Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hmm Should I?

  Yep, I will. I am taking the morning off from the classroom. Yesterday when I arrived at my daughter's house at 8:20, I had just sat down to a cup of coffee and was holding the baby Adrianna and my cellphone started ringing. It was Phylis, Rebecca's teacher. First thought was oh god my kid was either hurt or sick. It was neither. The teacher was sick and said she wouldn't be in and the substitute called her all frantic. Phylis asked me if I could go in and run her through everything that was suppose to be done. No problem, I know the classroom and I know how it is to be ran. So, I quickly finished my coffee and headed back to the school. The kids were coloring, lol. No worksheets were done, no books read, just coloring. The kids were not asked the day, month, date, year yet. That is something we do every morning. Ok, we got that done. Next was 2 worksheets, done that. It was then time for them to go to lunch. Back from lunch, read a story to the kids. Two more worksheets to do, then a movie was put on. Lady and the Tramp was the choice. Fill out behavior charts, get book bags and put their juice and graham crackers in book bags to take home, get coats and time to go home. What a day it was. I felt like I was the teacher, lol. Then......... earlier in the morning, around 10:00am, another substitute walks in. Her name is Ms. Lucy, an older lady. She was Ukranian. She's from the old school of teachings, very thick accent. You really had to listen to her to know what she was saying. My first opinion, she should not be a teacher of anykind. This teacher threatened to punish these kids, stand them in corner for the day. Ummmm, No I said. In this class we do not do that. We pull a ticket, and at the end of the week if they do not have 3's and 4's only they do not pick a prize from the prize box. Then she starts telling me her son works for the FBI, and makes 88.00 an hour, that she herself is an artist, that she has a medical degree, and that......get this one, she cannot get a teaching certificate in Philadelphia, for reasons she does not know why. Ok, now if you do not have a teaching certificate why are you allowed to be a substitute teacher? Something about her just wasn't right. All she did the whole day was sit and draw and yell at these children. She was actually making me mad and also the other substitute also. We wereglad when she never came back to the room after the kids returned from Library. Phylis is absent today again. I tried to call her this morning to see how she is and got her voicemail. I left her a message to call me. Hopefully she'll be back tomorrow and the classroom will get back to normal.

As for the christmas party saturday night. It was a beautiful place. Huge fireplaces burning, in wall aquariums full of tropical fish. It was all decorated inside with tree's and lights, candles. The food was out of this world. Delicious it was. Jim and I shared an appetizer of Clam's Casino. Then he had a bowl of this fabulous tomato and roasted red pepper soup and I had a salad. Next we enjoyed our meal. Jim had Prime rib, baked potatoe with sourcream and chives, baked zuchinni, and I had Shrimp Scampi, I had 3 glasses of coca cola (they didn't have pepsi, grrrr) and Jim had 3 glasses of Coor's light beer. Jim had dessert of Pumpkin cheesecake. I didn't want any, I was stuffed. The prices were soooooooo expensive. Here is the prices of what Jim and I had.

Appetizer's  14.75      Salad    6.50      Soup     7.75    

Cheesecake   5.75     Shrimp Scampi    21.00

Prime Rib      34.00   3 Glasses beer  16.50

3 glasses soda   12.00   cup of coffee     2.75

Total:  $ 121.00

There were 24 of us there. The cheapest meal was a plate of egg noodles with alfredo sauce for 15.00, which is what the youngest employee and his girlfriend had and didn't even eat hardly any of it. They didn't like it. The boss, he's a big man and looks just like Captain Kangaroo. Anyone remember him from their childhood? Bosses name is Ed and he sat there and drank 3 bottles of wine himself, except for 1 glass which his wife drank. LOL. The price of that wine per bottle was 85.00. Jim came home yesterday and told me the bill for the christmas party was almost 2000.00, wow. But it was nice, lots of laughs, met nice people for the first time and we really enjoyed ourselves. I didn't take my camera, but others did. I will try and get a copy of the pics from those who took pictures so I can share them with you.

Well, it is going on 10:30 and I need to run out to the store, then head to the school. I wonder who has tickets pulled so far, lol. I bet I can name a few of them right now without even seeing their tickets.

Oh, and upon returning home from school yesterday there was a package in my door. Inside the package was..........

 Nelishia thank you so much for making these for me. I love them. And my granddaughter and my lil great-niece are gonna look so cute in them.

Guess I better go now. Have a great day all.

Love ya.....................



  1. Capt Kangaroo, huh? That story is hilarious.....wow, that foreign teacher sounds like she had a screw or two loose...good thing you were there! Glad you went to the party and had a good time also....wish you had pics to show.
    LOVE, lisa

  2. Cindy, how nice you filled in for Phyllis, I hope she feels better soon, Cute booties, Love You Lisa XO

  3. Wow someone needs to tell that lady you draw more flies with honey than you do vinegar. Everyone knows with kids, puppies, anyone really, positive reinforcement works better than negativity. What kind of motivation does yelling promote? No wonder she cant be a teacher...she is too busy being a disciplinarian sounds like to me. I would have been glad she didnt come back too. The booties are just so cute!

