Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hot Enough!!!!!!

I bet the electric companies are sitting back rubbing their hands together, smiling and hearing the sound chaaaaaa chinggggggggg. Two days of 90+ degree's with heat index levels of over 100 degrees, will cause airconditioners to be running non-stop. I have both air conditioners on and it's 75 in here. I like it when it is 70 in my apartment, I can breathe better. I just got back from taking Emma home, and it felt as though I was back in the mojave desert again. It is so hot outside, I had to work my lungs and breathe deep.

 Mojave desert.

I lived in this desert for 3.5 years when Jim was in the army. Hated it. A summer day it would get up to 137 degree's. Ever heard the sying, It's so hot you could fry an egg on the sidewalk? Guess what? You can. I cracked open an egg during a hot summer day and the egg white turned white, no kidding. Only things I saw growing in the desert were tumble weeds and cactus looking things called Joshua Tree's. God awful ugly they are, lol. See for yourself in this next photo.

They couldn't send Jim someplace nice, tropical, noooooooo they stationed him in the desert, lol. Sand, wind storms, joshua tree's lots of tumble weed, big fuzzy spider's, lizzards, rattlesnacks and coyotes. Yep, hated it there. Ok, so that's what Philadelphia feels like right now to me. It is so hot, hazy, and humid you could cut the air with a knife. Jim called me earlier and said, Hun do not use the stove to cook dinner tonight. He's going to cook chicken out on the grill. Works for me, lol. I'll make up some veggie kabobs for him to cook also. He'll like that.

This hot weather really makes people cranky. As Rebecca and I were going in the gate at the end of the ramp here at the house, we hear screeching tires and a guy yelling. Someone ran the stop sign and almost hit him in his car. He yelled profound language and peeled wheels after the guy. I'm glad I am home, lol. I feel so bad that Jim is working out in this heat. I packed him a nice lunch and he took his cooler jug where I fixed him iced water with lemon slices in it. I put 5trays of icecubes in it to keep it cold for him. He's not a young man and needs to keep cool while at work in this heat. Jim will be 52 years old in 3 more days. If you'd like to email him birthday wishes or an ecard here's his email address:

I think he'd like that. Rebecca and I will bake him a cake and make him a card like we always do. And Rebecca will sing happy birthday to him after he blows out the candle.

Yesterday Rebecca and I spent the day over Emma's. The girls played out in the pool and Daniel stayed indoors with his mommy and his mommom entertaining us. I snapped a picture of him. And guess what he was wearing?

 Yep, that red christmas hat again, lol. He was so cute running around in a diaper, cut off tshirt, sandals and this darn hat, lol. If you take that hat, he will say Cry, and start crying. Awwww, I can't see him cry, so we left it on him. I asked him what he wanted for lunch. His answer: pickles and chippys. I went to the store bought german bologna, american cheese, rolls, pickles and chips and some juice. He ate all his lunch except for the bread, lol. Emma said if he had his way, he'd eat pickles for breakfast, lunch and dinner, lol.

I have done no housework today at all, lol. I just don't feel like it. I just wanna go take a nap. But not in my house. As soon as I fall asleep Rebecca will get into something, or one of the phones will ring or the doorbell. So, no nap for me. : (

And I hate going to bed early because I am up before 5:am. Once I am awake, I have to get up. I just watch the news or read my email until 6:am then I make the coffee so it's done when Jim gets up. Oh and ewwwwwww, you should see his chest and belly. It is all blistard up. Yuck it looks so gross. He tried to give Rebecca a hug before she went to bed last night and she wouldn't go near him, lol. He didn't have a shirt on. I had to drape a towel over his chest and stomach so she would let him hug her, lol. I know when it dries he'll be peeling like crazy. And itching too, lol. Yuck!!!!!!

Well, I guess I will go now. Gonna go fix up the veggie kabobs so there ready for when Jim starts cooking when he gets home from work. Stay cool, drink lots of water.

Love to all................................





