Saturday, February 23, 2008

Good to be home.

It has been a long 8 days for sure. The 4 lil one's really worked us. Dan spent 2 weeks in Betty Bacarach Center. He received Aqua Therapy, Physical Therapy, Mental Therapy. That monday morning when he left he could barely move and was a basket case. But the following saturday I drove Emma and the kids to see him and wow what a difference he was. It was our old Dan back. He was so happy to see everyone. He had gifts for the kids and a big Valentine of chocolates and a card for Emma. She was so surprised. There was lots of hugs and kisses all around. I was thanked at least a dozen times from Dan for bringing his family to him. The smiles on all their faces made that 1 1/2 hour drive worth it. It was even better that I knew my way there, because I am from that area. Born and raised in Atlantic County. Anyways here's a few pics of the hospital visit. Daniel was so cute, he really thought he was pushing his Daddy around, lol.

  The kids sat on the bed and watched cartoons and were so good. After our visit was over we stopped at McDonalds in Egg Harbor, NJ and got dinner. We were all starving. Then it was the drive home, which wasn't bad at all. We got home before dark, which is what I wanted, because my eyesight at night isn't that great.

The girls wanted to go outside to play a few days ago, and here they are at play, but have no idea how this dirt got all over them. They said the wind must of blew it on them, lol.

 Perfect angels............not, lol. When they came in it was shoes off on the porch, straight to laundry room to remove clothes and into the shower where Emma scrubbed them down from head to toe.

 My lil man Daniel and his favorite cookies. Honey Grahams.

 Adrianna is now 5 months old. She is so petite but long. I think she's gonna be tall when she grows up. Look at her eyes. She has the biggest brown eyes.

 Daniel loves his Aunt Rebecca. He is always giving her hugs, then kisses his own hand and pats her on the head with it, lol. He is too cute.

 Hmm whats up here? Not as happy to hug his big sister, lol. Probably because she bosses him around. We call these 2 Max and Ruby, lol.

Emma giving Adrianna a bath.

 Dinner time. They wanted chicken noodle soup and bread and butter.

 Marissa was visitor of the day in Rebecca's class on tuesday. She had a great time and really enjoyed herself. The home schooling is coming along great. She is doing so well.

A storm rolled the other day. We got some rain and a few rumbles of thunder, then it was gone.

 This next pic is awful. Adrianna is adorable, but I look like total crap. You can tell I am exhausted.

 Yesterday we woke up to this, which I totally hate and am looking forward to sprin, lol.

 But a few hours later all was well because Dan was home and everyone was happy. You can tell by the look on his face he is feeling much better now. Dan asked me again to tell you all, your awesome people and thank you for all your prayers, letters, cards. He said you guys are the best.

 He has to use the crutches for a little whil longer, then it will be a cane. But hey he's alive, he's home and he is getting well, that's all that matters, right? Well, that's about it. I have alot of alerts to catch up on. I will start on them after I make Jim a good breakfast. He said he missed home cooked meals, awww. Take care my friends.

Love you all.......................CINDY



  1. This is a wonderful entry with so many questions answered and Dan does look happy. I am so glad they were able to help him. I am sure he was still in shock.  What a adorable children.  He has to want to get well for them so much.  You have done a good job of being great support.  I haves thought of Dan many times trying to survive and hoped that he started to believe that he was saved for a reason.  And I think those darling little kids are the big reason.  Emma is so little she looks like one of the children herself.  Gerry

  2. It is like reading a wonderful book, and a flip of a page changes your whole outlook and thinking!  I am so glad things are finally coming together for your family.  I admire the love and commitment!  God's continued blessings on you and yours, Cindy!  God Bless!

  3. I loved all the good news, all the beautiful family photos...all so good...and Dan looks great.  That was so sweet he had gifts for all...when they arrived.  I am very happy this weekend, that all is going well.  Good work on your end....I know Emma could not have gone through this without you!!!
    Hugs and love,

  4. it makes me really happy for you to hear this positive news.....i am glad he is doing so much better....the pics are precious.....i love seeing the kids!! Everyone looks so well. I pray you get some down time and some good rest. I worry about you!


  5. this is all such great news!!! Very very happy.
    Hugs & LOve my sis

  6. Dan looks FABULOUS and I am sure that he will continue to get better now that he is home with his wife an kids.  YOU are an awesome mom (and mother in law) to jump in and help the way you did.  They are just as lucky to have you as you are to have them!  The kids are SO cute and the baby is so big!!