  4. Glad you had a good day with the children.  I remember teachers like that when I was at school, they should never have gone into the profession.  I love the little booties!


  5. Thank goodness the kids have you there to keep things in order for them! You should be a teacher Cindy! You are good with kids and know the ropes.
    LOL on Captain Kangaroo!! I remember him well. Now that shows our age, doesn't it?? LOL!
    Have a good day and stay warm!!
    Love ya,
    Pam xoxoxox

  6. No way to go shouting at children what a teacher if she calls herself one.I don't think she is fit.The night out sounds fantastic ,the food pricey,but what the heck once a year I say go for it LOL.Happy to read you enjoyed it both of you.....You would make the perfect childrens teacher Cindy,I am sure of that.Prayers Phylis is soon well and back with you in the classroom.The bootiees are adorable Aww .Take Care God Bless Kath
    astoriasand http://journals.aol.co.uk/astoriasand/MYSIMPLERHYMES

  7. The kids are lucky to have you. You sound like a teacher!!!    It makes you wonder how many more foreign teachers without qualifications there are in our schools.  Those little booties are beautiful.  What a kind person Nelishia is for making them for you.
    Hope teacher is better soon.

  8. No one has to have a teaching certificate to sub over here either.  You can apply off the street. Glad you were around to know what is suppose to be done. I'm sure the teacher really appreciated you helping like that. Christmas party sounded like fun. Things are really expensive and the sad thing is half the time that is the stuff that tastes the worst. You're paying for the scenary not the food. Love the baby booties so precious.
    Take care, Chrissie

  9. Hi Cindy sounds like you are still having such a busy time.  Thank goodness they have someone like you to fall back on. That teacher sounds awful. Loved the bootees. Take care Kathie.  Thanks again for the christmas card I was delighted.

  10. Gosh Cindy you sure had a busy day.  Thank goodness you were at the end of the phone to go and help out.  The Christmas Party sounded good...the prices..!!  thanks goodness you were not paying for it !!!  Remember to take plenty of rest in between the work.  Love  Sybil xx

  11. Cindy you were probably better than the teacher taking over the class at a minutes notice ~ bet they are glad they have you on their team ~ and it sounds like you really enjoy doing it ~ glad the Christmas party went well it sounded like a beautiful place ~ and the food sounded lovely ~ those prices were a bit high wern't they ~ glad you didn't have to foot that bill :o) ~ would like to see some of the Photographs ~ Ally x

  12. omg sissy what a day you had....those booties are gorgeous too

  13. That substitute teacher from the ukraine sounds a bit suspicious to me too...something is not right....but if she does have a degree - in something - in some states you can qualify to be a sub even tho the degree is not in teaching (because of such a shortage of teachers). But she sounds like a night mare.
    I am glad you were there for the kids when the regular teacher could not be....kids (especially at that age) need consistency in their routine...so you provided that - and that will help them in the long run.
    That dinner sounded fabulous....but what a bill!!!! I just about dropped my jaw looking at that.
    I hope the rest of your week is marvelous...

  14. hope you have a good week:)


  15. busy busy day for you!  and those booties are wonderful!  isn't hse talented?

  16. it sounds like a nice place you went to eat. I'm happy that you were in that classroom. It sounded like you loved it and I bet you did a great job. Better then Ms. Lucy.

  17. You should be the Subsitute ! I hope the teacher is back soon.
    Dinner sounded great ! I remember Captain Kangaroo.
    Those booties are soooo cute !

  18. Enjoy your day.  Those booties are adorable!

  19. I'll be homeschooling my little cutie with a group of other children and 'teachers' like that are one of the reason.  That Ukrainian sounds like a socio-path to me.  NO WAY would I want her around children.  She needs to go sit down and draw somewhere else.  Geesh!

    So glad you are enjoying the booties!  


  20. so much in this entry.  That Ukranian teacher!  I can remember having a few strange ones to deal with, when my kids went to scool.  My daughter had Andy Bombeck, humorist Erma Bombeck's son for her 5th grade teacher and she was so inspired by the writing connection she wrote him such a hairy life story he called me in to see if I thought she might need counseling! Boy, was your was it office Christmas party sumptuous.  I have never heard of one quite this expensive! Course I don't travel in the circles of the rich.  And what neat little booties Nelishia makes.  I made it over to her corchet journal, but I have no grandchildren even close to that age.  Nelishia needs to perserve her eyes!  Gerry  http://journas.aol.com/gehi6/daughters-of-the-shadow-men/  

  21. That place sounds expensive!  Good though.  The booties are cute!  Linda

  22. Too bad you can't be the substitute!
    Those booties are adorable :)