Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Past 2 days/43 pictures

Let me just say I feel like I have been run over by a steam roller. I am tired, sore, every bone and muscle in my body feels as though it has been through a war. The past 2 days have really taken there toll on me. I now admit it. I am not 29 anymore, lol. I am 46 and a grandmother. I'll take my shawl, slippers and rocking chair now please. And a double dose of Geritol too, lol.

So, yesterday, I went over Emma's, and the kids wanted to go out and play. So, I sat out in the yard for 2 hours with them playing. I enjoyed watching them play, and Daniel chase the girls around the yard. Then he decided he wanted to collect rocks. This child loves rocks. Marissa begged me to go to the beach with us today. So, I gave in, (she knew I would). So, last night Emma dropped Marissa off to me at 6pm. The girls played til 9:pm then it was bedtime.

I woke them up at 6:am, to get ready. Jim was taking us to the beach. We went to Sea Side Heights. We left the house at 7:am. We were 5 minutes from the beach and Marissa throws up all over herself, the seat and the carpet, which in turn made Rebecca sick too. Jim finds a safe place to pull over. I clean up Rebecca, get her to stand outside the van near Jim. Get Marissa unbuckled and gt her out of the van and clean her up. The whole time she is crying and saying I'm sorry Mommom. Poor kid, it wasn't her fault and I told her that. It seemed to calm her down some. I got the trashbag, paper towels, spray cleaner, baby wipes and citrus wipes and cleaned up the entire mess, sprayed the seat and floor down with Fabreeze and put the kids back in the van. I was worn out by the time I got back in the van. We finally got to the parkinglot outside the bathroom and shower houses. We unload the car, umbrella, 2 chairs, cooler, basket of toys, bag of chips and the wipes, my cooler pack, and a small back pack holding my camera, cellphone, keys and the Coppertone spray SPF 50. That stuff is great. The girls were in the sun from 8:30 til 1:pm and didn't even burn. They had a great time playing in the sand and the water. By 1:pm I was ready to leave and so was Jim. We were worn out. I didn't get a pic of Jim but I will tomorrow. He is so red. He is fried. He took a shower when he got home, and went to bed with air conditioner on. Poor thing is hurting and I have nothing for it, except vinegar.If he gets up later I'll put some on him. It always takes the sting out of the sunburn. He'll smell like a salad, but at least he'll feel better. I didn't get burned. I sat under my beach umbrella in the shade.

It seemed like it took forever to get home. Jim took a shower, then I got the girls showered and clothes changed. Fixed them a sandwich and a glass of juice. Dan came over a few minutes after 6 to pick Marissa up. When 8pm rolled around, Rebecca was so ready for bed. She was so tired she didn't even want to brush her teeth. But after spending almost 1500.00 on dental bills for her, those teeth were brushed. She gave her daddy a kiss and hug, said goodnight to him and crawled into her bed. Her thumb was in her mouth before I even got the covers on her.

And yes, Lisa. I watchedPart 1 and Part 2 of CSI episode and it was awesome. Jim watched it with me. And I can tell you, we're both hooked, lol.

Well, that's about it I guess. I need to relax. I think I'll go make a cup of tea, play a game of Dice City Roller in POGO, and go to bed early myself. I am worn out, exhausted more then I have been in a long time.

I have a favor to ask of all of you. Could you pray for my cousin Carmen. She is trying to quit smoking. And is in need of some extra prayers. And as for her new Dog, Cooper. He saw the vet today and got a clean bill of health. Carmen said Cooper is healthy, teeth are great and his weight is perfect. Way To Go Cooper!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love to you all........................


  1. Loved the pictures!  Glad you all had a good time.

  2. if you have a aloe plant that works excellent on sunburn, so jim won't smell like a salad, as it goes for carmen, cleaning is good for trying to quit smoking, i cleaned all day, also i'm not on oxygen anymore, i've been off cigarettes since may 3, 07

  3. Sounds like you had a great time at the beach...after the throwing up that is!!  No wonder you are've been busy....and all of that fresh air can be exhausting!  The weather was gorgeous though, so you must have enjoyed that!!


