Saturday, February 9, 2008


Maybe this time I can get this finished before I am interrupted. Dan went to his doctor appointment on thursday. The incisions are healing great. The doctor told Dan that Emma is doing a great job keeping them cleaned so they can heal so nicely. He gave Dan a prescription for more percosets and more valiums. The driver from AIG then drove Dan over to the Betty Bacarach Rehabilitation Center. No ambulance because workmans comp wouldn't cover it and Dan would of been billed for it. Dan get's to the rehab center, get's to look around, see's the head doctor and is told what I had already told Dan. He is suffering from PTSD and other issues from the fall and his personnal life and does need therapy for that also. But......................................He cannot be admitted then because they don't have a bed open until monday. It took alot of talking to get Dan to even go and they say there's no bed until monday. So his driver brings him home. Each day his mental health is getting worse. I mean it's so bad Emma wants to call 911 just to get him out of the house into any place that can help him. Yesterday it was bad. He kept saying give me a gun, I can't do this anymore. Then it was I need tequila. Someone please go get me a bottle please. They all said no. He kept asking and asking. Emma said he talked to poppop Bill and his sponser from AA, he asked later again if someone would get him a bottle. Emma told him to call my Mom Dan. Ask her to go get you a bottle of tequila. His reply, No way, she'd kill me if I asked her, lol. That's because yesterday I told him if he even picks up a drink I would hurt him so bad that the pain he is in now would be nothing compared to the pain I would cause him. He hasn't asked for a drink since she told him to call me. He has 6 years of sobriety and I will not let him screw it up. Monday cannot come soon enough. He needs both physical and mental therapy right away.

Emma is so worn out, depressed, aggrivated, emotionally drained. But she doesn't let Dan see it. While I was staying there we would get the kids in bed by 9pm, then she'd get Dan showered, dressed and medicated and get him into bed. I'd make a pot of coffee and Emma and I would sit in the kitchen at the table til 2am some nights talking. It was nice sitting up just the 2 of us having some mommy and me time. It's been so long since we have done that. I really enjoyed it.

I would get up around 7, put on a pot of coffee, get dressed, then get Rebecca up and dressed. Take her to school. Come back to Emma's, get Marissa and Daniel fed, and by that time Emma was up and helping Dan to get up and get him set up on the couch with his coffee and medication. Then I'd take him in a bowl of cereal and or fruit so he could eat something taking that medicine.

I was there 4 days, and when I came home I was drained. Jim missed us. He kept asking when we were coming home. He didn't like being home alone after the first 2 days. Rebecca missed her daddy. So since my nephew had returned thursday morning from North Carolina seeing his son, I was able to come home because he said he would help Emma. He's been fixing the meals, doing dishes, taking out the trash, helping with the kids.

Then Emma's washer breaks down. Dan was on the phone with a union rep when Emma said loudly the washer is shot. Well, that union rep, came over took Emma to sears had her pick out a washer and dryer, paid for it in cash and she is waiting for it to be delivered now. Father Tim called yesterday while I was at her house asking if she needed anything. She said food and diapers. He sent Sister Mary over with 6 gift cards from ShopRite for 25.00 each. So Emma will be going grocery shopping tonight. My niece Katie is taking her. I had to take Emma to Cinnaminson, NJ this morning to get Dan's medication refilled.

Well, I guess that's about it on the update. Anymore happenings and I'll post it all. Jim is back now so I will go. Hope your all having a good day. I will try to get to your journals this weekend. I am so behind.

