Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Just Things

  I have to tell you I am totally addicted to the show American Idol. Tonights 90 minute show just blew me away. But out of the male vocalists tonight, my favorite is David. That young man has the voice of a star. He is polite, smiles all the time, and is just so in love with singing. I voted for him. Even if he isn't voted the next American Idol, I believe he will go far in his singing career. Now when it is the girls turn to perform I will be voting again. I forget her name, but she is the nurse with the white in her hair. Whoa, can she sing. She puts so much energy into each of her performances, and you can tell she is having fun with it.

Speaking of music, our Rebecca had her first musical class today. My child is learning to play the violin. She is fasinated with it. Right now we are using one from the school, but I would so love to get her one of her own, so she can practice over the summer, and not lose interest. Ever since she was 2yrs old she has loved music. She'd get out my pots and pans and spoons and drum. She pretended she was playing an invisible guitar, and now she has her own guitar.

Ok, so I am in her class today, while she was upstairs in music class and it comes over the speaker, that the school is in lockdown. My God my heart just about stopped. Here I was locked in the classroom with a bunch of kids and the teacher, and my child isn't in the room with me. I was terrified. I wanted my baby by my side. But 5 minutes later the lockdown was lifted. We then got the kids coats and bookbags and took them outside to their parents. I waited almost 10 minutes for my child to come outside. When I saw her I grabbed her up and gave her the biggest hug ever. She told me, Mommy I was scared. I thought I wasn't going to see you for a long time. My heart sank and I almost cried, because she had tears in her eyes. I can promise you this. She will not be attending that school come September. There's only a few months of school left, and I can deal with that, but First Grade and up, no fricken way is she going there for those grades.

Moving is a number one priority for us now. Out of this city is a must. Philadelphia use to be a nice place, but now it is just horrible. You can't even sit on yourporch in fear of stray bullets or some other kind of trouble. Pathetic isn't it? Every where you look there is grafitti, trash, broken down cars, smashed windows, little drug bags on the ground. It is disgusting. Oh yea, and I found out today that the school Rebecca goes to was voted one of the worst schools in Philadelphia. There were 70 schools voted on and hers was one of the first 30.

Well, it is 10:30pm and I am tired. My legs are bothering me really bad tonight. Just aching all over, like a giant charlie horse. Only thing to do for that is take my 2 Arthritis Tylenol and get under my warm blankets and stretch out my legs. It's the only thing that helps. I hope the tylenol kicks in quickly.

UGHHHHHHH, I just heard the "S" word on the news. They said friday gonna be a nasty day. Snow, snow, snow, is spring here? I'm sick of cold winter weather. I'm sick of it being chilly in my apartment. Joe is heavy and he doesn't get cold so easy so he keeps the heater set on 65 to 66 during the day and 63 at night. My radiators have never gotten really hot, just warm.

Oh well, enough depressing things said already. Keep warm for those in the cold area's and keep cool for those in warmer areas.

Love you all.......................CINDY


Thank you Sugar for the above tag.


  1. Awwwwww poor Rebecca, I do'nt blame her for being scared and that is scary news about her school being one of the worst, I hope you all can move soon, I am sick of winter too,  Love You Lisa XO

  2. What a scary thing to happen in a school.   Sorry you're legs hurting too.


  3. Sorry to hear that you are hurting.
    That had to be so scary to not have Rebecca with you when the lockdown happened. I hope you are able to move to a safer area, and get her into a safer school.
    My Dad and oldest son both played the fiddle. Mike didn't play long but he was good enough that he played a few songs at a local pizza place.
    thinking spring.

  4. I know you were scared out of your wits not being with Rebecca when that happened.  I wish you all would come South where it's warmer.  I'm so proud of you for letting her take music.  My second daughter played the violin in middle school and high school, then changed to the cello because of problems with her hand.  I do hope she does well in everything and probably will with you as a Mom if you can just get out of Philly, the crime rate is notorious.  Take care of YOU too.

    I love ya lots,


  5. Cindy I don't watch A.I., but I did see that nurse sing and I liked her too from her audition. I hope you all can move really soon to the country somewhere and not have to worry about all that mess.
    Take care, Chrissie

  6. Man, a school on lockdown!  I know you must have been out of your mind for what seemed like an eternity.  I'm glad everything was OK.  I hope you can move out of that mess soon.


