Friday, December 28, 2007

Dan and More

  With all that has happened over the past week, I didn't really get to use any christmas tags. Hopefully I can get a few put in here tonight. I've been trying to get to alot of your journals, and read all about your christmas. I have seen so many happy smiling faces, delicious looking meals and cute lil pets. I still have 125 journals to read yet, but I will get to them.

I enjoyed being with my family for christmas, but I didn't enjoy being so sick. Even though I had chills, fever, sore throat, ear ache, chest congestion, throwing up and diareha (sorry) I still cooked a christmas dinner of Turkey, stuffing, baked ham, mashed potatoes, gravy, yams and apples, greenbeans, cranberry sauce and rolls. People ate, but they didn't pig out. They picked and nibbled. But we had alot of laughs watching the lil one's play and color in these huge coloring books Uncle Joe got them for christmas. They all unwrapped their gift's. Emma loves the electric griddle we got her and Dan. We got Daniel a 2 pc sweatsuit, pants and jacket and a big Thomas the Train flashlight. He loves it. Marissa got her favorites, card games, stickerbook, stickers.

When everyone had left, my house was totally trashed, dirty dishes all over the kitchen, and I was not feeling good at all. Jim went off to bed, and about 30 minutes later it was time for Rebecca to go to bed. But she had to wait. Everytime I stood up I got so dizzy. I knew what was coming, so I headed to the bathroom for another chat with the porceline god. I quickly put Rebecca to bed, went to the kitchen to make a cup of tea, and thank god for trash cans cause out it came again with no warning. I hate being sick. The only time I wasn't feeling dizzy was when I was sitting or laying down. Finally I gave up and went to bed. I'm still not 100%, but I am feeling alot better.

Today I stayed in my Pj's all day. I cleaned my kitchen, folded about 15 loads of laundry and put it away. I was exhausted after that. Jim came home and said to order pizza for dinner so, I didn't have to cook, woohooo. Emma called me earlier. She said Dan was sweating, in alot of pain and was having trouble breathing. She called his doctor and he called in a stronger pain med for Dan. Dan seemed to be a little better after the med got into his system. He had alot of trouble walking today due to the pain he was in. Tomorrow we are giving Emma a little break. Jim and I are taking Rebecca, Marissa, Daniel and Adrianna for the day and going to visit Jim's Grandmom and his parents. Jim's Mom said we're brave in taking all 4 kids, lol. But I figure Emma needs a little break. Having 3 kids at home to care for, and Taking care of Dan and she is sick herself a little breather from the kids will do her good. Besides Jim's Grandmother is 99 years old now, and who knows how much longer she will be with us, and I want the kids to get to know her. Everytime she see's them she has a big smile on her face. I will take my camera and get lots of pictures. Well, I guess that is about it for now. I'm tired and I think I'll read some email then go to bed. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and get some rest from all the celebrating this past week.

Love to all...................



  1. Cindy, I sure hope you are feeling better by now, Dan's card is on the way, Love You Lisa XO

  2. Being that sick and still cooking, I commend you. I couldnt do it. I would have to cancel out. I am glad your feeling better. Dont push yourself too hard, try to rest as much as you can.

  3. I hope your feeling better you poor thing. Have fun with all the kids tomorrow. LOL. But it would give Emma a nice break. My prayers to Dan and all you guys.

  4. So glad you are feeling better -- as if you haven't had enought to deal with already lately! Good luck with the 4 kids tomorrow! Can't wait to see the photos.
    Martha :-)

  5. Glad you feeling a bit better, such a strain for you all , enjoy your time with the grandkids tommorrow.
    Hope you feel much better soon


  6. you are a strong woman to do all that cooking and hosting Christmas and being that sick.  i am so glad you are feeling better....
    take care and remember, you need some rest too.  I think it is great how you and emma help each other out so much!!!

  7. being sick and getting all that done.  You amaze me!!!  Glad you are starting to feel better.  Good vibes to Dan

  8. Wow I don't know how you did all that being sick, I am glad you are feeling better and getting things caught up.  That is so nice of you to take the kids building memories for them with Jim's grandma that is really important. I am looking forward to seeing the pictures.
    Have a wonderful week end.

  9. I think the kids will be just fine you with and Jim. Hope everyone gets well soon. Rest when you get a chance. You sound like me I think I'm on my 6th load of laundry tonight. Have more to go. Can't wait to see more pictures thanks for including us in your life. You guys be very careful traveling.
    Take care and Hugs, Chrissie

  10. I was ill all over Christmas too, I know how you feel.
    Gaz x

  11. I am glad you're up to taking on that many young'uns as we say down here.  I look forward to lots of pics.  I know Jim's grandmother is going to be so excited to see great grandbabies.  I hope they are good for you and have a safe trip.