  4. Sounds like you guys had a great time. I never knew vinegar did that. Poor Jim why didn't he use the sunscreen too. Sorry the girls got sick poor things. My kids use to do that so I understand what you mean by the time you clean everything up you're wore out. Hope you get some rest yourself and you're not to tired to sleep. Enjoy the cool.
    Take care and Hugs, Chrissie

  5. You definitely have the kit when you go traveling in case of emergency.  I used to get car sick everytime I went on a road trip.  The Dr.s say now that it is an eye condition that may be a sign she needs glasses.  Another remedy to take the sting out of a bad sunburn like that is rub a sliced tomato over him.  Really.  I'm not kidding.  Actually workds.  And have him moisturize like crazy.  After you shower and through out the day.  That helps stop the pull of the drying out skin.
    Sleep well,

  6. Sounds like once you made it to the beach you had a wonderful time - Lots of Aloe seems to do the trick for me! A prayer will go up for your cousin! Hope you get lots of rest for a happy tomorrow!

  7. you are really prepared when you go away......i hate it that she threw up but it sounds like you all had a good time after all. So how is Salad Jim doing?!
    love you babe,

  8. you poor thing having to clean up that throw up. At least you are prepared. LOL. Sounds like a lot of fun and very tiring. Hope everyone slept soundly and Jim isn't in to much pain.

  9. Awwww Cindy hugs to you, I hope you feel better tommorow, I am so sorry the girls got sick, I hope they are feeling better by now, sending some prayers up for Carmen, I'm glad you got to see the CSI Thursday night, I was thinking of you, Big Big Hugs Lisa :)

  10. Oh what wonderful memories these pictures brought back to me of how I used to do just the same with my Grandchildren and my own family of four,when they were small.They are wonderful.Lovely children and look so happy too.I have realy enjoyed them.Sorry Jim got so burned.Plain yogurt rubbed into sunburn also takes out the fire .I am happy you had such a good time,I find I get so tired now with my youngest Grandughter who is 5,but at 61 she still thinks I am 21 LOL!! Chance would be a fine thing LOL!! Take Care I hope you feel better today and have a great SUNDAY Thanx for sharing the pics they are wonderful.God Bless Kath

  11. love the entry and i love the pic of the kitties at the end.  
    take care and thanks for sharing

  12. We hit the beach too yesterday!
    Your pictures came out great....the water looked really nice.

  13. sounds like you all had a blast at the beach.......the pics are wonderful!!!!
    enjoy the rest of your weekend

  14. seraphoflove9001June 24, 2007 at 4:29 AM

    Loved the pictues! :o) Looked like you had so much fun! :o) Sorry to hear that Jim got sun burned. Yep...that does hurt. I wish I was 29 again too! :o) Wouldn't it be nice! :o)
    Have a great day! ;o)

  15. I love the pics!!! That beach looks Awesome, I love number 38!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. loved the entry loved the pictures of the kids they sure do look if they had a grand time. So sorry Jim got sunburn it happens so quick. You both deserve a rest now. bye for now Kathie.

  17. Will say a prayer for Carmen.
    Happy to hear Coop is a-ok!!! WOOF!
    WOW you really had a day! Hope you get a little down time & relax/rest for a day or two.
    CSI is one of my favs!!!

  18. The pictures had me smiling up a storm... rock collecting so much fun :)  Beach looked to be a blast and the girls holding hands at the waters edge.  Priceless!

  19. ally123130585918June 24, 2007 at 7:40 AM

    Cindy the pictures are lovely ~ and the beach looks like heaven ~ hope you are feeling better and don't need that shawl or Rocking chair just yet :o) ~ Poor Jim I hope he is feeling better and that burn isn't too painful ~ hope you have had a good weekend ~ Ally x

  20. great pics sissy see you online tonight muahhhhhhh love ya sissy nancy

  21. Good luck to Carmen...that has to be one of the hardest things to do..I know because I still haven't done it...
    Maybe she will give incentive to the rest of us....

  22. I'm glad you all had a good time at the beach! :)  Too bad the kids got car sick!  That has got to be the worst!  For you!  Bad for them, but worse for the one who has to clean it up! :(    


  23. Your pictures are great. Poor girls getting sick like that and poor you having to clean it all up. Nice that you had all those cleaning supplies. Thanks for sharing. Vinegar is the best thing I have found for sunburn. Helen

  24. Love the pics.  I still haven't made it to the beach yet.

  25. loved the pictures
    sorry the girls were sick in the car :(
    they look like they were having a better time in the water
    feel better