  7. I am glad that the children were all safe. I know you were worried plus all the children were scared. I hope you all will be able to move away from there this summer. Hugs, Helen

  8. You definitely need to change her school as soon as you are able to. That is no way to grow up! You are a great Mom...you'll take care of your baby and make sure she gets the right kind of education. You are determined and strong. I know you will.
    Sorry your legs hurt. Mine hurt too tonight from walking all day long. I'll massage your legs if you massage mine?? What do ya say?? I only WISH! LOL!
    Hope you sleep well tonight. Don't worry too much about the school....it'll work out.  I'll say some prayers.
    Love ya girlfriend,
    Pam xoxox

  9. Dear Cindy,  do hope that you were able to get a sleep after taking your pills. I have some great ones that I have to take every night as well. I do hope and pray that you can find a better area to live in, it sounds just awful for you and all the families forced to live under such conditions.  I just wish I could sweep you all up and bring you to my lovely village where there is so seldom any "things lying around, Grafiti, or vandalism" that if there is it makes headline news and we are all of a dither about what we can do !!! This morning the sun is shining and the green green grass of the rec. (park) is growing fast one day soon the park greenkeeper will be starting to mow it almost every other day. I can see someone walk there wee black and white dog, thankfully with a lead on. Much Love Sybil xx

  10. Cindy the sooner you move the better ~ it must have been frightening for all the children and the parents ~ Ally x

  11. Hey girl, Just got back from vacation, and checking in. I am glad Dan is back home and doing better.
    I agree, you need to move, your poor baby doesnt need to be scared at school. That's not right.

  12. that kid will be the next american idol..i am sure of it..he is the cutest thing..and his voice is pure...

  13. The young David, the one that sung last, is good, BUT he won star search 4 yrs ago? What happened with that!
    IMO I think the first 2 who sang last night will be voted off tomorrow night!


  14. Yes, I am loving this season too..the biker/nurse is my favorite on the girls too. On the guys, I have about four favorites..hard to choose right now. Todays schools are just not condusive to learning are they...to busy trying to keep our kids alive...sigh...hope you can get her out of there soon. Kelly

  15. I'm voting for David too!  He such a sweetie!  Enjoy the rest of your week.

  16. Hi Cindy.  I am horrified to hear about the "lockdown" in your school. I have never heard of such a thing before. I do hope you can get away from that place as soon a possible. Its sounds horrendouse to have to live in an area with guns and drug and the like.  We do have drugs here and they are in most villages and communities, but our school are very safe, although the children no longer travel to school on their own.  They are taken to the door and not let out until we pick them up. I am so sorry Cindy that you are in pain do take take. Kathie.

  17. I know, I am totally addicted to American Idol too.  My whole family just makes fun of me for watching it. lol  I agree with you about David though.  I hope you get to feeling better and I hope you can move soon.  Love you, Shelly

  18. David made me cry today when i watched AI. That was magic.

    Amanda is my favorite too but everyone says she won't make it. :(

    I am tickled Rebecca is playing the violin. This will enrich her life long past her childhood, trust me.
    i am praying you DO get to move and get her in another school.
    i love you

  19. david / amanda got my votes...and hey she's musically inclined because she has an aunt and an uncle who are music buffs
    i sympathize with you sissy ...lastnight ,as i took jrssica upstairs to put her to bed
    i went into my bedroom...looked out of my window and jeepers creepers ! !!! There was 7 cop cars up the street.....how is emm and dan and the kids?
               OHHHHH YESSSSS i totally agree with you ...i'm sick of winter ...BRING ON THE SPRINGTIME

  20. OK, house hunting is at the top of the list.  Where would you like to go?  If you want to email me privately and tell me what you are looking for (buy or rent?  House or apt?  Location?) I can start to look here in Jersey if that's of interest to you.  Let me know...I'd be happy to do what I can.

    I haven't gotten into AI yet.  I usually don't get too involved until it's down to like the last 12.  I don't like when the awful ones sing and Simon makes fun of them so I wait till it's down to the last few who actually CAN sing...and then I STILL get mad when he makes fun of them!! (lol)


  21. i am so sick of snow as well
    how scary at rebeccas school im hoping the best for you guys and you are able to find a new place for her to go that is safe and she likes
    how exciting she is interested in music! olivia was on the piano tonight. it was so cute!
    hope you are well

  22. I need to watch more Idol this season...sounds like they are finding some good singers.  Rebecca sounds so cute in her musical class...I bet she is having fun.  Hope you don't get snow...I heard the same thing for us for tomorrow night...yuck!!
    Have a great weekend coming up
    Hugs and love,

  23. I will look out for this on our cable channels.
    Gaz x

  24. I would share your concern with a deteriorating city, that is parts of it.  When I finally got out of the bad neighborhoods where I had to live in HUD apts. when my kids were still in school, I vowed never to move back into a bad neighborhood where gang wars abound and gunfire is a common sound.  I never hear gunfire now in the HUD complex for seniors and disabled where I live downtown.  This area has been cleaned up because it is at the heart of the city and it is such a relief.  I know you will feel relief in finding amore peaceful surroundings.  Gerry