  7. Dan looks great Cindy I am so pleased he is getting well ~ and I loved all your photographs ~ Ally x

  8. AWWWW...those pics are sooooo cute!

    Glad all are home and everyone is happy!!  and doing good.
    Hey I want your SNOW all we got here was dusting and little ice {you may keep the ice}

    god bless all


  9.  I am so glad Dan is better.  Great pics.


  10. So glad Dan is so much better, and feeling more positive, and the kids looked so happy to be with their dad, great photos by the way.

    Take care


  11. Your pictures were great. I am glad that Dan is doing so much better. Helen

  12. Love the pictures of the kids and everyone! I'm still keeping Dan and the family in my prayers on the smoke for continued health. (Hugs) Indigo

  13. Dear Cindy, you sure have made me happy today to read that all is once more back on track. I am gla dthat you are home with dear Jim he has been so good hasn't he. Lots of love to him. The bairns all look well and I am sure they have been just as worried as you adults. It's funny how children look at things. I continue as do many folks in my neck of the woods to pray for you all. PLEASE do take a few days to yourself and have a wee rest  Much Love Sybil xx

  14. Awwwwwww Cimdy, loved the pictures, so glad Dan is doing better, Love Ya Lisa XO

  15. awwwwww yeahhhhhhhhh do ya believe me prayer really does work

  16. I sure am glad to read that Dan's back on track and feeling better.  I know Jim missed his wife's home cooking.  I hope you get some rest.  Those girls sure know how to get into mischief don't they? lol  Adrianna is a darling and getting so big!

    Send hugs to Emma from me too,


  17. I am so glad you are all home where you should be.!!!
    Dan looks great.  
    Love the pictures of the kids.  They are so beautiful.
    Hoping for better weather for you.
    Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers.

  18. YEAH!!  I am so glad he is home... that you're home....  still sending prayers and strength

  19. Hi Cindy,
    I really enjoyed the pictures. Adrianna is getting so BIG! Wow time sure goes fast, doesn't it? She'll be walking before we know it!
    Dan looks great! I'm so glad he's home and doing so well. Congrats to him!
    Take care of yourself and REST!  I'm sure Jim is so happy to have you back. I bet he missed more than good meals!  I'm sure he was just plain ol' lonely without you there.
    Have a good weekend.
    Love ya!! Pam xoxox

  20. Honey so glad everyone is back to normal again. Dan looks great. Loved all the pics of the kids and you. Glad you're back. Poor Jim he's such a good sport.
    Take care, Chrissie

  21. So glad everything is going well for Emma and your family, try to rest now yourself.  The photos are great and the little ones are growing fast.  Hugs, Tells x

  22. you may be exhausted but obviously your efforts are paying off!  so nice to hear a good ending to such scary events.  
    now, take some time a take care of yourself now, okay?

  23. You look exhausted but beautiful!!  Thank GOD that Dan is doing so much better!!  I'm so happy about that!!  GOOD FOR HIM!!!!  He has such a beautiful family and so much to live for!!!


  24. I'm so glad Dan is home and doing better!  He looks good in his picture.  Now, you need some rest!!

  25. Oh, the picture are so great to see!  It's wonderful that you were able to go and help out and be there.  Nice to see Dan standing with crutches and looking oh so much better than he was.  Continued prayers for his recovery and for good health for all of you.

  26. I am so glad that everything seems to be getting back to normal for you all and Dan now seems much happier.
    Gaz x

  27. I am so glad that you are home, that Dan is home and doing so much better. Love the pictures. Adrianna is getting so big, she has beautiful eyes.
    I hope you are able to get rested up.

  28. Cindy.. I haven't been commenting much, but I have been reading, and I'm so sorry to hear about Dan,but ever so glad to hear that he is doing much better, in every sense of the word.

    You get some rest, yourself.  You need it!  You're going to wear yourself down to the bone, if you're not careful.


  29. Wow, that's a lot of snow you have there! I don't think I can survive the winters anymore back in NJ....I'm too used to the Nevada winters which as much milder. And I can't wait for the spring...but I dread the summers here lol

  30. I sure did enjoy all the pictures, all the happy faces! So glad to hear Dan is doing so much better. I am so ready for Spring...we dont have snow, but we have plenty of overcast, rainy days...and lots of mud.

  31. glad to see and hear dan is doing better
    i love all the pictures everyone has changed so much baby is so much bigger and miss rebecca's hair is getting long!
    take care

  32. Thanks for the update on Dan. Still sending prayers!