Love to all.....................Cindy


  1. My dearest Cindy,  How I long to be able just to jump on a flight and help you all. Now wouldn't that be a thing. Failing that all I can do is pray and see that as many as possible over here are doing just that as well. Then you will all be surrounded by prayer. Please my dear try to get some rest before next week which will be trying enough. I am sure Jim will be so happy for you to be back, and Rebecca to will be glad to be back in her own wee bed. Much Love  Sybil xxx

  2. Sounds like some are pitching in to help out, that's good.
    But I hope they can get Dan the help he needs right away, I know they're keeping a close eye on him till Monday, then get him where he needs to go.
    My prayers are with all.
    God bless,

  3. You are all in my prayers for the help Dan needs I do hope he is accepted Monday and they do the trick for him.You need to be home when Jim misses you so much Cindy and Rebecca misses her Daddy too.It's such a shame when we have to share our help isn't it and try to be in so many places at once.Especially when t is your Daughter i understand just how you feel.You deserve a medal.Prayers being said for all of you that things ease and only get better.Take Care God Bless Kath astoriasand

  4. Prayers going up for the whole family. Helen

  5. Cindy I don't know what to say.  What a nightmare this is for you all.  
    Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers.

  6. Cindy after all that I know you are all drained. Praying Monday comes fast. So glad that Emma is getting some help from the union and church. Everything helps.
    Take care and Hugs, Chrissie

  7. This just sounds so overwhelming for all of you.  I still have everyone in my prayers.....please let me know if you need anything.  It's no wonder where Emma gets all her strength from....YOU!!!!!

    What ever happened with you trying to get Marissa to go to Rebecca's school????


  8. my prayers to dan and all your family. What a rough time. I can't believe there is no bed open until Monday. Poor Emma I can't imagine what she is going through and how scared she must feel. Hugs and much love.

  9. Awwwwwww Cindy, you and Dan and everyone are in my prayers, sending hugs your way, Love You Lisa XO

  10. You're all in my thoughts during this tough time.

  11. Monday can't come soon enough for more help for Dan. Emma is a saint and so are you.  Hugs, Tells x

  12. That union is something else.  Glad they are helping like they are. I'm sorry Dan is having such a hard time.  He's come this far though.  (((HUGS)))


  13. Cindy i am so glad you could go and be with Emma and Dan and the kids keeping all in prayer:)


  14. Roll on Monday, at least Dan will get all the help he needs, your doing so wondefully well in your support, sending good thoughts and prayers.


  15. They are very lucky to have you Cindy. You are the BEST mom!!! Don't forget to take care of yourself though ok? I don't want you to get sick as well.

  16. Continually holding him and all of you up in my prayers.  You're a tough lady.  Monday is on it's way.  Take care of yourself.  I'm so pleased that God is meeting and exceeding all your needs.  

    Love you all very much,

  17. Glad he will be getting the care he needs in a couple days, I know its tough waiting this out.  Will pray they get thru the next couple days!  God Bless

  18. Cindy, Don't worry about us and getting to our journals. We will still be here....Just take care of your family right now. I'm keeping Emma and Dan in my prayers on the smoke! Monday can't come soon enough....(Hugs) Indigo

  19. So nice of you to help poor Emma... she must be so drained with NO break.  I hope all goes well on Monday for Dan to stay at the rehab ctr.  Thanks for the update, you're all still in my prayers.... and I do remember!!


  20.  How terrible he has to wait when he is in crisis.  I hope everything works out OK.  Scary time for you all.  Take care and may the time pass quickly.


  21. I continue prayers for all....poor Dan ....I hope he can get in on Monday....and Emma...she is so strong...and you...your awesome doing all you can to help each one of them.  Family is everything...many hugs and love,

  22. I pray tomorrow comes quicky, he needs to be admitted. Emma is a very strong woman :) So is her moma :)
    Love you

  23. i am praying he is admitted.....that you are holding up ok...that all the grandbabies are doing ok.

  24. Cindy, just praying and praying for all of your family.  Thanks for updating and just know that you are thought of daily.

  25. i'm continuing to pray for you all

  26. Cindy my heart goes out to you. I will keep praying and hoping that Dan will recover quickly. Love to Emma nd the Children. Kathie.

  27. Cindy, it breaks my heart to hear what is going on. I wish there was more that I could do. I'll keep praying for all of you. Know that you are all thought of and cared about. Thank you for keeping us updated.

  28. Everyone seems to be getting the help that they need. I hope Dan gets through this ok.
    Gaz xxx
    PS, Did anyone ever tell you your'e a geat Mum?