  1. Where is that desert at?????
    Scott works in a machine shop, and I feel really bad for him in this weather it's just horribly hot :( I made him brownies yesterday cause he loves them, a little treat :)
    Love you

  2. yes that heat is son is in the desert in Arizona......we have not heard from him in a week.....I am sure he is cussing the heat....
    stay cool and take care

  3. its hot here too stay cool


  4. seraphoflove9001June 27, 2007 at 4:24 PM

    It's been so hot and humid here too. I have our air set to 71 in here. If I don't...I'll cramp up from all of this heat...ouchie! When I go out to sit on the porch in the can cut the air with a knife here as well...just so thick! Ick! Stay as cool as you can too! :o) And that hat is too cute! My grandson loves to wear hats too, and he wears this one hat backwards that is so funny looking but if you try to put it on him the right way...he crys too! lol :o) You have a good one! :o)

  5. I think the whole US map must be red because of the heat!  UGH!  My friends in Maine don't have A/C and he said he had all his windows open and was dripping with sweat.  He said they're going to go to a resteraunt and hang out there until dark, bless them, lol.  I hope it cools off soon!

  6. Lord have Mercy Cindy, I probably would have died from that desert heat !!! lol
    Gonna send Jim an email Birthday card...Hope he has a good one...I know you will be cooking something wonderful for him!
    love ya,

  7. i try and stay inside with the AC when the weather is hot. Rick works out in the weather and he never complains about the heat, only rain. Your grandson is a cutie!! I like his hat! Love you, lj

  8. Speaking of all those Joshua Trees, Cindy.. that's where I live right now!  In that God forsaken desert!  I don't live right in Joshua Tree.. but a little West of it, and it's all the same!  Hot, Hot, and more HOT!  It 5:30 pm and it's 91 degrees outside.  It was over 100 earlier today.  Our air is set at 76, but we turn down to 72 at night.  I cannot stand to be hot when I sleep!

    Stay cool!

    Hugs and love

  9. We are getting storms here now. It is suppose to cool down after today.
    My daughter loves pickles too !
    Stay cool.

  10. good grief !....and i thought it was hot here sissy you better take it easy.....i'll send jim a birthday card

  11. Cindy, I will send Jim a birthday card, hope the weather cools down soon for you, Hugs Lisa

  12. I'm like you Cindy can't stand the heat. My blood pressure bothers me if I get really hot.
    I've never lived in the desert, but have traveled through it that was enough thank you.
    Oh he's a great guy calling you not to cook tonight. I'm the same if it's really blasting some heat I want to grill.
    Awww Jim is having a birthday. So his birthday is the 30th? Ouch his sunburn sounds awful. Hope it gets better soon.
    Daniel is such a sweetie. He's a doll baby in that hat. Isn't it funny what they come up with and get attached to? Kyan is into saying awesome about everything now. Silly. Kyan hates pickles and when he eats a sandwich it's with one piece of bread LOL. He loves bologna and cheese.
    Housework will always be there glad you got to enjoy a day of rest while it's blazing.
    Hope your dinner turned out as yummy as it sounded.
    Take care, Chrissie

  13. yep it's been hot here in IL. we have had the air on for so many days in a row. Hat to see what the electric is going to be. Don't even want to look at the bill. Your grandson is such a cutie pie. Love the pictures. Hopefully it will cool down a bit. Happy almost birthday to your hubby.

  14. I hope that you stay cool in the heat! We don't have the heat index's a "dry" heat here and in our desert. But, I know what you mean about the hot hot hot it's unbearable!
    Keep cool so you don't get sick.  Loved the pic of Daniel in the red hat. I had to laugh! Too cute.
    Love ya,
    Pam xoxoxox

  15. ally123130585918June 28, 2007 at 4:28 AM

    Cindy it must cost a fortune to run your AC ~ those trees do look ugly ~ I don't think I would want to live in such heat ~ especially with those spiders :o) ~ glad Jim is going to cook for you ~ hope he has a Happy Birthday ~ Loved the picture of Daniel and his hat :o) ~ that is so cute ~ hope you stay cool ~ Ally x

  16. i have my air on too
    i kinda miss the desert at but yes i do agree there were nasty creatures living out there (and some of the locals<LOL>)
    Just be thankful you guys werent out there since the camel spiders have come along from iraq

  17. I can't stand the heat down here.  I get over heated.  Can't even enjoy being out in the pool.  That's pretty bad.  I feel bad for JIm having to work in this.