Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Marissa, Dan, Flooded kitchen, Ice and Grrrrrrrr

Roof is leaking again. Woke up to a flooded kitchen floor, soaked table and cabinet. Lovely. Snowed, sleet, now raining in past 24 hours. Roads are crappy. I hate driving in winter. Dan is doing great. They are keeping him busy with therapy.

Marissa is not allowed back to her school because of the days she has missed. Those missed days could not be helped. With Dan injured, then in and out of hospital, no car and the cost of bus fare, it was impossible to get her to school everyday on time. With me taking her to school in mornings where she was late each day, then it costing Emma 13.00 a day for bus fare to get her home from school because the school is 2.5 miles from her house.

Suppose to rain all day today. I have to take Rebecca ro school, go to Emma's and homeschool Marissa, then at noon go back to Rebecca's school and stay til 3:09. Then take Emma to the bank and store and come home so Jim can have the van to take a computer he reprogrammed for our friend Rick.

I'd better go now and get things rolling. Keep dry stay warm.

Love ya all...................Cindy xoxoxo


  1. Wow, I can't believe under the circumstances they were not willing to bend.  Be careful out there in this mess. Sorry to hear of the leaking, I know all to well. :(
    Love ya

  2. I'm glad to hear Dan is doing OK at the moment.
    Sorry for your leaky roof, and doesn't a drop of water go a long way when it's on your floor.??
    I don't understand how your school system works.  Why can't Marissa go back to school????
    Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers Cindy.

  3. Dang you'd think they'd cut some slack!!!   Be safe.... and know I'm sending good thoughts your way

  4. Your school system sucks so bad.  You have your hands full and I know you know that but please try to rest.  Glad for the update about Dan.  How's Emma?  Poor Marissa.  I know you won't let her fall behind.  Please post the sites you are using in an entry so those of us with small children can use some of the materials at home.  

    Love you all very much,


  5. You know, this is the second time I have heard about a kid not being able to return to school because she missed too many days and it really makes me furious!!!  Especially since, both times, there were special circumstances for the absences.  

    I know you will do a wonderful job homeschooling Marissa....just please don't overdo it.  You have ALOT on your plate right now.....Marissa, working at Rebecca's school, Emma, Dan, the two other grandkids, a husband.....PLEASE TAKE IT SLOW AND EASY!  I really worry about you.


  6. You are one BUSY person!!!  I guess Emma doesn't drive??  WOW!!!  You are a huge help to her!!


  7. Busy woman and on top of all the busy the clean up.  Grrr is right!

  8. I can't believe they won't allow her back! That's crazy! I never heard of such a thing. Did you call the school board and find out what exactly you are supposed to do when they "won't allow" a child back? I'd be furious!
    I know she'll learn more with you teaching her. She'll be one smart cookie! Good luck, and don't overdue it, ok? I worry about you a lot!
    Love ya,

  9. Cindy, that is crazy they wo'nt allow her back, I hope you can get your roof fixed, Love Ya Lisa XO

  10. Cindy, that is crazy they wo'nt allow her back, I hope you can get your roof fixed, Love Ya Lisa XO

  11. OH!! you do have your hands full Cindy .I pray things lesson up alittle for you.Good to read Dan is doing fine .All in my prayers always Take Care of yourself,try to slow down a little.Gos Bless Kath astoriasand

  12. Don't foget to take some time for you!  Enjoy your day.

  13. you are going to get sick going on like this Cindy. I am beyond worried about you!!!!!!!!!! I wish i could help.
    LOVE, lisa

  14. My you have your hands full. Sounds dumb to me that the school wouldn't let her back in because of missed days. Glad you are able to home school her and still work at Rebecca's school.
    Take care.

  15. You poor thing. You really should take the whole school thing as far as you can, don't give up. Its not right that she isnt allowed back.
    Take care of yourself.

  16. Sorry to hear about the flood, that sucks! Right now we have terrible winds and I'm only too happy I have off of work today, walking in this weather would NOT be fun lol...

  17. yes indeed sissy the weather as of late has been crappy at best
    i'm sorry to hear about the flooded kitchen...and as for that school,,Rissa has a great teacher in you and that's what counts ....she'll do ok
    I'm glad Dan's ok i'll pray daily for you all muahhhhhh love ya sissy

  18. sorry about the flooded kitchen and everything else. Hugs and love.

  19. Sorry about the leaks and the crappy weather. I sure hope things dry up for you soon. Sounds like you all sure have a lot of your plate. Take care.
    Hugs, Barb