's are special people that really know how to deal with those that are feeling discouraged by the pain.  

    so sorry you are all sick.  that is too bad, especially at Christmas....take care and get some rest while you can...

  31. SO happy to know that Dan will be ok....i do know the pain he is going thru...Rick wrecked his motorcycle and broke his neck and 3 ribs and he was in such hell for weeks....i have all of you in prayer...i am so very sorry you are sick and just know i love you!

  32. Praise God...I am so happy about Dan getting better!!! Please tell your daughter I am praying for them all. She is a strong little lady isn't she???Just like her mama!
    love ya,

  33. What good news that Dan is getting better. I am so glad.
    Sorry you are all sick and hope all are feeling better soon.

  34. So glad to hear that Dan is coming along in his recovery. It will take a while, but Thank God he's alive and getting better. Your daughter must be a very strong girl.
     Sorry to hear that you were all ill on Christmas. We were blessed to be all healthy this year. A little unhappy though that the girls were 11oo miles away with their "mother". Theyshould be home in abt. 3 days. Not soon enough for me.
    Well, I hope you all recovering from your virus. Have a joyfilled and Happy 2008.
    JHugs, Barb    

  35. What great news about up and around!
    Great pictures as always!
    Hope you all feel better soon

  36. Well, I do hope you are all feeling better now!  Glad to hear that Dan is doing so well.  Thank You Lord for that blessing.

  37. Sounds like Dan is on the mend, that was such a long way to fall. So scary. Hope everyone gets well and Dan is able to come home really soon.

  38. I used to work in the rehab section of the hospital for years and the therapist that would come, whooo boy, the patients called them PHYSICAL TERRORISTS instead of physical therapists for a reason! lmbo.  I've been praying so hard for him and he's on every pray list I can think of, hundreds.  He's a miracle for sure!

    Love you too,


  39. Thank god Dan is home, and is making a little progress, send good thoughts and prayers your way. Sorry to hear the rest of you are unwell, and hope 2008 is better for all of you.