    Love, Nelishia

  12. Morning Cindy,,,or whatever time you might be reading this !!   I have a feeling you are going to be even more exhausted after today....still hopefully it will be a good exhaustion after habing a really great day out with everyone.  MInd and find some time for yourself as well gove so much to everyone you have to give a wee while to yourself as well.  Sorry Dan isn't quite so well but it will be  up and down for some time......  poor Emma.....Much Love  Sybil xxx

  13. I don't know how you cooked all of that food and had a holiday while being sick. How did you do it?? I couldn't have done it. I'd have had to postpone Xmas!
    I hope you have fun with the kids. Take it easy and don't overdue it. I'm looking forward to the pictures.
    Love ya.
    Pam xoxox

  14. You shouldn't have tried to cook all that when you were so sick. Maybe a ham so they could have some sandwiches. I hope you soon get well and thay Emma does also and that Dan will feel better and get some of his strength back. Helen

  15. This has been a very difficult year for you and your family and then you being ill as well over the last couple of days.  I hope the trip to see Grandma goes well and that Dan's pain control is more effective.  Hugs, Tells x

  16. Sorry you were so sick over Christmas Cindy.  How on earth did you cope????? Hope you feel better soon and that Dan continues to improve.

  17. Boy, Cindy, with all thats going on , your sick on top of everything.
    What a great gift for Emma, kid free day to rest up and take care of Dan. That was a  great idea.

  18. Not to worry about all of us...we are concerned about you...and how you feel.  Please take good care of yourself....I am worried about your dizziness.  Hope you have a beautiful and healthy NEW YEAR....hugs and love always,

  19. Sorry to hear you've been sick! So glad Dan is doing better, when I think what good have happened....oh my!
    Please take good care of yourself, get some rest.

  20. I sure hope you continue to get feeling better and so does Emma,  glad everyone is doing well :)

  21. WOW, you are an angel on earth, Cin!!
    Take lots of pics...i so very much want to see this 99 yr old grandma. Jessie was 98 and a half when God took her home.
    I am glad Dan has more meds....i hope he doesnt over do it and strain himself. I am so sorry you are ill and that Emma is too. I pray you all are better soon. Be safe.
    LOVE, lisa

  22. Geez, Cindy, who DO we women do things like this to ourselves, cook and clean while we're so sick we can't stand up" LOL. I'm glad your hubby sent out for pizza. You deserved a break, well, actually a thousand of them. I'm sorry you're feeling so crappy, and Emma too. Hope you both get to feelin better soon. Keeping Dan in prayers, and all of you as well.
    Have an AWESOME day, spend it in bed if possible.

  23. Pizza wouldn't be my first choice for take out, but I would jump at the opportunity to not cook!  LOL

    Hope you all have a nice visit with Jim's parents and grandmother!  

    Continued good thoughts and prayers Dan's way.  :)

  24. girl you made my mind up for me pizza is what i will be having for dinner too
    i sure hope everyone there starts feeling better

  25. Hello,
    So sorry that you have been so ill. Get better soon :)
    We had a nice holiday with lots of family. I have my sis and Dad coming tomorrow for just one night. I can't wait!
    Get well soon!


  26. Enjoy the visit with Jim's grandmother. I hope Emma and Dan can both get some rest. I think it's time for you to involk the rule of the Holiday's we have...if you are there to eat, you're there to help clean up! We always had a sink full of hot, soapy water and as the plates emptied, you washed up your plate and silverware, dried them, and put them away. If it was paper dishes, you cleaned up. If pots and pans were dirtied...someone who didn't cook in them cleaned them up as they were that by the end of the meal there was only a few things to wash!

    As the one who does the cooking now, I appreciate that rule that was set up and shown to me growing up! Whether it was at my dad's mom's house or my own parents there always seemed to be someone in the kitchen helping clean up. I have absolutely no memories of my Grandma EVER having to wash a single dish after a Thanksgiving or Christmas meal...which imo is perfect!

    God Bless and I look forward to the pictures!


  27. I hope you are feeling better soon. I havent had a chance to use much of my Xmas tags either... God bless, Win =.)

  28. Catching up here a bit Cindy.  So sorry to hear you have been ill.  How horrible for you and you still cooked.!!!  You are a trooper.  I think they should have helped clean up a bit though.  sorry, but that's what I think.
    How you will feel better soon.
    I too think you are brave taking all the little ones, but hope you have a great day.  Looking forward to seeing the photos.
    Hope Dan continues to improve.
    Happy New Year to you all.