Thursday, February 7, 2008

Thursday Update on Dan

Hey! It's Peyton Angie here again! I think I'm going to just journal as my own take from talking to Cindy instead of trying to translate it to perfection, I only pray I get 99% of it correct when I go over our conversation! 

I called Cindy and spoke with her a little bit ago. Dan has not been officially "admitted" yet UNTIL a doctor comes and goes over what is going on and makes a decision whether he needs to stay or receive treatment at home.

I personally pray they keep him there because he needs the help that I believe he can fully get at a facility right now. He is not on any type of anxiety/depression medication. This totally shocked me.

He cries at the drop of a hat, every little thing sets him off, he is sinking what seems to be in a very dark place depression wise. Please continue to keep Dan in all your thoughts and prayers. This young family has been through the ringer and back already.

Emma is doing well and the dr. was quite impressed on how clean she has kept his incisions and such. She is a very strong woman and is standing faithfully by his side all the while raising 3 kids.

I don't recall which one, but either her dryer or washer broke. The Union of Dan's work stepped in and bought her a new replacement for both washer and dryer. I believe they will be delivered and installed tomorrow.

Cindy is at Emma's right now, and she wanted me to tell Sugar and Pam (I sure hope I got that right, PAM, sorry if I'm wrong) that she forgot her list of phone numbers and that is why she has not contacted you.  I did not yell at her about this, maybe I should! hahahhaha

I told her that so many have commented here and are giving there unconditional Jland love, support and prayers during this time.


  1. Dear Angie,  thank you so much for keeping us up to date.  What a situation they are all in. Mind you I think that perhaps the fall damaged him more that was  realised. After all he was unconcious for all that time and must have had a head injury...I do hope that they are checking that..perhaps there is pressure somehwere. I am praying hard to Gd to surround them all with his love.  Thank You again and love to everyone from Sybil xxx

  2. Angie...thanks for the update.  If you speak to Cindy again, please tell her I am praying for her....for the entire family...and if she needs anything, please let me know.


  3. I was just thinking about them and wondering what was happening and about to write you to ask you if you'd heard from them when you made this entry.

    I love Cindy and her whole family so much and have had them all in my prayers and warmest thoughts.  I hope she knows that and can feel it from here,

    Love to you all,


  4. Thank you gal for doing this for Cindy. Yes dan needs to STAY at the hospital, if they don't  I think a lawyer should be called.

    prayers sent.


  5. You are all in my prayers. Tammy

  6. Thank you for updating us. I'm keeping them all in my prayers.

  7. You are such a wonderful friend Angie to keep us updated!  Tell Cindy I'm sending hugs for everyone!

  8. Sending good thoughts and prayers


  9. Dear Angie,
    Many thanks for passing on all the updates on Cindy's family.
    I hope and pray that Dan can get some help with the trauma that is still going on inside his head.

    God Bless them in their time of need.
    Jeanie xx.

  10. I am glad to hear they got Dan at the hospital, I hope they keep him and give him the help that he needs.  That is really nice of the union to get them a washer and dryer, with 3 kids she sure needs it.  Praying for your family and thinking of you.

  11. I found you in Call for Support.

    Thinking of Dan and your family.

    Don't forget to breathe and take care of you!!

    Mary Louise

  12. Please let Cindy know I am praying for Dan and her whole family! Thank you for updating for her as you can Angie! I pray that they will give Dan what he needs during his recovery process! I am sending nothing but good thoughts and many prayers Cindy's way.
    Hugs, Robyn

  13. My prayers are still going up for Dan, Emma, and all the family. Helen

  14. Thank for the update again Angie.
    I just hope Dan gets what he needs as quickly as possible.
    Keeping them all in my thoughts and prayers.

  15. TY Angie!
    Have Dan & the family in prayer.
    May God bless,

  16. My thoughts are with them all

  17. I'm in agreement. I think it would be for the best if he was admitted in a treatment facility. It would give Emma and his kids a chance to regroup. I continue to keep Dan and the entire family in my prayers on the smoke. (Hugs) Indigo

  18. No opinion on whether he should be committed or not, I'm not a dr and don't pretend to be one. I pray that the drs who are treating him in any fashion seek God first, and that they put Dan's best interest and his health first. Nothing more or less. I pray that what EVER decision the drs make, that they make it because it's what is absolutely what is best for Dan, for him to be healthy physically as well as emotionally/mentally. I pray that Dan feels the love and support of those who are surrounding him as well as those making medical decisions for him.

  19. H w kind they have stepped in and bought the washer dryer,such a big help.They will reap there rewards.I am praying so hard they get Dan more treatment,and for all the family too.Take Care Thankyou for your hard work too in helping Cindy doing these postings for her and keeping us updated you are an angel yourself.God Bless Kath astoriasand

  20. i hope and i pray he recieves the medical attention that he so desperately needs
    i pray daily for Sissy jim becca as well as for daniel emma and the 3 kids.....thnk you sooooooo very much for keeping me and the rest of us informed and updated
    may god bless you nancy...cindy's sil

  21. Oh, my.  I, too, hope and pray he receives the help he truly needs.

    Blessings for the new washing mchine and/or dryer.

  22. Adding my prayers that Dan gets the help he needs. That must be so hard to see someone struggling that way. I hope Cindy and Emma hang in there too! ((( hugs)))

  23. She totally has our unconditional love and prayers....please let her know I have many prayer for her lovely family...hugs and love,

  24. thanks for the update:)


  25. Angie, thank you for the update, will continue to keep Dan in my prayers, Sending huge love to Cindy and her family, Love Lisa XO

  26. Praying for Dan and they whole family. Thanks for the updates Pey. Tell Cindy I said HELLO and I miss her.
    Take care, Chrissie

  27. My prayers are with the family!!!  What great friends he works with to help out with the washer/dryer.  That's wonderful!!  I pray that Dan will get the help he needs very soon.


  28. I pray that he gets placed somewhere so get better,  Emma seems to have alot of support from his job , that's great. She really needs that.

  29.  I hope he gets the help he needs.  Your still in my prayers.


  30. They need to get that man on some antidepressants. ALSO PERCOCET....a LOT of people are highly allergic to it. My son nearly went crazy when he had leg surgery and he was Rx'd percocrt. At first it was just itching. I'm telling you he thought he was going to go insane with it. The 2nd Rx they gave him...he broke out in hives. So they knew it was an allergy. If Dan is still COULD be the percocet. In fact a  lot of pain relievers cause itching. If he is able to take a couple of benadryl, that will help also.
    Hugs, Barb  

  31. i hope he has been admitted....i am late as usual.....i worry about Cindy and her family so much.