Thursday, June 7, 2007

Alerts down?

Please excuse the peanut butter on her face, she is having a snack of carrots and celery sticks with peanut butter dip, lol.  Rebecca lost a second tooth yesterday. She came to me and said she thought it was loose enough to pull and it was, so I pulled it. Under the pillow it went, and the tooth fairy left another $2.00. She keeps it in a pink heart shaped case that Angie sent her along with that giant yellow duck for easter. Her daddy was teasing her and asked her if she could loan him some money. She says, Well, I'm saving it to buy something special, but if you need money let mommy pull your teeth and you can put it under your pillow and the tooth fairy will leave you dollars too, lol. Jim and I cracked up. This kid is too smart.

Jim's boss had a bad yesterday. He was sitting in his office, and one of the guys who work there walks in from the back bay and says, How can you be here when your car just drove off. Boss says, my car is outside, no one is driving it. The guy (Tommy) says Ed, I swear I just saw your car fly past the shop. Ed goes and looks and his car is gone. This car is a 2006 Mercedes. One of those ones that is compressed and looks sporty. Boss calls the police, they come take info. While police are there, a person across the street gave description of 2 guys she just seen drive off in car, both guys african american, one tall and skinney, the other short, medium built, both wearing black pants and white tshirts, head scarves, and looked to be in mid 20's. Cops leave, and Ed is so upset. The car wasn't even paid for yet, but he does have full coverage on it. He decided it was a loss and he'd never see the car again. This morning when he gets to work, a cop comes. They found the car and arrested the 2 guys. The bumper was dented in the front, a few scratches down side, and it is in impound lot. They caught the guys in the car on 33rd and Chestnut, (Center City). They said they stole it to go joy riding. Ed is going there at lunch time to check his car and see the damage and if his things are still in car. He can't have the car yet until they finish paper work which should be a couple days, but at least he knows he'll get it back. He's wondering what they hit while driving his car. Now boss is getting alarms put on his cars. Good idea!!!

Well, yesterday was a good day. I got alot accomplished. I did all the dishes, made spaghetti and meatballs for dinner, scrubbed down bathroom and mopped the floor. Folded 2  39 gallon bags of clothes and put them away, planted my marigolds outside. Wore me out, lol.

I have finally figured out a way to get Rebecca to clean up her mess. When asked to clean it up and she doesn't I take a picture of the mess and I tell her I am putting the picture in my journal. Well, this child jumps up gets all upset, hurry's and cleans it up and says delete that picture. I don't delete it. I tell her if she makes another mess, then the picture goes in journal, lol. Wow, it is working great too. I'm wondering if I made a chore list month by month, and used little stars to put on each day that she completes her chores, and use the threat of pic going in journal if she would do the chores. They won't be big chores. Just empty bathroom trashcan into kitchen trash can, take a wipe and wipe off sink after she brushes her teeth, pick up her shoes and put on shelf in hall, little things like that. Hmmmmmm, I just might try this and see if it works.

Jim and I and Rebecca are going out saturday. I want a pot for my plant Joe bought me last week. I'm thinking of an Arizona type colored pot to plant it in. My birthday is next tuesday and Jim asked me what I want, and that is what I told him I wanted. He said that's all? I said yep, that's all. But I may let him take me out to lunch, lol. I'll be 46 years old. Wow, 46, and I married Jim when I was 17. That's a long time ago, lol. He says we're ancient. HAHA, he better be talking about himself, cause even though I'm in pain, lose my breath and walk with a cane this Momma still has her groove on and can out dance him, lol. I proved that last weekend in Pittsburgh. It almost killed me, but I did it, lol. I'm still paying for it though, ouch, Will someone please pass me the Ben-Gay, lol.

Speaking of torturing myself, I have to get dressed soon and take Rebecca for a walk. We're going up to the deli, circle the block and stop at the big blue mailbox. I have a letter to Nelishia to mail and a birthday card for Angie's little boy Eric who turned 5yrs old. Happy Birthday Eric!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, not much else is happening. I think alerts may be down. Because I have only received 2 so far today, and usually I get alot more then that. Isn't it amazing how they give us one thing and screw up a dozen more? I wish they'd just leave our journal land alone. I cannot get any of my tags or graphics that are animated to work anymore, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Well have a great day all..........................



  1. What a good scheme to get Rebecca to do her chores!! I love that idea!  I'm surprised she actually let you pull her tooth. She must be brave. My son would NEVER let me. He'd do it himself, or let it just come out.  
    So you're gonna be 46, huh? You're just a baby!! I'm gonna be 48 this year in Nov. That's scary 'cause it's within eyesight of the big 50!!  YIKES!
    Enjoy the forties!!  Cause I hear it's all downhill from 50 on!  (I don't believe that though LOL)
    Have a good day.
    Love ya,
    Pam xoxoxoxox

  2. Hope you enjoy your day !! I always threaten  exposure in my journal for those bad kids !!!

  3. What a great summer gig Rebecca's got goin on! Ya gotta make some money somehow!!! Sometimes little ones need additional props to clean up there messes! I know I have a few up my sleeve as well. Hope your birthday brings all the things you want and more! Have a Happy Thurday!

  4. You be nice to my god baby about showing her messy room online!!!! LOL.  Do you like candles? You never mention them.
    Hugs and Love

  5. Cindy, congrats to Rebecca on losing another tooth, glad your boss got his car back, hope the alerts will be working again soon, Hugs Lisa

  6. Alerts are down.  I'm just going thru all my journals I read and checking them that way.  Rebecca looks cute with the missing teeth.

  7. Ah lovely picture of Rebecca.  Glad the car was found and handed back.  Hope you get your Birthday present, you will have to post a picture xxxxxxxx

  8. Love the toothless pic. She's a doll with or without teeth and I love the advice on how to get money wonder if that'll work for me. hmmmm? I was doing bathrooms yesterday and floors too.
    Take care, Chrissie